Audio Interface with DJ Mixer and Sound Card, Maonocaster Portable ALL-IN-ONE Podcast Production Studio with XLR Condenser

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A Must-Have Home Podcasting EquipmentIt offers four channels of audio mixing and easy connections to microphones, smartphones and other sources; uses advanced engineering that allows the user to control the sound levels and add live vocal and sound effects through a comprehensive set of tools to avoid difficult post production and editing.MAKE PODCASTING ACCESSIBLE FOR EVERYONEMAONOCASTER portable podcast studio greatly simplifies the podcast production process by integrating several digital audio mixing equipment into one comprehensive solution at an extremely affordable budget. It is very easy to set up and use in any room to record or broadcast live. It delivers superb sound quality and offers intuitive and full control that suits the needs of both beginners and seasoned broadcasters.MULTICHANNEL MIXING & REAL-TIME MONITORINGMAONOCASTER portable podcast studio supports up to 4 presenters at the same time through easy connections to 2 mic for vocals, 2 audio sources such as smartphones, MP3 players and musical instruments, or any audio-playing devices with a 3.5mm AUX jack, a total of 4 high-quality channels. You can hook up 2 smartphones to the audio sources to make calls for interview purposes and play background music while you are live broadcasting.Two monitor outputs allow the host and guest on the mic to listen to a real-time mix of the podcast with zero latency, and they can easily mute or adjust the gain and volume of different channels on the fly through the smooth-moving faders, dials and buttons on the panel.RECORD & PODCAST LIVE ON MULTIPLATFORM SIMULTANEOUSLYEmbedded an advanced noise cancelling algorithm for two MIC input signals, MAONOCASTER records, mixes and delivers superb acoustics to up to 4 channels simultaneously including active amplified speaker, smartphone, laptop or computer, etc. Live stream to YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, Hitbox, BeamPro or record to your favorite recording software.

Additional information

Weight 2.76 kg
Dimensions 24.21 × 15.09 cm
Item Weight

‎2.76 kg

Package Dimensions

‎41.61 x 24.21 x 15.09 cm; 2.76 Kilograms

Item model number

‎AM100 K1

Compatible Devices

Laptop, Personal Computer, Smartphone

Battery type

Lithium Polymer





Date First Available

30 March 2021



10 reviews for Audio Interface with DJ Mixer and Sound Card, Maonocaster Portable ALL-IN-ONE Podcast Production Studio with XLR Condenser

  1. David Pearlman

    Amazing amount of mixing functionality in a small portable box at a great price
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     (Watch the attached video for a run-down of some of the features).A few years ago, something like this would have been unheard of. A highly-featured mixing console that’s battery-powered, plus a decent condenser microphone, for a few hundred bucks? Impossible.But, yeah, now possible. They are marketing this as a podcast production facility in a box, and that’s pretty much spot on. In the box you get:1) The mixing deck2) A decent condenser microphone3) A Stand/shock mount for the microphone4) A cable for the microphone5) A box of minijack-to-minijack (1/8″) cables6) A USB-C charging cable7) Some brief instructionsThe mixing deck came about 2/3 fully charged. To turn it on, you need to press AND HOLD FOR A COUPLE OF SECOND the power button on the back of the unit. (The instructions don’t make this clear, and the first time I tried it, I thought it was defective).Set up was a breeze. Putting together the microphone stand takes a minute or two. Plug the microphone into the jack on the back of the mixer (using the included cable), attach a monitor device (speaker or headphones), and away you go. If you want to record a podcast digitally, you can connect the mixing deck to your PC via USB. There’s also software you can download that will let you load some of the jingle buttons on the deck. The jingle buttons play mp3 files when pushed, and these can be used as drop-ins. Typical types of drop-ins would include applause, vinyl need scratch, wah-wah disappointment sound, etc. You get the idea. A few sounds are pre-loaded on the mixer (despite a sticker that said they weren’t), but you can modify the contents via the software.The pots and levers all worked without noticeable noise. The microphone input includes an optional 48V mode to provide “phantom power” as required for most condenser microphones (such as the one included).There are two microphone (/ 1/4″ jack) inputs on the back and an additional two 1/8″ minijack inputs for a phone or other aux devices. You also have Pod connections that allow a phone to be attached where a caller can interact with the host and monitor what the host is saying. There are individual input level adjustments on all inputs, and each input channel has a mute button.For input music, there’s a “music only” button that will strip out the “center” vocal. For songs where the lead vocal is fully centered, this does a great job (listen to the example of the Beatles’ Penny Lane in my video). The usefulness of this will depend on your purpose. It’s great for Karaoke purposes, such as for a humorous lyric bumper.Voice from the microphone inputs can be manipulated either via a continuous pitch adjustment or else through quick punch buttons that provide “female”, “male”, “baby” and “robot” mutations. These are cute enough but probably won’t get used a whole bunch in any semi-professional context. There’s also a “Side Chain” button that is quite useful, and for the case where you’re talking over an audio track, it will lower the audio while you talk and then automatically bring the audio back up when you’re done. It’s like having your own engineer.A bay of on-the-fly pitch correction adjustments are available, although you probably won’t use these much unless you’re creating a singing track of some sort. There is also a “mode” bay that allows various types of echo and delays to be added to your voice. These range from “Studio”, which is dry, to KTV/Church/Hall/Valley/Room, which, to varying degrees add echo and delay.The battery inside is rated for 5000 mAh, and that will last at least eight hours. That should be enough for most portable use cases. You can, of course, also plug it in (via the USB cable).On the whole, this is pretty great. If you’ve ever wanted to do multi-channel production at home, you really can’t do better than this at this price point. You have up to four channels of input, good sounding effects you can put on the vocals, and all the rest. AND you get a pretty good condenser microphone and stand on top of it all.Now for the handful of limitations:1) The digital output is mono. No stereo. No way around that. That’s a bummer if you want to create a podcast or bumper in stereo, and it’s going to be a deal-breaker for some.2) There’s no support for USB microphones. Many of us (including me) own one or more high-quality USB condenser mics, and they can’t be used with this mixer. That’s not a deal-breaker, but it is a bit of a disappointment.3) No Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth would have been nice–for headphones or a lapel mic or whatever. Nope.4) There’s no onboard recording. Oh, so close. If only they’d included a memory slot. It would have been nice to be able to mix down to a memory card and upload it later to a PC. Nope. If you want to record, you’re gonna have to be connected to your recording platform in real-time.Despite the limitations, I’m still giving this 5 stars, because it does what it does extremely well, and it provides so much good functionality in a small, affordable package. Most people will be up and creating a professional-sounding podcast in no time using this kit.

  2. Eyal Drori

    Very good product that has a wonderful support
    I purchased the product several months ago. Now is a great time to share my impressions of the product. First, the product arrived on time and was well packaged. Using the product is easy, and the learning curve is fast, allowing anyone to produce quality sound quickly. I have needed MAONO’s customer service twice so far, once for technical questions and once for a malfunction. The service was fast, courteous, welcoming and professional in all cases. I got an excellent service experience that accompanies a good product. Warmly recommended!

  3. Alejandro

    Llego en el tiempo indicado, muy bien empacado, fácil de configurar y llego con batería.
    Llego en el tiempo indicado, muy bien empacado, fácil de configurar y llego con batería.La batería dura 4 horas, la calidad del sonido es 9 de 10, tiene un leve zumbido al conectar el celular con el cable de audio y al mismo tiempo conectada la consola a la laptop.Los botones son de calidad, se sienten bien al tacto.Se puede usar en una llamada celular en vivo, al mismo tiempo se puede conectar otro celular solo para escuchar música y al mismo tiempo se puede conectar una laptop ya sea por usb o por cable de audio solo para reproducir música o grabar todo, se graba la llamada celular en vivo (la otra persona que contesta la llamada escucha todo), la música que emite el otro celular y también la música o audio de la laptop.Se monitora todo el audio por uno de los 2 puertos de audio para auriculares.Se puede cargar con un cubo de 5v 2A, pero no dura la batería como cuando se lo pone a cargar conectada al USB del Computador, se demora en cargar 3 horas conectado al computador.Al micrófono se lo debe poder justo al frente de la boca para que se escuche de mejor manera la voz.Muy buena inversión y lo volvería a comprar sin dudar.

  4. Rick Martin

    There is very minimal software with this device and it is impossible to find.
    After a ridiculouos amount of time looking for any software to accompany this device (my fault). TRhe device is working but it diables my microphone saftware. The application that does come with thgis is a second grade program to assign wav files to the buttons (I guess). Not impressed yet. Will update l;ater.I am returnioing this device and will try the Yamaha. This device nullifies my microphone software but does not offer an alternative valid quality adjustment for my microphone.

  5. Kyle

    Was great, but didn’t last
    I really liked this interface. Took a little tinkering at first to get everything dialed in how I wanted it.Unfortunately, just short of having this a year, and out of nowhere the pitch of my voice will change.The knob is in the neutral position for pitch, but I will be in the middle of a sentence and my pitch with start fluctuating.I cant recommend this product unfortunately. It should not start having issues within the first year.Update: Seller reached out after review offering a refund. Very unexpected, great customer service. If they follow through I will update this review. As I stated earlier in my review, I really liked this interface. It just didn’t last as long as I think it should have at the price. This may not be a wide spread issue that everyone will encounter, but if the seller rectifies this with a refund, it’s worth taking the chance and buying.Update #2 Nevermind, seller offered refund, requested picture, sent them, requested, video, sent video, now wants an audio recording. Also used the request of a video to move the conversation off of amazon.If I send and audio recording there will be another request. They win, keep the money.To be clear, I didn’t ask for a refund, they offered it and then started a week of emails requesting more and more.

  6. Cory Morrison

    Everything you need to get started podcasting
    Great mixer for podcasting. Audio quality is fantastic and it has a switch that auto filters background hums. The voice changer and auto-tune are fun too. I don’t really use the sound effects because I just plug my phone in and play sounds effects from that but the censor button comes in handy! Everything you need to get started podcasting, especially if you want to do live calls and live sound effects.Pros:Voice pitch changerAuto-tuneLoopback switch (I can record audio from the computer that’s doing the recording!)Built in de-hummer/de-noisierIn’s for aux and phoneSound effect pad (one is a censor for profanity lol)Cons:Bit of a learning curve (if you don’t know much about audio)Need lightning adapter to plug in iPhoneWindscreen/pop screen not included

  7. P. Rawat

    Confusing User Guide with Product
    The section on linking the device with laptop Win 10 incorrect, does not match the Win Settings setup. No guidance for downloading the app on Win 11.The directions on for downloading the software totally confusing. It does not say click here to download the app simply. Poorly designed user interface.Frustrating: Cannot contact support via chat, have to wait for email response.

  8. Max Kreutzer

    Easy, affordable, great quality.
    I was a little skeptical because I’ve seen a lot of glowing audio interface reviews then you get them and they kind of suck. Not the case with this one! It’s super easy to use, the noise cancelling is very convenient and the microphone is crisp and full. Great package if you are interviewing too. I use it for my daily news podcast Mornings to the Max. Done some pretty funny stuff with the voice changer and other effects. Great product! If you are deciding between a couple setups go with this one.

  9. Darrell Catmull

    Poor range of adjustments for fading and leveling
    I like the option to take this on the road with the built-in battery but that does not make up for the poor range of adjustments. In order for my voice to be heard any further away than one inch, the mic Gain and the mic level needs to be maxed out in order for my voice to be heard. If I take the gain down to 3 of 5, to minimize snaps and pops created by my speech, I have to speak very close to the condenser mic to be heard. The same result occurs if I barely reduce the fading with the slider from 10 to 9.I’m using this with my MacOS and I have yet to be able to program the sound pad due to their software not being compatible with the current and latest MacOS.I have accidentally touched the electron touch screen that changes my voice and not realized it because I was not monitoring my voice using headphones. This unit could use a lock out feature on touch features.The Pitch and Effect knobs have poor range. The deep pitch (turn to left) is basically the same whether I am on 1 or 3.4 out of 3.5. The same goes for the high pitch (turn to right); the pitch sounds the virtually the same barely turning the knob past the center.I am NOT recommending this unit and will be getting the Tascam or Rode podcast interface that has so many other option like choosing the type (condenser/dynamic) of microphone connected and much more.

  10. Vassilios Vassiliadis

    So glad I found this.
    Easily the best 2-channel xlr mixer/interface on the market. My streams have never sounded better.

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