SOUNDBOKS 2 – The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Includes BATTERYBOKS – Black…

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Speaker Type Outdoor
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Bass Boost, Water Resistant, Portable

  • Loud Quality Sound – 122 dB of volume, crisp treble and huge bass
  • Bluetooth Ready – Connect devices via Bluetooth or ⅛” AUX input
  • Lasts 40 Hours – Swappable battery pack that lasts an average of 40 hours
  • Durable Design – Water resistant, splash proof, dirt resistant and built to last
  • Portable and Fully Wireless – Take the 33 lbs loudspeaker anywhere, set it up in seconds without any chords


Product Description

SOUNDBOKS bluetooth speaker

SOUNDBOKS 2 portable speaker

  • Loud 122 dB of volume
  • Fully Wireless and easy Bluetooth Connection
  • 40 hour avg. battery life
  • Portable speaker weighing 33 lbs
  • Water resistant and splash proof
  • Outdoor Mode made for adventures
  • Top rated festival & party speaker
  • incl. BATTERYBOKS 2


The SOUNDBOKS is a wireless Bluetooth speaker designed for the most extreme uses and environments that you can imagine. With a 40 hour battery life, light aluminum frame and birch cabinet, it’s portable and durable enough to take everywhere. With 122 dB of crisp treble and huge bass through two 10” woofers and a silk dome tweeter is the best bluetooth speaker to start the loudest party anywhere.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Portable and wireless
  • For outdoors and indoors
  • Weather proof and durable
  • Extra long battery life
  • Endless use possibilities


waterproof speaker


lightweight portable speaker


Heavy duty built-in handles, birch cabinet, aluminum frame and ball corners. Built to handle anything. Splash Proof & Dirt Resistant.


Swappable battery pack made of Lithium Iron Phosphate. Full charge lasts an average 40 hours with a full recharge in just 3.5 hours.


The speaker you can travel with anywhere. Weighing only 33 lbs, you take it anywhere and easily set it up in seconds.

quality loud speaker

wireless bluetooth speaker

loud outdoor speaker


Three 72 watt, Class D amplifiers push 122 dB through two 10” drivers and 1” silk dome tweeter. Integrated dynamic EQ brings out every detail at any volume all the way to 11 – as loud as a PA system!


Play any device wirelessly via Bluetooth or with the provided AUX cable through the ⅛” input.


The only Bluetooth speaker that has an Outdoor mode. This compact stereo brings real sound, deep bass and crisp treble to any environment.

Speaker For All Occasions

portable party speaker

outdoor sound system

music festival speaker

loud tailgate speaker


Today, there are over 25,000 SOUNDBOKS speakers in over 40 countries bringing the party to city streets, snowy mountaintops, remote islands, and everywhere in between.


We’ve taken the SOUNDBOKS experience to the Sahara Desert, through the jungles of the Amazon and to the top of Kilimanjaro. Where will you take yours?


SOUNDBOKS was born at the infamous Roskilde Music Festival. It’s designed and built to outlast the wildest nights and take anything an outdoor music festival could throw at it.


Game-level volume, unrivaled durability, spill-resistant and enough battery life for overtime makes the SOUNDBOKS 2 the perfect tailgate speaker.





  • Volume: Up to 122dB
  • Product Dimensions: 25.6 x 17 x 13 in (66 x 43 x 32 cm)
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 31.5 x 19.7 x 15.8 in (80 x 50 x 40 cm)
  • Weight: 33lbs
  • Materials: Birch plywood cabinet, powder coated aluminum frame
  • Class D amplifiers (3 x 72W RMS)
  • Outdoor & Indoor Mode


  • Runtime: 40 hour life on average
  • Charging Time: 3.5 hours
  • Dimensions – 5.9 x 2.5 x 3.8 in
  • Weight – 2lbs
  • Materials: 12.8V, 7.8Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells
  • Smart Battery Management System (BMS)
  • 5-step LED battery-life indicator
  • Heavy duty DC battery connector

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

If a SOUNDBOKS item is purchased through a third party seller that is separate from a SOUNDBOKS official distributor, no warranty is provided. Should assistance be needed under these circumstances, we are happy to help with diagnosis and repair, but the customer will be responsible for parts and shipping costs.

Visible screen diagonal

0″ / 0 cm

Additional information

Weight 31.9 kg
Dimensions 12.6 × 26 × 17 cm
Product Dimensions

12.6 x 26 x 17 inches

Item Weight

31.9 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

January 30, 2018

Country of Origin




10 reviews for SOUNDBOKS 2 – The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Includes BATTERYBOKS – Black…

  1. Justin Sackuvich

    This thing Booms!Pros: I love my Soundboks! This is the ultimate tailgating speaker. I had problems in the past with other bluetooth speakers where the sound gets over powered by surrounding speakers. Not with the Soundboks it is the King speaker. Also great for parties and gatherings. Used this for a graduation party and it was fantastic. People couldn’t believe it was Bluetooth. Getting it set up and connected to your device is super easy.Cons: It is bulky and pretty heavy so portability is a little rough. But if you’re buying this you know what you’re getting in to. Also for the price I feel like they could at least have thrown in some kind of carrying case. Battery life is good but again for the Price another battery would be nice. If you want an extra battery its $149. Accessories that go with it can be pretty pricey as well.If you have the money and want a great bluetooth speaker go after the Soundboks. I will be getting another one down the road. They allow you to “Team Up” 6 Speakers at once which is a nice feature but I believe other companies have this as well. If you aren’t wanting to spend this much I would also look at the JBL Partybox!

  2. retired military

    It is loud, but doesn’t sound great and lacks conveniences found in other speakersI bought this speaker primarily to take to my daughter’s cheer meets. I had one of the original ION Pathfinders and it seemed like I was being drowned out by newer models, so I figured I’d make sure that didn’t happen any more. With that said:Pros:This thing does go loud, but see cons.It feels very well made and solid.Bluetooth connection is quick and you can lock it with a code so others can’t connect without your code.The removable battery makes it possible to swap out batteries if it dies (see cons)Cons:While it does go loud, it gets muddy when you turn it up. To the point that you want to turn it down. When you stop turning up the SB3 just before it gets distorted, the JBL 310 at full volume is louder and still clear .Portability SUCKS. It’s 35 pounds and bulky. I bought a small dolly to roll it around on which made it a bit better but it’s still not something truly portable. To the guy who did the review saying he wore it on a backpack while on a scooter, you’re nuts. LOLThe app is garbage. When it would stay connected to the speaker (yes, I did every update available), it would often be unresponsive or extremely laggy to the point it was useless and frustrating. I ended up not using the app and just used the speaker as a bluetooth-only speaker.Charging – Unlike most other speakers, this one requires a brick-type AC adapter. Most portable speakers just use a typical computer-type cord or an extension cord.The removable battery is a cool feature. However, the spare battery is so expensive as to make it cost-prohibitive. It is also only held in by the actual plug itself which seems likely to break over time and use. My suspicion is that inside the battery case is probably just a simple li-ion battery similar to desk top UPS like an APC.Long story short, I sent it back. The cons far outweighed the pros.

  3. Bruce Leach

    More Bass!Solid product. Price is high for what you get in comparison to their competitors. The bass needs to be better when nearing the top volume levels. There are no directions in the box when it arrives. I also received the wrong color of screen/protector. I don’t have the energy to deal with another return. It’s load but not that load. Quality is there. Just needs more bass. The updates never seem to end. Just about every time I turn it in it needs and update. I know updates are important. I just want to listen to music and not worry about when an update is done. Loader, more bass and less updates and you have then you will have the monster it’s advertised to be.

  4. The Davage

    With great power comes great responsibilityTo those that were disappointed with this product, I feel your expectations might be a little unrealistic. I bought this because I am a slackliner and needed a louder music solution when we started rigging longer lines and using more space at the park. This product not only solved the problem, but exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Especially with the new discounted price, I don’t know why I stalled on this purchase. I should have bought one years ago. Not only does this solve my park problem, but I keep finding new uses for it and it has re-invigorated my enjoyment of music.Pros:1. Loud enough to fill almost any space indoor or outdoor.2. I thought this was intended strictly for outdoor use and would therefore sound terrible indoors. I was very wrong. It’s not exactly audiophile quality, but it has an indoor setting and it performs far beyond my expectations. At high volume it shakes the wood floors in my house without distorting the mids and highs, which seem far more clear and balanced than I would have ever imagined. Surprisingly, it also performs quite nicely at low volume, creating a very full and rich sound that isn’t overpowered by the bass. It’s even clear enough for listening to podcasts without needing an EQ.3. Battery life that seems to defy the laws of nature. With my first charge of the device, the battery lasted nearly 5 days of blasting it at full volume for hours on end. I don’t even know how that’s possible. Also, it’ll charge to full capacity in less than two hours when plugged into AC power, and that’s with it still on and pumping.4. Bluetooth software is flawless. So often with these bluetooth devices there is wonky behavior or difficulty connecting occasionally, or certain devices not being able to connect while others seem to have no problem. This thing just works instantly, every time, from any device. No waiting, no frustration, select SOUNDBOKS and you’re in business.5. Speaker does not shut itself off to save power. That might seem like a con if you have no experience with the device, but with the nearly unlimited power this thing provides, it’s not so much of a concern. This is great because you don’t have to mess with the machine after taking a break. Stop the music when you want, then start back again at any time without any lag time. When you want it off, for real, you manually turn the switch off. I love it. Great design.6. Lightweight. Considering the size of the unit, the quality of construction, and the volume of sound it can create this product again seems to defy the laws of nature. It is somewhat awkward to carry, but only due to it’s size. It’s easily lifted and carried with one hand. It weighs about half of what you’d expect from looking at the thing.Cons:1. The Soundboks app is not compatible with this model, only with the new model. That is a bummer, but honestly I don’t often have a use for that. I’d use it if I had the option, but for the discounted price I’m not going to cry about this one. It’s an issue, but a minor one.2. Fair warning, you may have ol’ Karen go balistic and chase you away from your girlfriend’s pool citing neighborhood CCNRs and threatening to call the police, but you’ll be proud of what you did and most of the other people at the pool will see you as a martyr of summertime leisure.3. Nothing else.

  5. Amazon Customer

    This thing is dopeI loved this speaker, but it didn’t hold up to the price you pay for one. The battery life at full volume should last longer that 4 hours, and it should have amazing sound quality at max volume for unlimited time while plugged into a power source, but it doesn’t.

  6. ChocloditeLensman

    SOUNDBOKS 2 ROCKS !Well, this is quite a step up from a JBL extreme 2 — which sounded great, but really lacked the volume – but what do you expect from a much, much smaller speaker. I researched Soundboks – and it seemed like this battery powered speaker was the consensus of most sound enthusiasts ! I was looking for powered and BATTERY powered and this fit the bill. I just received it and I was completely amazed by the quality and sound it demonstrated. After charging the battery up to 5 non-flashing bars, I assume it was ready to go…the instructions say the battery turns green after a full charge but mine didn’t. Regardless, I played it off the battery for a little bit and then connected it to the powered cord. You can even do both so you can play in powered mode WHILE charging the battery….It’s pretty slick. The sound was incredible. I listened to many youtube testimonials and it seemed to me that I liked the stronger bass sound of the 2 than the newest Soundboks 3 – plus, it was “much” cheaper…and I use “much cheaper” very figuratively. This thing wasn’t cheap. $699 off of Amazon. My wife and friends were a little shocked by the cost, but if you compare it to a smart phone or a photographic lens, quality comes at a price. I didn’t feel a bit over charged after seeing, and trying this speaker. It connects flawlessly to bluetooth or you can use the supplied aux port to couple to another music device. It also has the ability to receive a 1/8″ jack to use a wireless microphone to talk through for karaoke or using as a PA system. Like I said, the sound is awesome. Even though it lacks any built-in EQ control, you can do that through your phone’s adjustable EQ presets to fine tune it. I find it great right out of the box. The bass is nice – and from the testimonials online – it seemed a little “muffled” with the higher bias tones compared to the Soundboks 3 – which in my opinion, seems to high bias and lacked bass. When I received it, it was far from muffled sounding – and seemed like a perfect combo of bass, mids and treble. Customer service is pretty decent, but there is nobody to answer the phone any longer because of the whole Covid-19 outbreak. You can send an email but they are not real quick to answer probably because of people being at home. When they do answer, they seem pretty helpful and nice. Now the portability of this thing is not the best – if you were expecting a smaller speaker, forget it. It’s a pretty large speaker – but not overly large. It’s about the size that you would find at most weddings that are up on stand poles. Of course, you have to have some size to get the power this thing puts out. I’m very happy with the purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others. It looks like it may fit in the back of my Nissan 370Z side ways, so I like that ! I bought this for the boat, because I couldn’t hear the other JBL extreme over the motor…this one won’t be an issue, but I haven’t water tested it yet so my opinion on this isn’t confirmed yet.

  7. Michael

    Great speakerLoudest portable speaker I have ever bought

  8. MG

    LoudLoudest speaker I had

  9. Shawn H.

    Keep in mind its portable!!This is a great speaker. Price seems steep but truthfully it rocks. Its hard to believe its battery powered when you hear how loud it is. Has a really cool little app with an EQ. If you want to get max volume select customize EQ on the app and raise everything to max. This baby roars. The highs are incredible. It has moderate bass. Dont expect subwoofer lows but it punches nice.

  10. Aljoe and Aljoe, LLC

    Great product.Excellent quality sound, extremely portable, excellent connectivity, and long battery life. I was so pleased with my first speaker I had to purchase another. Customer service is the best in the industry. Keep up the great work!

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