Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System – 2000W Active powered Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Portable PA System w/Microphone In,

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Pump up the party with the Pyle Karaoke Speaker Systems. Enjoy plenty of music streaming options that will add life to any occasion. Included wireless microphone makes it perfect for singalong karaoke parties, Bluetooth audio streaming plays all of your favorite songs wirelessly, and the builtin flashing DJ party lights add visual effects to the highpowered sound Use the system at home, on stage or in the auditorium it’s perfect for all of your audio and crowd control needs. Convenient carry handle and rolling wheels allow you to easily transport the speaker system to quickly post up and party Additional features include, USB & SD Memory Card Readers, FM Radio along with the ability to connect additional microphones. Get the party going with the Pyle Disco Jam 2 Speaker Systems. If there is static noise while playing music, it’s most likely related to a bad cable/connection on one of the Aux Ports/Cables connected to them. Make sure to firmly connect any cables you are using, and when not using the cable to disconnect them, like when you are using Bluetooth.

Outdoor speaker, Portable speaker, Pyle Speaker, Bluetooth speaker, Party Speaker, Speaker

Outdoor speaker, Portable speaker, Pyle Speaker, Bluetooth speaker, Party Speaker, Speaker

Outdoor speaker, Portable speaker, Pyle Speaker, Bluetooth speaker, Party Speaker, Speaker

Outdoor speaker, Portable speaker, Pyle Speaker, Bluetooth speaker, Party Speaker, Speaker

Outdoor speaker, Portable speaker, Pyle Speaker, Bluetooth speaker, Party Speaker, Speaker

Additional information

Weight 9.53 kg
Dimensions 38.74 × 103.51 cm




Model Name
Model year


Part Number


Tuner Technology

‎HD Radio

Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, MP3 Player, Tablet, Smartphone

Mounting Hardware

‎Active Speaker Tower^Wireless Handheld Microphone^Power & Audio Connection Cables

Number Of Items


Output Wattage

‎2000 Watts


‎2000 watts

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Total USB Ports


Connector Type

‎bluetooth, usb, wireless

Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎41.28 x 38.74 x 103.51 cm; 9.53 Kilograms



Date First Available

12 February 2016


Pyle, Sound Around

10 reviews for Pyle Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System – 2000W Active powered Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Portable PA System w/Microphone In,

  1. Sim

    Decent speaker but has its issues, not recommended
    So we’ve been using this loud huge speaker for parties at home and it does the job, just about. There are quite a few things to like about this huge jumbo speaker. Firstly, the speaker works well, is quite loud, has awesome lighting effect, has a dome shaped lighting on top of the speaker which looks excellent and really gets the best out of the party. It does create a very good ambience.As mentioned above, the speaker is loud and the bass is good as well. The other good thing to like about this speaker is that it can be moved around quite easily because of the wheels that it has which can turn in any direction and there are handles on the top part of the speaker which make maneuverability quite straightforward and easy so definitely this is super portable.Now on to a couple of things that are not so good about this speaker based on the experience of using them. At first, the speaker just did not get connected to Bluetooth on an Android phone. It’s possibly because this speaker still uses Bluetooth 2.0 which is a very old version of Bluetooth the new ones are much higher. I was able to however, connect the speaker using an iPhone so at least it worked for me when we did the first party. I called the manufacturer to troubleshoot the Bluetooth connectivity with an Android phone and it never got connected. They were just not able to fix the issue. Thereafter, I requested a replacement of the speaker as it seemed like the speaker had an issue. The replacement came in, but it was facing the same problem. After multiple attempts it finally did connect to the Android phone and I still don’t know why that happened. Since then it has always connected to both Android and iPhone so at least it’s working. The range however is not that great because of much older version of Bluetooth that this speaker supports.The next issue using the speaker is the fact that once it is connected to a phone and if you try to connect the speaker through another phone it will almost always fail. That’s true but again this is something which could be a limitation due to the version of Bluetooth that the speaker supports.The next issue about this speaker is that it did not come with any kind of instructions on how to tune it to connect to FM. Despite trying multiple times, I have not been able to connect it to FM at all till date. Other minor issue is that the speaker appears with different names on an Android and an iPhone which I find quite strange.So overall the user experience and the interface of the speaker is not as good as it could be despite the price being quite High. Once it’s on and working it is fine just this whole set up process is cumbersome.Given a choice, I would definitely buy a different speaker with a better interface because user experience is quite critical in today’s world. I would not recommend purchasing the speaker to anyone.

  2. Jessica

    Works great for parties
    There is an buzz sound that everyone spoke about in the reviews but I only hear it if nothing is connected to it for sound. So if we are not using it we unplug it. Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars

  3. D. Porter

    Great-looking unit.
    I am writing this review a bit prematurely as I haven’t had the opportunity to really play with it. So far, the wireless mic that came with it appears to work well. The echo effect is pretty cool. Love the colorful lighting effects.The cons:Owner’s manual is woefully inadequate in terms of providing actual instruction for doing anything. I visited the PYLE website and in the product area I found the page for this unit and a video there that walks you through making a BT connection. If not for that, I might never have figured it out.There are physical connection ports on the unit and I assumed that when I connected a USB cable from my laptop that I would be able to designate the external device for sound output, but I can’t figure it out. I have a support email in to PYLE for assistance.The sound quality isn’t bad. I have been listening to Amazon streaming music service via the BT and there is a lot of “skipping” and occasional crackling, so that’s not great.Ideally, I’d like to get that USB connection working. I have every intention of using this as intended, for karaoke. I installed a free karaoke player and am excited to try it. I may update this review at a later date.

  4. Trung thanh duong

    Karaoke systerm
    The media could not be loaded.

     I bought this item and a insurance for 2 years. But now, I don’t like it and want to return it. How can I do?

  5. alaina rannals

    Very Loud, good sound!!!!
    best karaoke i’ve ever owned

  6. Geoffrey

    Good system for in home karoake
    I purchased this for my home use to hear music and to use as karoake when I have a party at home. So far I am happy. The only problem I noticed is a small sound when connected to bluetooth. I think I am still learning how to use it and it will go away when I learn to use it properly. The sound is very loud and good for a 50 people party. I like to hear the music loud and this is perfect for that. Overall I like the product.

  7. Sharon Scanlan

    Ordering online
    Having trouble with the return and this is why I will never order online again. Just not used to it. I would like to exchange it and cannot. We love the product it was our neighbors and he gave us where online to get it.It works but it had a static connection inside something wasn’t right is the reason we have to return it. Just want to get another one. Because I’m having trouble with the return I have no idea where I’m going to get one because I don’t want to order it again

  8. Jesseca

    It works, it’s just not that loud.
    It’s an awesome product, I wish it were a little louder though, and that the BT feedback signal was not so loud when you start it up

  9. Mandy Myers

    Not impressed
    Maybe it’s my bad but I expected more. Awful feedback high pitched noise when using blue tooth . The bass is wildly unimpressive. I had to Google how to pair my phone . Maybe fun for the kids.


    Great sound and bass. Bought this for a bbq and it works great.

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