Proaim Universal Professional Teleprompter Kit for Tablet/Tab/Smartphone/DSLR Video Camera Camcorder for Film & Video

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Color Black
Compatible Devices Cameras
Form Factor Case
Shell Type Hard

  • ON-THE-GO PROMPTING SOLUTION for corporate meetings, instructional videos, news reporting ,seminars or and advertisements.
  • CAMERA TELEPROMPTER is COMPATIBLE with DSLRs and Small to mid-sized camcorders. And IPAD MOUNT Compatible with 2, 3 & 4.
  • Works perfectly with any iPad Teleprompter Software Application, Best are Elite Prompter and Pro Prompter.
  • High Quality 60/40 prompter glass with frame.
  • BLACK HIGH IMPACT PROTECTIVE PACKING for Carrying, Transporting your Valuable Teleprompter with Beam splitter Glass safely and securely.


Product Description

Proaim Universal iPad Teleprompter Kit for DSLR Video Camera

Proaim Universal Teleprompter Kit for DSLR Video Camera


Proaim Universal iPad Teleprompter Kit for DSLR Video Camera


We understand how important it is to have a teleprompter that helps you gain your audience’s attention and doesn’t take much of your efforts and time. Therefore, we made a video teleprompter with high-performance at a much affordable cost. Proaim TP300 is a user-friendly device. It mounts on tripod and allows attaching a camera on the rear shooting platform and placing a tablet or smartphone in front support area, and you’re set to go. The Proaim Teleprompter Kit is an on-the-go prompting solution and is used for corporate meetings, instructional videos, seminars or advertisements.

Proaim Universal Teleprompter Kit for DSLR Video Camera


The 60/40 beam splitter on the Proaim Teleprompter Kit is made from Glass that offers enhanced visibility. The Glass provides sharper text on the screen side from up to a 15ft reading range and no noticeable image degradation on the camera side. The shooting device can be a DSLR/DSLM or Video camera. The built-in camera base plate includes a unique mount system for quick tripod mount capability.

Proaim Universal iPad Teleprompter Kit for DSLR Video Camera


The most versatile Proaim TP300 Teleprompter utilizes any Android or iOS smartphone/tablet and transforms it into a prompter display, running any teleprompting app. The on-air talent reads from the scrolling text on the teleprompter screen.

Proaim Universal iPad Teleprompter Kit for DSLR Video Camera


The Proaim Teleprompter is quick to set up and easy to use, and you can use this for self-shoot while you read from the prompter. The hood is removable and attaches quickly via a magnetic strip. Remove shooting device, and teleprompting device and the unit collapses with the beam splitter glass installed. The Cotton snug-fit hand gloves are excellent for gripping that won’t leave marks and scratches on Glass. It comes in a Hard Case packing to ensure complete protection. The compact and lightweight hard case is easy to carry with you to different sets and locations.



  • Construction: High-grade Aluminum & Plastic
  • Compatibility: Display / Teleprompting device: iOS or Android Smartphone / Tablet & Shooting Device: DSLR / DSLM or Video Camera
  • iPad Holder: Maximum Size: 8.5 x 11” / 21.5 x 27.9 cm & Minimum Size: 5 x 7.5” / 12.7 x 19.05 cm
  • Camera Mounting: 1/4″-20 & 3/8″-16 threads
  • Beam Splitter: Ratio: 60/40 & Material: Glass
  • Reading Range: 15ft
  • Tripod Mounting: 1/4″-20 & 3/8″-16
  • Product Weight (without packing): 3.3 kg / 7 lb
  • Product Weight (with packing): 9.5 kg / 21 lb


  • Material: High-Grade CNC Aluminum
  • Camera Mounting: 1/4″-20 & 3/8″-16 screws
  • Dimensions: 5.5 X 2″ / 13.9 X 5.08 cm
  • Weight: 390 g / 0.85 lb


  • Proaim Teleprompter TP300
  • Flycam Quick Release (FLCM-QR)
  • Hood Support
  • Cotton Fabric Hand Gloves
  • Hard Case Packing

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Item Weight

7 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

January 11, 2016



10 reviews for Proaim Universal Professional Teleprompter Kit for Tablet/Tab/Smartphone/DSLR Video Camera Camcorder for Film & Video

  1. Ken Earls

    Major improvementOur team of YouTube video preparers consists of several experienced people and me. I have zero experience in making videos, but in this case, I’m the person with the knowledge about subject of our video. We have rehearsed several times and each rehearsal was terrible. We bought this teleprompter and the difference it makes is amazing. I can look into the camera and say the words that are suppose to be said, without my eyes darting in all different directions. This, of course, applies to every teleprompter, but this one set up easily and is easy to adjust and use. I love it!

  2. Matthew Gonzales

    No instructions but quality product.I have a four star only because the product did not include instructions to setup and properly align. Other than that it’s a great TelePrompTer with a great case. I do recommend but only if you’ve used one before. It helps when putting together.

  3. Chandler

    Awesome prompter for a great price. Plus FREE HARD CASE.So far I have absolutely loved using this thing. It takes some tweaking to get it set for your camera but it really is a great addition to my video arsenal. My clients love the option to use a prompter for reading text. It looks so much more natural than having a piece of paper taped to the tripod.Build quality is great. The case is awesome.I will update if anything changes.

  4. Ian McGar

    CHEAP PLASTICJunk quality. But serves it’s purpose. For this price I should not be receiving a cheap plastic quick release plate that my camera has snapped out of multiple times and nearly broke. Embarrassing. Should have refunded when I had the chance.

  5. Nicerguy

    Does not sit wellIf the camera is sitting low you can’t see the script, I had to move the script down further so I could read the top line of the script, this most likely due to the rigid hood, it doesn’t allow you to adjust the glass height of the glass from the pad, I seen cheaper models with this option, I wish I had done my homework before I purchased it, I gave two stars because I like the case it came with. Oh and assembly of the glass is way too complicated than it should be, the engineers should go back to the drawing board with that because it’s time consuming and frustrating.

  6. Mark H.

    Would work well in close quarters.This doesn’t fit our application. Due to the distance on our green screen set our cameras are to far from the presenter. This prompt image is too small to see unfortunately.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great and eady solution!The media could not be loaded.

     The Teleprompter is very good for our News and YouTube productions. It’s easy to use and well engineered.


    Much NeededNice

  9. Olly London

    Not well designedI really wanted to like this, but i returned it. It’s very heavy, the supplied plate and release is not standard manfrotto, so you can’t just switch your cam between tripod and autocue. Getting the glass in took me over an hour and left my fingers were sore – it is not the customer’s job to build your product. Packing – it arrives in a big heavy hard case, for some people this is great. Not for me, i need to be able to pack it away fairly flat, in my standard camera case with my gear – not possible with this, it just has not been designed for transport, it does not fold down neatly, there is no quick setup and takedown. It’s basically a studio autocue, you wouldn’t want to have to travel with this thing, whereas the glidegear packs down small and neat. The magnets work well, the rod plates are fine, just a shame the designers don’t seem to have thought about what people want from an autocue. This should be clearly labelled suitable for studios or large productions, as it is totally unsuitable for solo operators and those looking to be mobile.

  10. Christophe

    iPad Pro 12,9 ne monte pas dessus.Sur la description du produit il est mentionné des dimensions de 21,5cm x 29,7 ce que mon iPad Pro 12,9 fait parfaitement(d’où mon achat) et une fois le montage(pas si evident et surtout pas pratique puisqu’il faut pratiquement tout demonter a chaque utilisation….) et donc l’iPad Pro ne monte pas dessus, il faudrait tordre les pates en metal….clairement pas une solution.

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