DJI FPV Remote Controller 2

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Brand DJI
Color Grey
Connectivity Technology Infrared
Model Name FC7BGC
Number of Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

  • The DJI FPV Remote Controller 2 adopts an ergonomic design with Hall effect control sticks, which enables a better operating experience.
  • Compatibility: DJI Avata; DJI FPV; DJI Goggles 2; DJI FPV Goggles V2


Adopts an ergonomic design with Hall effect control sticks, which enables a better operating experience.

Weight: Approx. 346 g
Dimensions (L×W×H): 190×140×51 mm
Operating Time: Approx. 9 hours
Charging Time: Approx. 2.5 hours

From the manufacturer

About Us

Creativity is at the heart of every dream. Every idea, every groundbreaking leap that changes our world starts with the vision of talented creators. At DJI, we give these creators the tools they need to bring their ideas to life. Our platforms empower them to capture images that were once out of reach. Our flying and camera stabilization systems redefine camera placement and motion. Building on the ethos of “form follows function,” our products combine advanced technology with dynamic designs.

Additional information

Weight 12.2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 cm
Product Dimensions

7 x 5 x 3 inches

Item Weight

12.2 ounces



Item model number



‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 25, 2021



10 reviews for DJI FPV Remote Controller 2

  1. Ghostrider33

    A working ‘new’ contollerI got tired of waiting for DJI to stock this controller so I broke down and bought from this vendor. It does seem to be a unused and in a bag, not a DJI box without instructions. Other then that it is no different then if you bought from DJI. Here’s what you need to know to get it working.First, it only charges using a old style USB to USBc cable. Just like the motion controller.Second, use DJI Assistant2 and connect the controller to a PC to activate and update the firmware before you do anything.Third, find the FAQ section on the DJI Avata for the ‘Drone’ section and scroll down to linking the drone, goggles and remote controller. Follow those directions and it will work.How this helps. I’m happy with this vendor. Couldn’t wait on DJI any longer for them to stock this item.

  2. ERock

    Great OEM Controller for less!When you first get the box and are expecting a store shelf item you may be shocked, but yes it’s the real controller and no extras, not even a cable which is fine because I have tons of cables.I wish more products shipped like this, without the fluffy over the top eye candy boxes and manuals and save the customer money.Item came in 3 days faster than expected. Updated using DJI Assistant 2 for commercial drones and it connects to my Avata and the virtual flight simulator no problem after the update.I recommend picking up a lanyard strap for safety and accuracy.Great purchase!

  3. Russell

    OEM Product?This is an excellent controller and works perfectly for me to fly the DJI Avata, but it didn’t appear to come from DJI itself, only in a bag in a box without any normal DJI packaging.

  4. Mason Williams

    Pleasantly SuprisedI was very skeptical of purchasing from this seller as a “used” product. To my surprise the item is basically brand new in its original packaging and has its manufacturing seal stickers. I purchased for well below retail and am happy with my purchase.

  5. J. H.

    EXCELLENT PRICE! ACTUALLY CHARGES! JUST NOT WITH YOUR BEST CABLE! USE YOUR CHEAPEST!This is a genuine DJI remote controller 2!! I paid only $157 and it looks and feels brand new, though it only came in a plastic bag with no instructions or box. At first I was very disappointed because it wouldn’t charge using my expensive Apple USB-C charging cord and was so upset because currently at the time of writing 9/1/22 the DJI Avata has just launched and these controllers have become extremely scarce since DJI decided not to include one of these in any bundle for their new cinewhoop.Thankfully before returning my perfectly working controller as a faulty unit, I tried my two cheapest gutterbird usb-c cables and the controller charging lights lit up like Christmas.I was overjoyed.It did take HOURS to fully charge, but I checked it this morning and as of this writing I’ve got one fully charged official remote 2 waiting for my brand new Avata!!!Edit: whew! After figuring out the charging fiasco, I came onto another problem. This controller wouldn’t pair! I did some research and realized the firmware might not be up to date. I found it impossible to update the firmware using the iPhone app.When I tried to download the app there wasn’t one on the mac store and finding the correct install on DJI’s website was less than easy. The correct app is the DJI assistant 2 consumer drone edition or something convoluted like that.But when you try to install it violates a lot of software rules and attempts to execute Terminal installs, so I cancel installation and uninstalled as much as I could, then switched to my PC to install the firmware update.I was finally able to connect my controller to the app on my PC (make sure your controller is charged and you know how to turn it on properly! (click and then click and hold for four until you hear the power on jingle)) and lo, found this controller I bought here was on a 1.0 firmware.Near success.I attempted to update.Thwarted.Update failed.Why????Don’t know. Retried.Firmware update succeeded!Moment of truth.DJI Remote Controller 2 paired instantly to my fully updated Avata.To the others in the reviews here, I feel sorry for you all for giving up so quickly. Many of you probably returned perfectly working controllers.

  6. Richfig

    Great Investment for Avata flyers.This is a great price to pay for an original DJI controller 2 remote. My order arrived 2 weeks early and just in time for Christmas. It came packaged in a DJI box with all of its paperwork. I had to update the firmware before the remote would bind with the my Avata but once done it was a synch to bind. Since I’m used to flying other DJI camera drone I’m used to flying with a remote. I new joy stick controller is okay but for me this remote controller was worth the money. Other vendors are asking up to $150 more for the same controller so do your due diligence and happy flying.

  7. Jay

    Best controller for DJI FPV line.Love everything about the controller. It’s a shame the vendors were up charging from the manufacturer price due to the low supply, but that’s economics.

  8. T. Gill

    Perfect accessory for the DJI AvataI updated the firmware and then plugged this into the virtual flight to be up and running immediately. I can’t wait for the weather to clear up so I can fly using these.

  9. Alejandro Medina

    Excelente productoTal cuál lo esperaba todo en orden, compatibilidad con la mayó proa de simuladores, esperando mi o3 para poder empezar a volar

  10. Andrew

    Comfortable, smooth controls, and your only choice for DJI FPV/Avata.If you bought yours used recently for the Avata, get it plugged into a PC and update the firmware with DJI Assistant 2 (either FPS series or Consume Drone Series), or it won’t work with the Goggles 2 and Avata.Also google “dji fpv controller 2 spring adjustment” if you plan on using this for manual mode (Why would you use this for anything else?) so the left stick doesn’t spring back to the center. Works like a charm. You have to peel back the rubber on the grips to adjust two screws.Even works with the DJI Virtual Flight for windows (***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for new pilots***)

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