Audient ID44

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Audient’s Console-inspired Audio Interface

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 24.4 × 11.4 cm
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‎2 kg

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‎36.8 x 24.4 x 11.4 cm; 2 Kilograms

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‎Black Silver

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Personal Computer

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Date First Available

22 January 2018



10 reviews for Audient ID44

  1. Sonic Deviant

    Really Awesome Sound, Preamps Seem a Tad Underpowered
    There’s not much to dislike about the Audient ID44. I bought this to replace my 12-year old TC Electronic Impact Twin, which was a phenomenal interface for its time. (Sadly, TC Electronic no longer makes audio interfaces and stopped supporting the Impact Twin a few years ago.) The Audient ID44 is currently hard to find, which may be due to the COVID-19 phenomenon affecting production and shipping from China. I bought mine from Alto Music through Amazon; I usually buy most of my bigger music gear purchases through Sweetwater, but they weren’t getting any for about 2 more months! No complaints about Alto Music—shipped it right away and it arrived fine and in good condition.Pros: Build quality is the first thing I noticed. The only plastic on this unit I can find are Neutrik inputs. Everything else—and I mean everything that I can see and feel, including the knobs—is metal. Looks and feels like Apple-influenced brushed aluminum. It’s heavy so don’t worry about plugging and unplugging cables that will cause the unit to move. (I once owned an old Focusrite Saffire interface—the original silverish, plasticky, non-red one—that weighed about 1 oz and would move all over the place if you plugged and unplugged cables. Man, did that thing suck, and it even died once and had to be sent back for repair, which totally turned me off to Focusrite ever again.)The sound quality of the Audient is very good, but I couldn’t really tell that the output DAC is any better than my Line 6 Helix. I can tell you that my Helix had discernibly better DAC than my old Impact Twin, so that’s a good thing, because the Impact Twin didn’t sound bad at all. The headphone outputs are excellent—very loud at halfway with cheaper headphones. The headphone output is better than my Helix and definitely better than the old Impact Twin. Preamp sound quality is also excellent—much better than my previous Impact Twin and better than the Helix (preamp phantom power on my Helix died after about one week of usage, but I didn’t get too upset since it’s primarily a guitar processor); however, there is an issue with the preamps—see Cons for more.Cons: I was surprised at how underpowered the preamps appear to be after all I read about them. They’re supposed to have 60 dB of gain, and maybe that’s true, but I had to hike the gain knob to 3-4 o’clock to begin to hear the output of my Rode NT1 in the headphones set at 12 o’clock. (And yes, phantom power is on before you ask.) Perhaps a compressor will help raise the input level, but I was kind of surprised after all the hype. Don’t see how these preamps could power a ribbon mic or SM7B without some external help. Also, I turned the gain all the way up and could hear audible noise at about 5 o’clock, so that gives you an idea of how hard I was having to push it. The input meter level appeared fine for recording, however, and maybe I’ll just need to learn to tweak everything better to level it out.Another con is that the controls are parallel with my desk surface, which makes seeing what I’m doing tough; it would’ve been great if the top control panel was angled toward the user. The software is also a little wonky. It took me time to realize that clicking the ID icon didn’t open the app on my Mac. It opens a tiny control icon in the top menu bar that you must then use to open the app. Apart from that, the software is easy to use—easier and better looking than my old Impact Twin control software. The Audient doesn’t seem to cooperate fully when creating Aggregate Audio Devices on the Mac; it won’t route audio from my Helix via USB to play through the monitors the way my Impact Twin would. So I had to run separate cables from the Helix to Inputs 3-4 to monitor what I’m recording through Helix USB (don’t want to go through multiple DA/AD conversions).Conclusion: I’m not unhappy with my purchase. Great sounding, high-quality interface for the price paid. Seemingly weak preamp output which surprised me. Ultimately, I think this is a great interface, and it certainly is backed by a lot of pro users. I will update here as I get more familiar with it and work out some of the kinks in my own workflow.

  2. DanceCommander

    Solid old school feel and sound, modern specs.
    Love this unit. Could be louder on the pre’s but it’s warm and strong. Scroll control doesn’t work in logics main window (it scrolls the window not what you want) but everything else is as it should be. Has all the right buttons and looks killer anywhere you take it.

  3. Jordan R.

    Buena calidad de audio
    La interfaz tiene una excelente calidad de grabación, lo único que no me gusto fue que al parecer hay que subirle un poco más a la ganancia al preamplificador para que el micrófono 🎤 se escuche, sobretodo en monitoreo.

  4. Tsetan lamo

    Soundy awsome specially the 4mic preRecieved in good package

  5. Gilberto S.

    Great for home studio purposes
    After looking at the different options in this tier of audio interfaces, I decided to go with the ID44. What I have tested so far has made me realize it has superior AD/DA converters compared to my old one (AVID MBox 3rd gen). It looks solid and has a bunch of options to automate certain things. I look forward to using it more and discovering more options.

  6. BB

    Get it
    Its worth every penny. For $850 more you can have 12 mics set up. 4 on a kit is plenty to get good sound. This is a great interface.

  7. Arnie W. Grobe

    Used, not new, packaging torn inside and out, missing cable
    I disliked the packaging, being torn inside and out. The USB C cable/C to A adapter was missing. This item is definitely used and not new. I’m familiar with the quality ofAudient products, since I own an ID14.

  8. Kierstyn

    This “new” units serial number has already been registered with Audient.
    The iD44 was listed as a new product. The moment I unboxed it, I could see some damage to the inner packaging. I immediately tried to register the serial number under my Audient account and got an error saying this unit had already been registered.

  9. Tim Funk

    Great Audio Interface for Professionals
    Great Audio Interface for Professionals!! Does more than I need!!

  10. Amazon Customer

    Not new I. The bix
    The product was not shipped well. Also was nit new in the box as manufacture likes it to be shipped out. Retailer gave me a full refund with out any problems.

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