Pyle Sonos Speaker Mount Stand – Reinforced Steel 2nd Gen Play 5 Sonos Speaker Holder w/ 14.3 x 6.5 Inch Speaker Tray, Heavy

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Pyle Model : PSTNDSON17Sonos PLAY 5 Speaker Stand Mount Universal Speaker Stand, Standing Speaker Mount Holder (Works with 2nd Gen Sonos PLAY 5) Features: Includes (1) Universal Speaker Stand Mount Conveniently Position Your Speakers for Immersive Audio Works with Various Compatible Home Theater Surround Sound Speakers*Also Compatible with 2nd Gen. Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Speakers Sleek & Stylish Powder Coat Finish Reinforced Speaker Base Support Height Adjustable Rubber-Capped Feet Integrated External Cable Routing, Cable Management Rugged & Heavy-Duty Construction Technical Specs: Construction Material: Reinforced Steel Upper Speaker Tray (W x D): 4. 3’’ x 6. 5’’ -inches Floor Base Platform (W x D): 14. 5’’ x 9. 4’’ -inches

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Weight 3.27 kg
Dimensions 21.34 × 68.58 cm
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‎ 30.48 x 21.34 x 68.58 cm; 3.27 Kilograms

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24 August 2016


‎ B01KZHP6Q0

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Pyle, Sound Around

10 reviews for Pyle Sonos Speaker Mount Stand – Reinforced Steel 2nd Gen Play 5 Sonos Speaker Holder w/ 14.3 x 6.5 Inch Speaker Tray, Heavy

  1. ragamaze

    Easy to assemble & sonos 5 speakers are mounted perfectly. Power cables are nicely hidden & managed.

  2. Alain

    Bonne description
    Produit solide et bien adapté pour Sonos 5.Bon rapport qualité/prix.

  3. L. Caballes

    perfect for what I need it for, a speaker stand!
    great value, would buy again!negatives:* no tools, be sure to have a 5mm and 4mm allen wrench* no instructions, but not hard to figure out. trickiest part is the pressure plate to hold the speaker securely. added a picture to show how to position* be sure to visualize where each of 6 acres goes before screwjng* be careful not to cross thread… tolerances are very loose :)* parts came scattered (not bagged), but it was complete, and not damaged* packaging was haphazard (bubble wrapped pieces allowed to slide loosely in a stapled box), but nothing damaged* paint job wasn’t perfect, but it’s black, who cares* be sure the stand is not somewhere that can be easily knocked over (by a dog, kid, etc…). it’s a good weight but it can be knocked over… mine is between the sofa and wall, not in walking traffic. it would be much more stable on a table, but a table has a much larger footprint, so pick what’s more important to you.that all said, it’s perfect for my needs and good value (others were double the price). would definitely buy again.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Sonos Speaker Stand
    For the price it is made entirely of metal , easy to assemble. I think the base should be a bit wider for stability. You have to really ensure that the speaker is centred. Compared to other stands that are similar and more expensive. I would recommend this product for those who have the Sonia 5 speaker. Good deal .

  5. Carlos E. Fernández C.

    Pieza de montaje suelta y facilmente se pierde
    En general está bastante bien. Trae una pieza de montaje para ajustar con tornillos el parlante a la base, que viene suelta y en mi caso al desmontarlo para trasladarlo a otro lugar se perdió. creo que se puede mejorar el diseño para evitar esta pieza suelta.Solicito información de reposición de esta pieza.

  6. Hugo Garcia

    The price point for this item is a real value but require a hack
    I really didn’t want to pay too much for a stand for my play 5 speakers. They can get pretty pricy.The build quality is okay but would not trust these stands to hold my speakers. The clamp does not hold down the speaker and relies on more-less balancing on the platform. By using some nano tape which can be purchased on amazon. Add the nano tape to all areas that have EVA, including the l-shaped clamp peace. Set Play 5 speaker on platform and tighten the clamp screwing, but not too tight as speaker can squeeze out of holding position. add a little forge down on speaker for a minute to allow nano tape to bond. The speaker will come out of the mount with enough force, so you will still use some caution moving the speaker by just holding the stand only by the post. For better results, remove the EVA completely for a sure bond.

  7. Warren Francis

    Bad Quality Control
    This stand was delivered in good time. There were no instructions in the box but it was not too hard to figure out. There were a couple of things that they cheaped out on to cut cost.The top shelf that the speaker sits on, attaches to the stand with 2 screws. When I screwed them together, the plate with the holes broke away from the stand due to poor welding.The second issue that I noticed was obviously for cutting cost. On the piece where the stand attaches to the base, there are 4 tapped bolt holes on the bottom of the stand. However, there were only 2 holes in the bottom of the base plate to attach the stand to it. They saved on 2 screws but compromised the strength of the stand.I ordered a replacement due to the broken part and it was delivered in good time again.Overall, the stand is strong enough to hold my Sonos Play 5 speaker but I would not place it in a high traffic area without screwing the base to the floor. I personally will order it again because I’m not willing to pay over $200 (almost 1/2 the cost of my speaker) for a Vebos or Flexon stand.I know, “you get what you pay for” but the cost factor also dictates the justification of the purchase for me.

  8. Claude

    Bon pied
    Rapport qualité prix rencontré.

  9. Dan Stevens

    Great value for the money!
    What a bargain these are! So happy with this purchase – especially given the low cost compared higher priced ones. Super easy to assemble. Like others have stated, I would recommend 2-sided Nano tape on the bottom – just for more support. While there’s a back plate that secures the speaker to the base, I’m just more comfortable with an additional layer of support. Great purchase and highly recommended!

  10. Suzy-Q

    Needs some additional securing to the stand.
    My stand came with all the parts and nothing was rusted or broken. You will need a hex wrench to attach all the screws, and the instructions weren’t super clear as to which ones go where, but I was able to figure it out. I assumed that the speaker would have screw holes that these screws would go into and the speaker would actually be attached to the stand. No, it basically rests on top of a 4.5″x6.5″ piece of metal. There is a little padded piece of metal that you can tighten screws against, which helps to hold the speaker on the ledge a little bit, but definitely not super secure. You would not be able to lift the speaker and have the stand stay with it. So, I had some industrial Velcro that was 2″ wide and adhesive on both sides. I attached this to the speaker and the metal plate. I’m hoping this will hold it more securely. I wouldn’t use the stand without doing that or attaching some thick Command strips. Even with this, I will be extra careful when moving the speaker.

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