Rockville R7EQ 1/2 Din 7 Band Car Audio Equalizer EQ w/Front, Rear + Sub Output

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Rockville R7EQ 1/2 Din 7 Band Car Audio Equalizer EQ w/ Front, Rear + Sub Output


  • Equalizer
  • Screws
  • Bracket
  • Owner manual


  • Rockville R7EQ 1/2 Din 7 Band Car Audio Equalizer EQ w/ Front, Rear + Sub Output
  • Includes mounting brackets and screws for easy installation
  • 7 adjustable bands of equalization (50Hz,125Hz,315Hz,750Hz,2.2KHz,6KHz and 12KHz)
  • Each band is adjustable from -18dB to +18dB
  • Adjustable subwoofer frequency from 40Hz to 250Hz
  • Built in crossover
  • Subwoofer level controls and subwoofer frequency cutoff controls (40-250 Hz)
  • Built in 7 volt line driver
  • Blue LED lights on each rotary knob
  • Front, rear, and sub preamp outputs
  • Aux input with gain knob to adjust aux volume
  • Strong metal chassis with high quality rotary knobs for all controls
  • Amazing quality with low distortion (Built with top quality components)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz TO 20KHz +/- 1dB
  • S/N Ratio: 101 dB
  • Crossover Roll-Off: 12dB per octave
  • Input impedance: 10K
  • Input sensitivity: 200mv per channel >7V
  • THD: 0.01%
  • Input: 12V
  • Output: 15V
  • Power requirement: 11-16V DC
  • Unit dimensions in inches: 7.04” x 4.72” 1.1”

Controls: (Click here for diagram)

  1. Master volume
  2. Sub volume
  3. Sub frequency (40-250Hz)
  4. Fader
  5. Input selector switch
  6. 50 Hz control (+ or = 18 dB)
  7. 125 Hz control (+ or = 18 dB)
  8. 315 Hz control (+ or = 18 dB)
  9. 750 Hz control (+ or = 18 dB)
  10. 2.2 KHz control (+ or = 18 dB)
  11. 6 KHz control (+ or = 18 dB)
  12. 12 KHz control (+ or = 18 dB)

Additional information

Weight 780 kg
Dimensions 19.89 × 21.49 cm
Product Dimensions

‎3.99 x 19.89 x 21.49 cm; 780 Grams

Item model number


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Whats in the box

‎Bracket, Owner manual, Warranty card, Screws, Equalizer

Item Weight

‎780 g



Date First Available

23 August 2019



10 reviews for Rockville R7EQ 1/2 Din 7 Band Car Audio Equalizer EQ w/Front, Rear + Sub Output

  1. Aaron Wunder

    The most versatile Eq for car audio
    I did not want to waste money on a car stereo costing over $150 when i dont like most of what i hear on the radio these days. I wanted to be able to stream audio from whatever device i wanted to into my truck stereo. This eq eliminates the need for a radio or “head unit”. It connects flawlessly and very quickly to my cell phone. And my cheapie tablet also. The bluetooth streaming is clear and have had absolutely no issues with this EQ.Pros:Able to connect instantly when pairedWell lit controls without being overpoweringly bright7 bands of equalization that are better than average in responsivenessSmall footprint and easy to installSeparate subwoofer volume control3 ways to add audio sourcesBluetooth alows more than 1 device to connect to it at one time.Cons:You have to have an amplifer in order to use this or any kind of aftermarket EQ in your vehical. (Not a con for me because that was my intention. But can be for some)Needless mic jack( i mean seriously folks, who sits somewhere or drives somewhere and has the urge to karreoke out if the blue) but its there if thats what you prefer. I will never use it.Voltage output ratings seem a tad low. May be 5 volts as opposed to the advertised 7Overview:This unit reproduces the sound for the amplifier beautifully. Sound is crisp, punchy, and distortion free while using it with my soundqbed 4 channel amplifier. I am adding a skar vd8 this weekend so im just dying to try out the sub volume on the eq. It does an amazing job for the money and is absoluetely a gem of a purchase from rockville. Now we just need to see reliability and longitivity. Would i recommend this unit? Hands down, absolutely without hesitation. You will not be dissapointedUpdate: 4/29/23I kept noticing signal drop while playing music through bluetooth. I thought maybe it was my phone having the issue but it was not. Come to find out , the bluetooth reciever is not good in this unit at all. So i took it upon myself to get the necessary adapters for my phone to convert the signal to rca via 3.5 mm adapter. After doing this, my stereo rocked even harder than it did before. So i had to remove a star because this feature is important to alot of people that would want to use it. Aside from that flaw, i would still recommend this eq because it still provides a great clean equalized preamped signal. Come on rockville…ya need to do just a tad better to make this the perfect product.

  2. Deric clardy

    For any system I would recommend with you and want somebody who’s your sound big time and that overheating your shoes or anything like that I want to get it five stars but came with a scratch on it that’s why I wood wood buy it with 10 scratches sounds so good great product great price

  3. Jonathan

    Overall 5 Stars
    You can not beat the price for something quality. I bought it and don’t regret it the karaoke function is also hilarious because I can use my car as a concert deal.Definitely a great buy and looks great

  4. debrareas husband

    to my surprise
    bought one these on a whim 6 years ago and it still pumps strong as the first day i bought it and now gonna buy another to connect to my pc to connect to my boss riot 1100 and my power acoustik 2500d..boss has 2 cerwin vega 12 inch and 2 cerwin vega6.5 and 3 inch tweeter andmy power acoustik pounds 2 12 inch infinitys..sure the subout and rear run the same circuit but one would never know unless they read this..but anyways i took the first one and put it in my car on a solar powered audio system i which one could say i have harnessed the power of the sun and pound 2 cerwin vegas and a ds18 nex gen 12 inch…. THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST PERFORMING EQ ON THE MARKET TO DATE….BUY THIS ONE DONT WASTE YOUR CASH ANY WHERE ELSE..with that said i have no clue on rockvilles other products…. dont be sorry or dissapointed buy this one

  5. kamaron

    no me funciono
    tiene muchos buenos comentarios pero en lo personal nome funciono , mete mucho ruido al amplificador, se escucha el motor en las bocinas , cosa que no hace al quitarselo y nada mas lo pongo y empieza la distorsión, nose si el que compre me salio defectuoso pero como digo a mi nome funciono , es muy basico y la calidad no es muy buena

  6. Michael Lawrence

    Love it
    Would definitely buy another soon

  7. Godfrey H

    Work very good
    The control easy to usef

  8. A. Freiwald

    Great design and features
    I just love this eq! I’ve had a really nice sound system that I’ve installed. Great head unit, a large 5 channel amp, quality speakers, and two subs. This would all sound amazing only for a few select songs or music type or at a particular volume setting. Any changes in volume or music type ar all would require taking my eyes off of the road and or trying to mess with the audio menu and settings on the head unit. With this eq mounted on my dash, full control and easy access allow me to make quick adjustments and tweaks on the fly! For this alone it gets the five stars.The added bonus to this product is the microphone and echo mixing ability. I have mounted a gooseneck mic on my headliner. Now I can hear how bad of a singer I really am! No matter. I love it!

  9. Collin Jennings

    Amazing stuff. More vibes to my thing
    This equalizer is simply amazing. I love it and the equalizer especially for the money

  10. Mista Instrumentalz

    Crystal Clear Audio
    Great addition to your sound system. I’ve been using this equalizer for a few months now and it had yet to disappoint. Very CLEAR but not ear piercing sharp. Gives my tweeters just the right amount of twinkle. Cleans up the bass even before it gets to the crossover & the mid range is well defined as well. Listening at low levels is especially pleasurable as this brings out every fine detail within your music! I’m a music producer ( so I’m particularly specific when it comes to sound quality. With that being said, I think this equalizer is GREAT!

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