Pyle Pro 6.5″portable PA speaker

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Weight 453.59 kg
Dimensions 21.59 × 10.16 cm

‎Xtensive Car Audio



Model year


Part Number


Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, Smartphone

Output Wattage

‎300 Watts


150 watts

Power source type

‎Battery Powered

Battery Average Life

‎8 Hours

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Total USB Ports


Connector Type

‎RCA, Bluetooth, USB, Auxillary

Mounting Type

‎Floor Standing

Includes AC Adapter


Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎31.75 x 21.59 x 10.16 cm; 453.59 Grams




1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

12 September 2020


‎Xtensive Car Audio, Sound Around

10 reviews for Pyle Pro 6.5″portable PA speaker

  1. Hector C Buenaventura

    Loud but Missing Bass
    It is nice for listening to podcast (talkies only) but not for music with heavy bass, as the music will sound tinny. The manufacturer has tried to save some money by placing a midrange speaker instead of a woofer or even just a mid-woofer. That is what I did, I replaced the 6-1/2 inch big speaker with a mid-woofer and now the box sounds great!

  2. Captain Jackwagon

    Fantastic, Especially for the Price
    For around $70 bucks, this is a bargain, and it puts out a lot of sound. With the right microphone (not the one that came with it), it could easily be used for an indoor or outdoor performance.Here are the pros and cons.Pros:- It is small, light, and easy to carry and puts out a lot of sound for the size.- With a good quality microphone (not the one that came with it), it could be used for a singing performance in a small venue such as a church or bar room (or a church bar room 🙂 ).- The wired microphone that comes with it is adequate for speaking engagements, but not for musical performances.- Bluetooth connectivity (phone can use use it as a Bluetooth speaker, for example).- 3.5 mm Aux jack for additional input (for guitar, phone, etc.)- Inputs for playing from a USB drive or SD card (Haven’t tried using those yet. Not yet sure if you can record performances to them.)- Can be charged and used without chords (portable, and could be used for street performances).- Has modes for Bluetooth, Line In, and FM Radio.- Has echo effect dial to add reverb/echo when singing.- With good wireless microphones, this PA really puts out good volume and good quality sound for singing. I bought these 2 Lekato UHF wireless dual channel mics, and those sounded excellent for singing, especially for the price ( wired microphone sucks (It has a noticeable hiss at higher volumes. Fair for speaking engagements, but not for music except for maybe karaoke with the family :-))-If you use the Mic In jack with a wireless receiver for wireless mics (UHF, etc.), you cannot Bluetooth connect to your phone simultaneously to do karaoke. So, to take input from your phone and wireless mics at the same time for karaoke performances, you have use a 3.5 mm male-to-male cable to plug your phone into the 3.5 Aux jack to input karaoke music so you can simultaneously use the wireless (UHF, etc.) microphones to sing. (But, at least, karaoke with wireless microphones be done using this approach!).

  3. Andrew M

    Very useful, and a fun toy for kids
    I purchased this for my kids, specifically so my daughter can sing karaoke with her friends at her 4th Bday party. It is more than sufficient for that task.The PA can be used with a microphone (or any other wired input, i believe it is 1/8″, bluetooth, memory card, or combination of the aforementioned. Therefore, I intend to let my kids use it, but also will use it whenever we need some additional amplification at parties or whatever. If either of my kids pick up an electric instrument, this should suffice for playing in the garage.Pros:I feel this is surprisingly loud, especially when left in the hands of a few poorly supervised kids.Separate volume control for microphone / wired and Bluetooth. This allows you to adjust your inputs so they’re in perspectivesimple interface, works as describedThere is a built in echo effect, my kids love it.relatively small, about the dimensions of a piece of letter or A4 paper, 4″ deepCon:As some have mentioned, the mic that came with mine was noisy. The noise was annoying and audible anytime the mic was plugged in AND turned on. If this were not the case, it would be a 5 star review.I planned ahead and bought an $8 mic on Amazon and it works perfectly. Now i have a backup (albeit noisy).As many have noted, the plug is in the front of the box, and the cord is relatively short. I believe it is 9V 1.5A, which is pretty minimal.the battery should last 1-2 hours, YMMV. I hope to open this thing up and see if i can add to the battery capacity, I’ll be sure to update my review if that happens.

  4. Lauren Alexander

    Terrible Customer Service
    I want to start by saying that I actually really like this speaker. It is small and very easy to transport. I use it for my cheerleading team so it is nice that it isn’t huge. The sound quality it actually pretty good as well. You can hear it a good distance away. The price point is great for the speaker.My problem with this product is that the charger cord didn’t work. So once the battery life ran out on the speaker I had no way to charge it. I contacted their customer service department and told them what was wrong on August 30th, 2018. They reached out to have me send a picture of the speaker I purchased and the part I needed as a PDF or jpg. I did this and they again replied with what was wrong and to send a picture. It is my fault that I took a while to send the picture a 2nd time. However, after I did this they took two weeks to respond. Then they informed me they need to check to see if they have the part in their warehouse. I never heard back from them or received the faulty power cord. When I told them I was upset with their customer service they said they needed the picture of the part again. It is now November 8th and I still don’t have the part and still can’t use my speaker. Sorry but how long does it take to go to the warehouse and check your inventory and ship a part? This is just showed a lack of consideration and value they have for their customers. The cheap speaker wasn’t worth this hassel

  5. elecuyer

    Not Bad… if you get one that works
    I needed a battery operated amp for a one-time, one-song, outdoor graveside service. I figured for under $60, I really didn’t care if it would work really well.The first one arrived just in time for the service. I powered it up and paired it to Bluetooth with no trouble. Also tried the 1/8″ connector, as that is what I needed. Works great. Sounds surprisingly good (and loud.) Perfect! But, I tried to charge it – and the charging light didn’t illuminate. Oops.I knew all I needed was this thing for 3-5 minutes. So I just used it on the “factory charge” for the service. It worked perfectly.Then I decided to replace it, rather than just get a refund. The new one came in a few days and it works fine. The original issue was probably with the wall-wart power supply, and not the actual amp. (The wall wart power supply has an LED that I didn’t notice before, since it did not illuminate.)For $60 when you need a quick amplifier for an outside/streetside/campfire gathering, this is perfect. My daughter is now using it in her classroom for general-ed music.It comes with a crappy looking microphone that I assume is junk. Maybe good for Karaoke. I liked that it also included a 1/8 to RCA splitter (can’t have enough of those) but it does not include an 1/8″ patch cable.

  6. Joanne

    PYLE Blue Tooth Portable Karaoke System
    I got this Pyle System in only 4 days i have Prime (I love Prime!!!) The box was in good condition everything was packed just right , at first i was skeptical about using it as its smaller than other bluetooth devices im use to and i did want a bigger system , …but when i figured out how to run this i was amazed at how powerful this little systen is!!! It has everything i need and needed to sing on and use my SD card on , now im sad that i cancelled my extended warranty and will have to get it again, you just have to make sure you use the remote as it fixes the sound a lot better as it has an equilizer button it has bass too…im enjoying it and cannot wait to sing on it .And i will probably up load a video of me singing on it as well. Thankyou Amazon I love it. P.S. The watts are really 300 watts power Dont let the smallness of it fool you its very powerful and the sound is very good no umms or back noice rattling , the speaker is really good like a more expensive system , that you can also use a guitar as a pa system on too which im sure my husband will eventually use as well. I recommend this its a good low priced deal and i love the Microphone and the sound is also good on that too!

  7. Caines Family

    Bass frequency response is poor but separate mic volume level control is nice.
    I purchased this speaker amplifier for my son to experiment with. The separate volume control for the mic input is nice because it makes it much easier to mix voice with other media coming from the line input and bluetooth. This is a good feature that some of the other Pyle speakers don’t have. The sound is clear at mid and high frequency. Low bass frequency is missing from the output frequency range but that is to be expected for a sound system at this price range. The cabinet is wood which produces a slightly better sound quality then the Pyle speakers with a plastic cabinet.

  8. Aveesh Kumar

    This was just perfect for a 25 person Indian Bollywood Party
    This little guy was the star of a friends anniversary party – Indian style. Included Mic was sufficient to invite guests to dance, sing karaoke and then later just dance to music!! The Battery lasts at least 3 hours – depending on how loud you play the music …. In my brief testing it could last upto 6 hours if playing low volume background music. After looking for a sub $75 karaoke party system – I had homed in on this. It has got exact specs to keep it loud enough, portable enough and the included mic, remote control and even the included computer speaker to RCA cable and big mic to small mic converter were thoughtful accessories. The system was used to provide background music initially while it was plugged in and charging – the wired mic being used for some announcements – later it was fullyu charged up to blast some dance music in a 20 x 20 ft room and the karaoke mic was just perfect. If sound is important – get his guy – dont be fooled by trying to get the one with included lights – get them separately. The only thing missing for me was a small equalizer (on a more expensive model) to tone down the vocals for karaoke….extremely happy!

  9. Jim W.

    Worked Very Well for the Beach!
    I had my eye on this portable PA system a couple of years ago, but the price was too high at the time. I am the DJ for my wife’s Mary Kay business group. One of the events is a beach retreat. For the on-the-beach part, I needed a portable PA system so the group could hear whomever is speaking.This PA system is a/c and battery powered, so it did not need any power cords. I used a wired mic, which worked well, for now. Was wonderfully surprised at how well the Bluetooth feature worked so I could connect my iPod to the speaker, wirelessly, for music! To be truly wireless for next year’s retreat, I am in search of a portable wireless microphone.When I tested the rechargeable battery, it lasted at least 2 1/2 hours, outlasting my playlist. This system worked very well for the beach, and is very lightweight!My only suggestion for now – make the power cord longer, please?Thank you!

  10. Frank Silvestro

    Smaller than expected.
    Still learning the ins and outs.

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