ECHOGEAR Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands – Vibration-Absorbing MDF Design Works with Edifier, Polk, & Other Bookshelf

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Fits most bookshelf speakers up to 25 lbs. Ask and you shall receive! You wanted a bigger top plate? Here it is, in all its 6″ x 6″ glory. Paired with a strong n’ sturdy, solid MDF post, these stands are ready to take on your large bookshelf speakers weighing up to 25 lbs: Edifer, Polk Audio, Sony, Klipsch, Micca, Jamo, KEF, Yamaha, Pioneer… the list goes on and on! Fit for Every Floor What is this? The Sisterhood of the Traveling Speaker Stand? Because these bad boys are ready to look awesome and stand tall on whatever kind of floor you’re working with. Carpet? Perfect! We’ve included spikes for that. Hard flooring? It’s all good! We’ve included plastic feet for that. (Sorry, we know you were looking for a good excuse to rip out that old shag carpet. But hey, it’s… um… kinda’ charming, right?) Makes Cables Disappear Magicians, keep your rabbits! Leave the cables to us. And then, we’ll leave them to you and your bookshelf speaker because you’ll have all the secrets you need to make them disappear inside of these stands. Built-in, cable-concealing channels run the entire length of your stand, going from speaker plate to base. Body Content (A+/Bottom of page – Amazon) Buzzkill! (But in a Good Way) Good vibrations? No. Just no. The Beach Boys lied. They don’t exist. Not when it comes to your sound, anyway. Not when you’ve invested top dolla-dolla bills in those high-end bookshelf speakers! Featuring 28″ tall, energy-absorbing MDF posts, 6″ x 6″ top plates + rubber isolation pads, these stands were designed specifically to veto the vibration. Buzzkill? Maybe. But when it comes to the quality of your audio, that’s a title we’ll wear proudly.

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Weight 5.44 kg
Dimensions 27.94 × 9.65 cm




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Audio output mode


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Mounting Type

‎Floor Standing

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Package Dimensions

‎71.37 x 27.94 x 9.65 cm; 5.44 Kilograms



Date First Available

19 November 2019



10 reviews for ECHOGEAR Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands – Vibration-Absorbing MDF Design Works with Edifier, Polk, & Other Bookshelf

  1. Brenson Cain

    Get the job done.
    They look nice and I’m not worried about my speakers falling off. The instructions were comical. American made? I ended up going on YouTube and finding a video though. They said don’t over tighten the screws and even though I was making a conscious effort, I ended up splitting the wood in three out of the four I bought. Not sure if that was because the screws weren’t going in perfectly straight or…? Whatever, they still look fine and I can’t be bothered to buy another set because of a minor imperfection.

  2. Michael R. Florey

    The directions caution you not to use a power drill/driver so as not to over-tighten the screws. I had to because of arthritis. Just go very slow and set the clutch at its lowest setting. Both stands went together in about 30 minutes. They really put the surround speakers at ear level. Not bad as fit and finish go, but I removed one star because a sharp edge removed a bit of skin from the back of my hand. The directions are funny.

  3. amazonCustomer

    Takes Two Sets to Make One Good One
    Pros: Shipped quickly and easy to assemble using the comical instructions provided. The look nice.Cons: Like many others experienced, the wood split on the pillars. I was so careful and hand screwed them in as instructed but I could tell before I had the screw halfway in something was wrong. When I looked at the side of the pillar it was split. I called their help line and the service rep said just to return it back to Amazon (even though Amazon says to call them). Nevertheless I filed a return to get another set (keeping the one good stand I was able to build). When that arrived the pillars were even worse. I could tell that some of the pilot holes they drilled were crooked, thus causing the wood to split. I went through two more pillars before I got one that was good.Neutral: While these do appear to be sturdy I’m leery about my Klipsch bookshelf speakers sitting on top of the small plate at the top. There is a small hole on this plate so I may put a small screw just to keep the speaker from getting bumped off.

  4. Joanne Halvorson

    Love these speaker stands
    Nice looking and perfect size for my speakers.

  5. “dbugz”

    I’d buy again just for their sense of humor
    “Do not feed contents to children””Useful in a zombie apocalypse”Great sense of humor. But I think their engineering could be improved a tad, thus the 1 star ding. Others have noted the difficulty of getting the screws into the pre-drilled holes, which causes the leg to split if not. I think that could be mostly resolved very if the holes in the bottom plate were slightly larger than the screws. Being able to push them all the way thru would allow you to see if you had the screws in the leg holes.Until that hopeful mod, try the following. First, use something like a very small nail, or even a ball point pen, to enlarge the leg holes very slightly and very shallow(ly?). Then line up the leg and base using a heavy paper clip (or nail or small drill bit if you have) before starting either screw. Then tighten one to keep the base/leg in position, then the other.

  6. SG

    Looks and functions great!
    These are great speaker stands for the price! Really high-quality craftsmanship. It was very easy to assemble. All the components are top notch and all parts fit like a glove. Looks and feels solid. Very happy with this purchase.

  7. It’sAllVoluntary

    Looks great just wish was some way to secure the speakers on these
    Look great but I’m a little leary of just having my speakers sit on a shelf on a pole. Seems like there ought to be a way to secure them so if a kiddo comes up and bumps them they don’t just fall over with the speakers falling off these as well. Good price but that’s sitting that needs updating or improving on.

  8. Todd Laing

    Excellent value!
    Great stands for the money. Held my Klipsch bookshelf speakers no problem. Nice looking as w!

  9. C. Ochoa

    Very good product. Just wish it came with an anchor for the speaker.
    Very good product. Just wish it came with an anchor for the speaker.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Easy to assemble, very stable
    Put my Polk RT15i speaker on them. Rock solid and perfect height.

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