PreSonus AudioBox GO | USB-C Audio Interface for music production with Studio One DAW Recording Software, Music Tutorials, Sound

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Ultra-affordable, powerful, and small enough to fit in your pocket, AudioBox GO gives you all the connections you need to record on the move or in your home studio. Compatible with both computers and mobile devices, the AudioBox GO is perfect for anyone who wants to get started recording fast. AudioBox GO is a pocket-sized dynamo. Connect professional XLR vocal mics, guitars, synthesizers, headphones, and studio monitors, perfect for small home studios where desk space is a hot commodity. It’s bus-powered, so no extra cables or power supplies are need. And because it’s USB class-compliant, there are no special drivers or applications for you to download and install — just plug it in, hit record, and GO! Best of all, you’ll be making music from day one, because the AudioBox GO includes Studio One Prime—the most intuitive digital audio workstation around—as well as Studio Magic, a bundle of over $1000 worth of plug-ins, software, and tutorials.

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Hit Record and GO!

The perfect audio interface for anyone who wants an easy and affordable way to get started in music recording or content creation, AudioBox GO will get you out of the house and make recording the adventure that it should be.

Studio One Prime and the Studio Magic software bundle for Mac and Windows are also included, so your new recording studio will be up and running right out of the box.


Connect anything and sound great.

The AudioBox GO features a PreSonus XMAX-L preamp, designed with over 25 years of recording-studio knowhow. Not only does it ensure that your recordings will sound clean and articulate with low noise, it also provides 50 dB of gain and +48v phantom power for professional XLR condenser microphones. The combo jack doubles as a line-level input that you can use to record keyboards, drum machines, and more! A dedicated Instrument input lets you connect an electric guitar or bass, so you can record guitar and vocals at the same time.


Small is beautiful.

True to its name, the AudioBox GO is so powerful and loaded with features, you’ll want to take it with you everywhere — so we made it small enough to toss into your guitar case or your laptop bag. AudioBox GO works great with Android and Apple mobile devices — but also with both laptop and desktop computers, making it an ideal interface for small home studios. It’s bus-powered, so no extra cables or power supplies needed. And because it’s USB class-compliant, so there are no special drivers or applications for you to download and install – just plug it in, hit record, and GO!


Loud and Clear

The AudioBox GO lets you connect professional studio monitors like the PreSonus Eris-series to its balanced Main outputs, while also providing a surprisingly powerful Headphone output that lets you listen in loud and clear. You also get an easy-to-use Mix control to create a monitor mix by blending the audio from your hardware inputs and your software so you can record vocals while listening to the tracks you’ve already recorded and stay inspired.

Studio One

World-class recording software included.

While the AudioBox GO audio interface works with virtually all macOS and Windows audio-recording software, it comes with a free license for Studio One Prime plus our amazing Studio Magic software bundle loaded with effects plug-ins, virtual instruments, content libraries and more so you get a complete recording solution right from the start. Built by creative people for creative music production, Studio One is easy to learn and enables you to compose, record, and produce your masterpiece without getting distracted by the tools. And when you’re ready to hit the road, download Capture Duo for free and enjoy two-track recording on the go.

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8 February 2022



10 reviews for PreSonus AudioBox GO | USB-C Audio Interface for music production with Studio One DAW Recording Software, Music Tutorials, Sound

  1. Cliente Amazon

    Suena Genial
    Que no te engañe que este fabricado en plastico, lo mas importante no es el envoltorio sino como esta fabricado, yo lo uso para jugar o ver pelis (entiendase, para escuchar el sonido). Me compre este modelo poque era de un tamaño compacto, pero, sigue siendo una Presonus, una gran marca. De hecho, es la segunda tarjeta de sonido que me compro (no el mismo modelo), y la verdad es que suena de lujo, va genial, ademas si haces streams o directos por internet va genial, cero fallos.

  2. Lee

    Good for the price
    Bought this to link my electronic piano to my computer as my new computer now longer had a mic jack where I used to connect my mixer. Connects by USB. I use audacity to record audio – once set up records well. You need to find the stereo balance if plugging in left and right from piano like mine – one side of the stereo channel is louder than than the other – by using both inputs other wise I just ended up recording on a single channel on audacity and it took my a little while to work out what was going on.It comes with some interesting looking free studio software – but I’ve not got into that yet.I’ve also now plugged in a condensing microphone and used the phantom power, which seems to work fine. Just a very slight hiss detected when listening to that track on earphones.Overall, very pleased with the product for the price – you just need to work out how to make it work for you.

  3. Alberto Juárez

    Excelente calidad para su precio y tamaño
    Antes de conectarla a tu computadora por primera vez, recomiendo registrar el producto en la página de presonus creando una cuenta. (Lo indica en las instrucciones del paquete) ya que te da beneficios como el programa de edición de studio one y otros programas completamente gratis! Eso sí, si luego piensas venderla, elimina el producto de tus registros en la cuenta.La interfaz es pequeña, por si buscas ahorrar espacio en tu estudio de grabación o escritorio, llega hasta 24 bits y 96 mil khz, una calidad de sonido bastante alta para grabar audios. Tiene una buena ganancia y también la puedes controlar a tu gusto. Al menos en mis pruebas de grabación, el piso de ruido es bajo, vengo de una interfaz Behringer UMC22 y se nota la diferencia, ya no capta tanto el ruido de fondo como antes. La recomiendo mucho para empezar, o por si necesitas una para viajar y conectarla fácilmente en una laptop.

  4. H4Harmon

    Didn’t Work for GarageBand for macOS
    This worked well for GarageBand on iOS and it worked well with the PreSonus software, but I never could get it to work on GarageBand on my MacBook Pro, so I’m sending it back.

  5. Thiago

    Tudo certo, conforme anunciado, recomendo xD

  6. Mason

    Great Minimal Interface
    This is a great little interface! Very simple, ultra portable (non-applicable to myself), and plug-n-play is seemless.For now, my primary use for this is to power my Spark mic and have my audio monitors connect to my computer (previously using 1/4th to 3.5mm). Since the power is USB, I have it plugged into a USB hub with individual switches. When I sit down and toggle it on, it’s very fast to connect, then I can just toggle it back off afterwards to save power.For my purpose, it’s perfect. If I ever start recording again, I will post an update about that.

  7. javier guerrero

    Buena ✅
    Muy funcional y bonita , la calidad de captura es buena, el modo de monitoreo esta raro para mi y ojo con lo drivers si necesitas una versión actualizada de Windows en mi caso pero funciona bien

  8. Manpreet

    Good for beginner
    If you want to purchase an interface which is future proof then dont go for this.This is good for home studio where you have one mic and a guitar

  9. DP

    Might Be Used From This Seller
    First the BAD, the unit I received was used and had already been registered according to Presonus. So I sent it back and will not purchase from this seller again.Second the GOOD, Audiobox Go works well. I like the balance adjustment between inputs right on the unit. This is a driverless compliant interface. Used it to pair an iPad app (iPad audio sent through the usb-c via a powered usb hub both iPad and interface are connected to) with my Yamaha midi keyboard for overlays/background ambience to a mono direct box. I did experience some noise on my keyboard input that I haven’t eliminated yet. May have to try a balanced cable, but now on hold while I return this unit for a NEW one from another supplier.

  10. Jake

    Perfect as a travel interface
    I just received this product two days ago and I am already extremely shocked and impressed by this thing.First major pro: the size.I knew going into purchasing this Presonus audio interface was going to be great for portability, but I can LITERALLY fit this thing into an incredibly small sweatpants pocket and take this interface with me anywhere. For size perspective, here is an image compared to this and my SSL2. While the SSL2 is capable of being a portable interface, I wanted something that could fit into a free personal item while flying. This is the perfect travel interface.Second major pro: The clarity of the preamp. Honestly compared to my SSL2, to my ears, this thing has a clearer sounding preamp with less coloration than the SSL2. While the SSL2’s coloration (including the 4k button) works for some of my rap records, it doesn’t work for every situation. Being able to fire up a second interface with a more neutral, clear sound, is a huge pro.Final major pro: The external features on the interface. At this price, it is impossible to find a great-sounding audio interface for travel purposes with an independent headphone volume knob, a mix knob to mix between zero-latency monitoring and computer playback, and a pair of quarter-inch outputs to link the audiobox go to studio monitors.However, this interface is not without its faults.First con: 50 decibel maximum gain: The max gain from the preamp on the audiobox go is 50 DB. That is nowhere near up to standard with 2022 audio interfaces. No way you can run any dynamic microphone without an inline preamp. I couldn’t run my $20 dynamic behringer xm8500 without having to scream into it to achieve an appropriate level.Second con: Installing the software bundle. While the software bundle includes a ton of plugins to help get anyone started recording, the installation process with the bundle is terrible. It takes so long to install all of the free software you get with this interface.The build quality is all-plastic, but the knobs are easy to control similar to the SSL2 knobs. No metering is a minor con, as well as a quieter maximum volume output.The Presonus checks off all the boxes for me with a travel interface. Extreme portability, independent headphone volume knob, all the necessary external features to succeed as a travel AND studio interface, and clear preamps. I wouldn’t recommend it for traveling podcasters or dynamic microphone users, but otherwise, this interface blows away its competition. It even competes with the SSL2 with its clear sounding preamp.

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