PheedLoop’s Event App Gamification Raffle Function Is Now Available!

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It has always been delivered when you have requested it. We are delighted to introduce a NEW feature that incorporates seamlessly with our existing Gamification Feature. Gamification is one of the most compelling, enjoyable, and stimulating methods to captivate your audience. Should you be uninitiated with this formidable force of interaction, I urge you to peruse our enlightening articles on Gamification and the exhilarating Photo Scavenger Hunt.

The Gamification Raffle Feature, our most recent innovation, is the subject of discussion today. Anticipate to have your events transformed by an element of exhilaration that will keep your attendees talking well beyond the conclusion of the proceedings.

Imagine a designated segment within the Event App where participants can enthusiastically enter their names for an opportunity to win something extraordinary. This, however, is not your ordinary prize-earning gamification feature; rather, it is the Gamification Raffle Feature, which will revolutionize event participation.

Guests are now able to acquire entries for an exhilarating sweepstakes draw. As the event administrator, you possess the authority to establish the minimum threshold of points required to be entered. What is our recommendation? Strive for excellence by designing captivating raffle entries, such as a golden ticket to a premium entry to the event the following year or a chance to win an iPad. Suddenly, as the stakes increased, so did the level of intensity.

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