Benchmarks for the Most Important Virtual Events You Should Know in 2023

The reach of virtual events has expanded past the capacity to communicate remotely with your audience. Now, it’s also important to provide a virtual experience that participants will want to revisit and discuss about with their friends and community.

Thus, it becomes necessary to customize the virtual event experience. This makes it much easier for your participants to stay engaged with the agenda, take part actively, and learn something new.

Virtual events are clearly prevalent in today’s world. You must use data to offer exceptional event experiences if you want to stand out from the crowd and break through the noise.

The most crucial virtual event benchmarks you’ll need in 2022 are given below to assist you in creating such virtual event experiences. These benchmarks were created using information from 500 virtual events that were facilitated by Gevme and presented by the best businesses worldwide. Over 150,00 people from all over the world attended these virtual gatherings. Our study provides more information on the methodology employed to collect this data.

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