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GOOVIS PRO Cinema Head-Mounted Display 4K Blu-ray Player
Display: 2 x 0.71” AMOLED display
Resolution: 1920×1080*2
PPI: 3147
Optical modules: 12 optical lenses
Virtual screen size: Equivalent to a giant 800-inch diagonal screen when viewed from a distance of 66 feet (20 meters)
Distortion: <1.5%
FOV: 53°
Diopter adjustment: Ranging from +3D hyperopia to -8D myopia; left/right eye adjusted independently
IPD: 56mm – 72mm
Astigmatic lens: Optional

Headset main body dimensions: 7.3in x 4.3in x 2.2in(185mm x 109mm x 56mm)
Headset main body weight: 7.05 oz (200g)

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

1″ / 2 cm

Additional information

Weight 199.86 kg
Dimensions 10.9 × 5.6 cm



‎Goovis G2

Part Number

‎Goovis G2

Digital Storage Capacity

‎32 GB

Scanner Resolution

‎1920 × 1080

Compatible Devices

‎Television, Smartphone

Special Features


Mounting Hardware


Display Technology


Display Type


Colour Screen


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Wireless Type


Refresh Rate

‎60 Hz

Connector Type


Human Interface Input

Touch Pad

Does it contain liquid?


Includes Remote


Item model number

‎Goovis G2

Product Dimensions

‎18.5 x 10.9 x 5.6 cm; 199.86 Grams




1 Product Specific batteries required.

Date First Available

2 March 2018



10 reviews for GOOVIS Pro AMOLED Display, Blu-Ray 2D / 3D Glasses HMD Support 4K Blue-ray 3D Movies,Netflix Prime Video Hulu Apple TV+ YouTube

  1. Laren J Zager

    Pretty Good, but for D3
    On 12/7/22 I received my Goovis Pro 2021 and D-3 controller, the next step in my years-long quest for the perfect way of viewing 3D movies. 3D TVs aren’t made anymore. Projectors disappointed me with darkened pictures using active glasses. The Royole Moon is best, but uncomfortable for longer viewing. The Quest 2 is jaw-dropping wonderful, but loses to the Moon with its relatively grainy, screen-doored video quality. Maybe the Goovis would be a “comfortable Moon” and win.Generally, the Goovis Pro showed promise: It is the easiest to don and, once on, remarkably comfortable (put a band aid over the bridge of your nose for padding). The vision correction system is as good as it gets. The picture quality and size is Moon quality (identical specs). All 3D modes except the old-fashioned anaglyph (colored) type are included. Further, every type of HDMI input I tried worked flawlessly (Roku Ultra, 3D Blu-ray player, iPhone 7 using adapter), and USB material played perfectly. I have no card to try, but that should work equally well.Now, the setbacks. First, the price. Way too much, especially adding in the required accessories (more on that later). Second, with no built-in speakers, your wire clutter, donning effort/complexity, and perhaps expenses increase. Third, the Goovis has Bluetooth, but that circuitry apparently resides in the D3 itself, NOT the headset. Consequently, Bluetooth is available ONLY when viewing content from the D3, which I find limited: Yes, lots of streaming is available, but no provider recognizes the Goovis as a 3D appliance. It’s 2D content only. So, when I connect to other sources for 3D, the cabling requires using the D3 for power ONLY and bypasses Bluetooth. Wired audio is mandatory in real life (for me). If you think you can do everything you want within the D3, know this: it uses the now-unsupported Android TV version 7.1, and it’s clunky beyond words. Navigation often freezes. The 4-way control arrows will not always scroll pages and will not find/highlight all buttons within an app to allow their selection. Turning on the touchpad helps, but once activated your palm will routinely brush across the pad on the D3 accidentally giving you unintended cursor movements and entries. The USB port is so close to the HDMI port for the headset that most USB drives will not fit (the shell is too fat. Buy and use a thinner extension cable). Finally, the limited manual says you can hold the D3’s power button down for 12 seconds to reboot, but I couldn’t get that to work. It is, however, a great battery system.To use the Goovis as a monitor, remember this: the screen has no degrees of freedom so always stays directly in front of you. So, if you want to read or see something near the edge of the screen, you must move your eyes ONLY to view that material. I would find this frustrating at best, painful at worst. Maybe the Goovis Lite with its narrower field of view?For me, the Royole Moon wins until, perhaps, Quest 3 comes out with better clarity. Sadly, I’m returning the Goovis as a personal 3D movie theater. For 2D viewing, it’s a strong contender.

  2. woulf

    Excellent! …and it fits my big head.
    I’m so happy with this purchase. My use is to expand my Laptops usefulness. I want to watch movies and feel immersed, surf the web and play games.The vision adjustment is huge for me. I could never see a monitor or television clearly. This lets me set it up so that I can. I thought it’d be difficult, but it’s literally just turn a dial until the right eye is clear, turn a dial until the left eye is clear, then slide that same adjustment knob left and right until things are centered.The picture quality looks fine to me I watched big screen type movies right away to play with the goovis and they looked great. I watched some animated videos, some live action and some big country and it all looked very good.I probably watched for 6 hrs straight and it still felt comfortable. I have a big head and most VR type headsets don’t fit well. This is just a strap around your head with a comfortable rest that hold the very lightweight flip down eyepiece. It seems like it would fit anyone to me.I wish the manual had setup examples such as this is how you set up for hdmi/usb to a laptop, this is how for a phone, this is how for an Xbox/ps game but it was easy enough to figure out.My only tiny gripe would be that the wonderful feeling case isn’t quite what I want. I want to take off the headset, fold down the headrest, coil the cable quickly and put it in the protected case. It won’t fit unless you take things apart a bit. It’s not awful, but just another two centimeters in the right directions and my experience would be perfect.

  3. DheVenKat

    Where is Android 5.0?? and My take
    Goovis Cinego is the best HMD i ever owned, i previously used/owned/returned Royole Moon, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Oculus Go and they are inferior compared to Cinego. It is very light weight and put no pressure on your neck or head but little bit uncomfortable on the nose after 30 minutes of usage. I’m planning to buy Vive foam pad to replace the original padding on the headset. The Android in this headset is pretty outdated and takes forever to update/download the apps and badly needs at least Android 5.0 as they promised. One other issue with the headset is unlike the Royole moon, once you connect it to any peripheral device such as Xbox, PS4 cannot turn down the volume and it gets unbearably loud. They should have built the bluetooth in the headset rather than the remote. The only option is to use the wired headset if you want to connect to other devices. I also experienced flashing problem when connecting to other devices and if this persists, i may have to return the headset but i suspect the problem is with the cables they provided which are not of best quality. The build quality of this device is good but Royole felt more premium but i still like Cinego when compared to Moon a lot. 700$ for this device is a lot and i only recommend it to the people that are passionate about Tech or great visual experience.Pros:Very light weightAwesome Video qualityFits your head no matter what unlike other HMDs (Royole, Cinera etc..)Android OS (most apps from playstore can be downloaded)Very easy to navigate and type with remote w/ built in touch sensorVR functionality and 3D is good but not bestCons:Price is very highDurability is questionableQuality of the product is decent and they could have used more premium materials at least for the paddingCan get uncomfortable on the nose if used for over 30 minutesAncient Android OS (4.4) and badly needs updatingI do recommend this product if you are willing to spend this kind of money. It will not disappoint you. Best HMD i ever owned but needs more updates to the software.

  4. JJ

    not good enough for 1000$
    No matter how much I adjusted the width and depth of the lens configuration, still slightly blurry picture. I cleaned it perfectly, I tried dozens of setting combinations, still blurry.Also device gets hot very quickly and you can always hear the tiny fan whirring in the background and if you move quickly while it’s on, you can actually hear the blade TOUCHING the inner housing and makes a horrible buzzing noise.Also, the nose piece has an infrared sensor so the goggles won’t actually show any picture when it doesn’t sense they are being worn, yet the fan and chip inside still heat up just the same so I’m confused why they spent all that money to even bother, I have to physically unplug it to make sure it can cool back down.Overall the device is just barely “high quality” with the adjustment switches seeming a bit too loose to be considered precise.Also it lights up with the giant LED logo GOOVIS right across your face when you are using it which looks ridiculous and I already covered that up with a black sticker.For what this is it’s okay, but definitely not worth 1000$ maybe 750.

  5. Tom

    Great VR device
    I want to play switch with a VR device, then I found this, now I’m feeling that I can’t leave it.The best part of this goovis pro set is that It CAN CONNECT WITH HDMI with such a high quality view, I usually use it as a extended monitor, just connect the cable then go. And it really can concentrate attentions, no worry about distracting things around me.Another thing I love is that the lens can be adjusted for nearsightedness. Wearing it is so free, no more glasses pressing, I still feel good after wearing it for a couple of hours.Overall, my experience with this device is great, hope there could be a new version comes with sounds.

  6. Steven H. Wilson

    Amazing display and absolutely wonderful customer service!
    Great picture quality. And super light weight! I use it with a laptop. I simply queue up the movie or show I want to watch, plug in the headset , and then lower the headset and am immersed in the movie. And I mean immersed. The headset is lightweight enough so that I’ve watched a 2 1/2 hr movie and just forgotten I was wearing it. The only drawback that I’ve found is the lack of audio on the Goovis. I mean it has a headphone jack, but you need to bring headphones/earbuds. Making a replacement headstrap with earbuds (or even little speakers) built into it would make a HUGE difference. But having to bring earbuds with me is a small price to pay for a stunning theater experience.——————————————————————————–The plastic holding the headstrap cracked and broke. When I inquired about buying replacement parts they shipped me the parts without cost even though the warranty period was well over and they emailed me detailed instructions on how to replace the piece. Even if the headset had just been good, the customer service would have impressed me and made me a loyal customer, but the headset is incredible. No more movies on the Oculus Quest for me….

  7. Angel

    Great Products! Customers Service is AMAZING and I know what I’m talking about.
    So first if you have any doubt about this company and customers service because they are in china let me tell you something. I order a lot of products on amazon. I never have a company that get back to me like them. I had a problem with connecting with my google account.They contact me and we have been trying a lot of solution like whit chatting, email and even remote control. They connect to my computer and try to figure out what s happen.This blow my mind because they did much more than I was expected. Philip was the person that help me. He was patient and really dedicated his time to fix it.Now I was able to watch youtube, surf the Internet, Netflix etc… So they told keep the unit you have and we are sending you a replacement unit.I receive the unit today and everything was install and fix. Again this company is LEGIT, Customers Service is TOP NOCH.I will buy from them again and again. Last the Goovis G2 is so easy to use and the quality is fantastic. If you have the Avegant Glyph like I do, it’s basically the same but the screen is so much better, the video is HD, and it is like watching a movie at the movie theater. Again Thank You Goovis, thank you Philip for you gone think Wow this guy is passionate about the Goovis company. Yes I am because I had a neck surgery and can’t read to long an ebook or watch to long Tv or Movies on Netflix because of the pain. Now I can watch everything and read everything laying down. They also offer me to apologize a eyes foam protection and head protection. Again they went way above what I thought. A ++++

  8. yc

    An excellent, light weight HD head display
    Excellent picture quality, crystal clear with good color fidelity and contrast. I normally watch video and movies in my home theater with an Optoma UHD projector on a 100 inch screen. The Goovis Pro head display actually gives me a more immersed viewing experience, since there is no ambient light and noise distractions. It make it feels like that you are right in front of the pictures, a more realistic feel.Even the Goovis Pro display’s picture quality is very good and satisfying, I think it is not quite at the full UHD resolution level (may be due to the 1920×1080 OLED chip resolution for each eye). Comparing a good 4K video I watched on my Optoma UHD projector vs the Goovis Pro display, I felt that the Goovis Pro was not as sharp as the full 4k projector.The Goovis Pro head display is relatively light and easy to wear. After couple hours of watching movies, I still felt comfortable with it.Overall, I am very satisfied with this product and what it offers. It is well designed and well built. I highly recommend it.

  9. Daniel Huebel

    The best theater glass I’ve ever had
    The best theater glass I’ve ever had!I first had a Sony HMZ-T1, very uncomfortable. A Avegant glyph, interesting technique, but fov too small. And a CINERA, looks has a fov of 66 degrees, which is just too big you can not see the image left and right! The Goovis G2 is almost perfect! The image size and image quality is great! At first glance, the controller media Player has a somewhat outdated Android version, but it plays almost every format including 4k material very smooth.I wear glasses and have Astigmatism, and this is the most important point why I love this Ginego. You can order extra glasses with correction for Astigmatism, and they are perfect! Ask at Cinego on Facebook, or at Outaleshop. The shop and Jerry Kuang by Coovis Cinego were very friendlyAnd helped me a lot!And another tip to make wearing the Cinego more comfortable I have exchanged the original foam pads! Simply use an HTC Vive foam pad (18mm), fits perfectly and the most important, no light entering from the sides!

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  10. jerry

    This is a great idea
    The Goovis G2 is a great idea but it needs improvement. For the price and only one your warranty it was my decision no to buy it. The Battery was one of my biggest concerns. It was always getting very hot. So I think that needs improvement. Next I was always adjusting the eye settings. Never got a 100% clear. So a little better quality on the adjusting knobs. It says you can play Xbox and games but if you move your head a little it messes with the viewing. I couldn’t rock in my recliner and view a movie. It was said you can connect to your phone, I never could. NO customer service No good instructions couldn’t get the 360 thing to work and more But this is a great idea

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