Mackie Control Universal Pro, 8-channel Control Surface with USB (MCU Pro)

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Weight 9.57 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 53.59 cm
Item Weight

‎9.57 kg

Product Dimensions

‎50.8 x 17.78 x 53.59 cm; 9.57 Kilograms

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Date First Available

11 August 2007



9 reviews for Mackie Control Universal Pro, 8-channel Control Surface with USB (MCU Pro)

  1. Mario

    I enjoy scratch and dents or there needs to be some …
    In the description, when seeking to buy, said there was 5 – 10% cosmetic damage. So I was expecting to have a few blemishes. After I received it and opened the box, I could not find any cosmetic ware. The MCU looked brand spanking new to me. …Either, I enjoy scratch and dents or there needs to be some updated general descriptors. …I enjoyed this purchase. I could have spent the $1000+ and bought the MCU as a brand new item, but I’m glad I went this route saving a few hundred dollars on a used item, that does not looked used at all. …Now, if they had this deal for iMacs. Hmm?

  2. Kindle

    Used Item not reviewed and checked properly!
    When I received item, 2 faders is not working, Other faders are out of calibration, Amazon never checks the state of theequipment with a pro audio expert, Used item on Amazon selling here is expensive and costly for un-reviewed items or state of the equipment. Loud technologies and Mackie has got no support for spare parts and no proper advise or technical support!. Buyer will be charged of so much of the shipping cost since they need to resend back the equipment to Amazon for a refund or change! It is really a waste of money and time! So disappointing!Since shipping is even expensive, we seek repair on to the unit locally but some cases, repair locally can also add issue some moreon the items needs to be repaired and more to that order of parts are extremely a long wait and costly and worse no stock!Amazon must have access on the replacement parts, just in case. Most especially the P&G Optical faders and the LCD assy. A prone problem on this unit!Please improve!Recommendation: Buying used units or items /devices more safely, eBay is better!!. Buying new items, units, devices both Amazon and eBay is okey!

  3. Eldridge

    Four Stars
    sometimes the display blacks out, after a while it turns on again by itself

  4. Dan

    Solid and Easy to use
    This product is great. I use it with Adobe Audition and Sonar. It is easy to use and the device looks “no-plastic/cheap”It looks professional and clearly well designed and build.Suggestion: include the “template”” for Audition to place it on the keys. Sonar one is included in the box.

  5. Testimonials

    価格の大幅改定で当初の価格の半額ほどまで値下がりしました。当方cubase pro 9 で使用しています。ドライバーは必要なく、USB接続であとは勝手に機械がやってくれます。オーバーレイシートが付属されているのでProtool、Logic、Cubaseなどの主要ホストは面倒な設定がないので非常に楽です。ただ、自分の環境のせいなのか、fader bankが機能していません。それを除いてもタッチセンシティブ式モーターフェーダにpan、EQ、dynamics、sends、insertなどを割り当てて操作できるVpot、ズーム機能もついています。これらのおかげでマウス操作がかなり減りました。高価ですが、最高のフィジカルコントローラーです。拡張の機材としてVpotが30個以上搭載されたC4 proというものがありましたがこちらは2009年に生産が完了しているのらしいので、中古を探すしかなさそうです。個人的にはC4 proが欲しかったのですが残念です。

  6. E. Curtis

    Music master
    This system was bought for my husband for Christmas. He loves it. He is a professional musician who is working on producing and recording from home. I thought this would be a great way to get him started.

  7. Face$

    Sent me the older version..NOT HAPPY
    The picture of the item for sale and the item I received was totally different! They sent me the older model so i was very unsatisfied considering I had to wait almost two weeks to receive something I didn’t want.

  8. Fun times

    Five Stars
    great product for Protools 11! plug in, turn on, set peripherals & you’re controlling your DAW!

  9. Ryan Freeman

    Great Product
    Nothing else in this price range compares. Get one. You need it. You will wonder how you ever mixed with a mouse.

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