Audient iD4 USB 2-in/2-out High Performance Audio Interface

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Weight 740 kg
Dimensions 12 × 41 cm
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‎740 g

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‎13 x 12 x 41 cm; 740 Grams

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Personal Computer

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USB 2.0







Date First Available

6 July 2016



10 reviews for Audient iD4 USB 2-in/2-out High Performance Audio Interface

  1. fiona spreadborough

    I’d be lost without it
    This has traveled with me in my suitcase and to different locations when I’ve done recording and it helped earn me a living. It’s not the most advanced piece of equipment but its simple and I like simple. Maybe one day I will upgrade but I’ve used this now for 3 years and it has never let me down and I get a pretty good sound when I’m recording. I would highly recommend it and I use it every day to do voice-overs and I work long hours sometimes. its sturdy and has been knocked on the floor a couple of times thanks to my cat!

  2. Josh Sommer

    Great for my PC
    I needed a simple product that would do the job. For PC I give this product five stars. It has done exactly as I needed it to do. It has great and high quality sound. For my Mac I give is three stars as I have been unable to allow the Mac to change the volume of the unit. I downloaded the drivers needed twice from the website. Still, the Mac cannot control the volume and I have to walk over to the unit and manually change the volume. Also, if the music is turned up all the way on my mac is makes a lot of distortion. My suggestion is to get this is you use PC and do not get this is you use Mac.

  3. Ivan Kasabov

    If you’re looking for budget audio interface, this is it!
    I’ve had mine for about half a year since I’m writing this review.The preamps are suprisingly powerful for the price point, the interface itself is made of very solid materials that look like they will last long, this is indeed my first audio interface, but I’ve read quite a few reviews of other budget audio interfaces, the most famous one being the scarlett one. Talking to friends that have it and learning from their experience with it, I believe this one is easily the better choice, slightly more expensive but I think well worth every penny.If I need to, I would deffinitely go for one of the more expensive interfaces they have of the same family, probably the iD44 I’ve heard nothing but good comments about. Very solid stuff. 5/5

  4. Robin Sayer

    Fantastic pro sound – in a rugged little box
    Amazing unit – which sounds great, is rugged and ideal for mobile recording.However this doesn’t have the Burr/Brown convertors so I returned mine and upgraded to the ID14. I’m not sure that I can hear the difference because I didn’t have enough time to listen or do a side by side, but others on the internet report the Burr/Brown as adding a polish or character to the sound. There’s also only one mike input which was another reason I wanted to switch to the id14.However I only switched to an ID14 because of how great this little box was. It sounded fantastic, latency was down in the 6ms for me so my soft synths and drums have never sounded better.This unit worked on a modern motherboard (Steinberg 2 in 2 out just crapped out completely and didn’t like modern USB 2/3 chipsets). So a great box that sounds amazing for the money.

  5. Rob G.

    Have doubts about other audio interface options? This one may be for you.
    After debating what audio interface to get for the longest time I stumbled upon this device through a web article. I’m glad to say that I spent a little more because it works exactly how it should. It’s whisper quiet when recording (There’s no hiss even with the gain way up) and it’s easy to use. I’m using a RODE NT1 mic along with a Mogami cable hooked up to this device. It results in a very quiet recording with low noise floor. Something to note is that the green power indicator will always remain on even when the pc is powered down since it’s still receiving power from the usb via the psu, so it’ll keep your volume settings intact on the device. I appreciate the XLR jack being on the back of the device. The device does make a click noise whenever the computer is booted up and when the sample rate is set, so don’t be alarmed even though it doesn’t sound too assuring.Now the issue that I do have is it can be quite finicky with Windows (I have 7 and am assuming operation is flawless with a Mac since no drivers are required) I find that Windows doesn’t detect the device when it’s re- plugged in or loses power in any way. (Say if there’s a power outage or if you unplug it for the road or whatever and plug back in) The device won’t show up in the sound panel and the driver software won’t allow me to access any settings either. I suspect that other intensive power hungry usb devices may actually prevent the interface from properly installing and being detected ( I have a 12 foot usb cable with a hub at the end with devices attached to that) and when I remove that cable and power up the pc the device miraculously installs/gets detected and the app works. I can’t really say if any of these issues will happen to you (It could just be my aging computer) and it may just operate flawlessly on your system.It’s important to note that the app doesn’t actually do anything when you click on it; you need to go down in the task bar and right click the icon to access the different settings. I find this to be unorthodox, especially for first time users who may think the app isn’t working correctly.I was honestly too afraid to buy the ever popular Focusrite audio interface because of the unusually numerous amount of negative reviews (and the XLR jack is on the front which is not favorable in my placement of the device). I’m glad I found this one as it’s well built and very high quality. Despite the windows/usb detection issue I’m not going to knock the rating down, as I don’t know whether it’s the driver software or windows/usb connection issues.

  6. Gallery Hakon

    Pro performance at a budget price.
    Excellent sound quality from top notch converters, ease of use, and a price that belies its quality, this is an absolutely excellent audio interface if all you need are mic/line and instrument inputs, stereo and headphone outs. It also has the added convenience – due to its modest connections – to be entirely bus powered, even when providing 48V phantom power, leaving no more risk of ground loops, as well as being ultra-portable.I needed to get a new interface when my 13-year old M-Audio Firewire 410 was gradually giving up the ghost, being troublesome to work, and not to mention no drivers had been updated for it since Windows 7 was launched. It has been a while. While the Audient is simpler than the 410, it has all I really need at the moment, and I am happy I chose this over other similarly-priced options as other products in the same price range all had more negative reviews, whether it be due to driver instability or quality control.On a Mac it is class compliant and a true plug-and-play interface; on Windows, it works from a simple driver installation that from its system tray icon lets you easily adjust latency and buffer size: exactly the one thing you want easy access to, and it is now easier than ever before to get it just right for the task at hand.While it looks dainty in the picture, it is a nice, chunky aluminium-covered little brick that feels solid and durable, with good knobs, buttons and sockets.I’ve tested it with both guitar, mic and headphones, and it performed flawlessly. Which is a lot more than can be said of my guitar playing or vocals.Latency is not on par with my ancient firewire interface when running processor-heavy virtual instruments that hit the processor ceiling, such as Madrona Labs Aalto and Kaivo, multiple instances of U-He Diva, but then firewire does make it easier to create low latencies. On the plus side, it is so much easier to adjust buffer size on the Audient, simply by right clicking on the tray app. For me, reliable and convenient operation trumps latency.

  7. Paolo75 (Shinobi)

    Ottima la migliore 2 in sul mercato
    Ottima scheda audio, a mio parere la migliore 2 ingressi in circolazione. Utilizzata sia su Ableton Live che su altri applicativi con ingressi anche impegnativi (basso/chitarra elettrica) sempre impeccabile.

  8. Vaishakh M

    Superior sound , Built like a tank , Handy shortcuts with DAW …..Worth the price
    PROS :1. The sound quality is supreme with the Audient among interfaces on this price range . Always trusted Audient’s preamps.2. The feature of mapping the volume knob to the controls inside the daw is very interesting3. The built quality is awesome compared to its peers in the same range especially Focursite . The colour combo personally appeals to meCONS:1. The only negative thing I have to say is regarding the point 2 in the PROS . While mapping the volume knob to eg faders inside the daw , it’s tough to do automation because it takes so much rotation of the knob to increment the parameter value by a small amount . So touch automation will not be as cool as I thought . Other than that dope product

  9. CaitlinBarnett

    Great unit for a home studio
    In my main studio I have this unit’s big brother the iD14, but I needed something small for at home as my new studio is 45 minutes away from where I live. After a failed experience trying to save some money with the M Audio interfaces, I decided to go back to the Audient products since I was already having a great experience with the iD14. The iD4 is a fantastic little unit with the same audio quality as the bigger one. While I haven’t used the mic input on this one yet, it uses the same pre amps as the rest of the line, so it should sound great. A nice feature of this is the dual headphone outs, one of which is 1/8 inch and one is 1/4 inch, so even if you don’t have your 1/4 inch adapter with you you can plug any headphones you want into it. It’s also bus powered so no AC adapter necessary so it can be taken on the road with ease, AND it still has phantom power for condenser mics that need it. Highly recommend it if you just need something small or portable.

  10. Theofrid

    Absolutely zero noise!
    Coming from a very budget Behringer Xenyx 302USB in my previous setup, this thing is an absolute dream of an audio interface. The Behringer added a little white noise/hiss on top of sound which was workable, but not ideal. This thing adds absolutely zero noise of its own. It’s dead silent as far as my ears can tell.I’m quite a fan of the simple but easy to use interface as well.There’s only one little issue with this thing, and it’s that at least in my setup (one mic plugged in via XLR), it outputs a mono signal and some applications don’t handle this super well out of the box. OBS, for example, will attempt to treat it as if it’s a stereo signal and you’ll get mic input hard-panned left (I found the way to deal with this was to check “downmix to mono” and then set to 200% volume to deal with the volume lost by their signal averaging algorithm). The good news is voice chat programs seem to treat it correctly (Discord and Slack both tested).Otherwise, it works just as it’s supposed to and at the quality you’d want (I currently use it for both hobbyist foley work, which is very sensitive to signal-noise ratios, as well as streaming)

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