CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Battery-Powered LED Gobo Projector w/Manual Zoom DJ Effect Light

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Chauvet EZgobo battery powered gobo projector with manual zoom. Rechargeable.

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2.2 pounds

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18 September 2014



10 reviews for CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Battery-Powered LED Gobo Projector w/Manual Zoom DJ Effect Light

  1. Peters

    Good unit for Grade School Play – Peter Pan Shadow Effect
    We used this for a grade school production of Peter Pan Jr.It was used for Peter Pan’s shadow.We created shadow via laser printing on a transparency.It worked well when we didn’t have any fancy Gobo’s for this production.It was easy to install with strong magnet mount.It has built in batteries that keep it running for a Long time.Downside: only way we found to easily turn on and off was via provided remote control.The remote had to be facing the light source as that is where the IR receiver is.I would have given 5 starts if I could turn it on and off by applying power to the unit and had a stronger remote and let me turn on and off from all angles.Overall a good value and we were pleased with the result.Photo attached to show what it looked like on stage.

  2. Jay Radio

    Great price. Nice Unit.
    I am impressed. I like several things about this unit.Pros:Great price.Good optics.Lightweight & Tiny.White.Remote is nice.Scissor clip included.Magnet on the yolk.Cons:No shutters so shaping the light is not possible.Battery operated function is nice, but “up to 5 hours” max time is not enough. That’s only if the light is dimmed down. I will need to plug it to a/c power. Plenty events I work run over 5 hours.The cool blue color does not work for me. Warm white is a must if you will be using these for weddings. Including a warm gel would be nice.

  3. Garrett

    Could be brighter
    While I am happy with this light, I feel it could have been brighter. The ONE job is to project light, and it is hit or miss. The color of the spot you are pointing it at, the finish on the floor, the ambient lighting in the room all factor in to if it will work at all for you.I found pointing it at different spots gave me a range of different illumination levels.Magnet is very strong! It will hold the light and another 5-10lbs at least.It should have a control built into it for changing the brightness. The only way to do so is with the remote, which is easily misplaced.

  4. D_Scribble

    Good features. Not bright enough for use.
    Pros: make own gobos. Very strong magnetic base.Cons: not bright enough at all. Basically useless unless totally dark.I ordered 2 of them. One did not work at all.

  5. Vickie

    Nice product
    Nice, Gobo image looked weird on a red curtain. It is more clear on white plain wall. Still very nice product that comes with a couple different gobo designs, rings, hearts, etc.

  6. Mike Heffner

    Fantastic alternative to larger gobo rental; tiny space to work with though….
    Sharp focus, easy to use….bright enough for a dining room event at sundown, and better in the dark. VERY small gobo tho, as specs indicate, so be prepared to wrestle with that a bit, especially if you intend to inkjet your own patterns. I wanted to project a type based logo (50th anniversary couple’s names) but the inkjetting wouldn’t hold the line well enough to make a crisp image. Not a fault of this product, but just a factor in it’s use. I’d opt for a professionally cut gobo for future, flawless use.

  7. Nick

    easy to use buuuut……
    I have gotten two of these now. Be sure to charge in full or it will lead you to believe that the item is not working properly. I do like the portability of it and the magnet is stupid strong. When using these in a venue in the daytime though, the light tends to get pretty washed out, works great in darkly lit rooms and areas and does ultimately have pretty good distance considering.

  8. Michael A

    Love this little light
    Purchases this for work to use at events. Love the size and how easy it is to use. Battery has never been an issue. The gogos included are cute. We tend to order custom gogos online for our use.

  9. ProductGuy

    Not the brightest gobo
    Really easy to set up and convient GoboPros:-Can set up practically anywhere-Magnetic base-Make your own gobo’s-Does not need a plug-comes with some gobosCons:-wish it was a little brighter, (I own a ADJ IR and it is significantly brighter)-Could not get it to change colors.. stays white-Only last 4 hours battery lifeReally like this gobo for certain situations and it is very conveint when mounting-

  10. Rory Moak

    Great mobile gobo
    PROS:Great gobo projector for darker venues. The included metal gobo discs are well crafted and show up crisp. Great for a 3-4 hour venue on the battery, needs to be plugged in for longer venues.CONS:The lenses in the unit came very dirty and it requires removing four screws from the housing to get inside to clean.

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