HIEWOAS Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone, Clip-on Lapel Microphone, Noise Reduction, Mute, Reverb Wireless Mic for Vlog,

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Model Name Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Connectivity Technology Wireless 2.4G
Connector Type Lightning
Special Feature Battery Indicator Light, Mute Function, Auto-Pairing, AI Noise Reduction, Reverberation
Compatible Devices IPhone 6 plus/iPhone 6s plus/iPhone 7/iPhone 7 plus/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 plus/iPhone X/iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max/iPhone XR/iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone 11 Pro Max/iPhone SE/iPhone 12/iPhone12mini/iPhone12pro/iPhone12pro max/iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max/iPhone 13 mini/iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Max/iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPad 2018/2019/2020/2021, iPad mini 2 See more
Color Black
Included Components 2 in 1 USB C Cable x 1, Charging Case x 1, Carrying Case x 1, Receiver x 1, Microphone x 2
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional

  • 🎤【Dual Mic Wireless Lavalier Microphone】HIEWOAS 2.4GHz wireless transmission recording microphone enables real-time clearing voice synchronization. This wireless iPhone microphone contains two transmitters,support 2 people recording at the same time. This mini lapel mics adopts AI intelligent noise reduction, and the signal-to-noise ratio reaches 70dB. The microphone adopts 360° Omnidirectional pickup and supports intelligent reverberation.
  • 🎤【Plug & Play, Long Distance】No Adapter/APP/ Bluetooth required. Two microphones can record simultaneously. Up to 65FT transmission distance. (Barrier-free). Just plug the receiver into your iPhone and power on the wireless lavaliere microphone. Get rid of wire harness annoyance. Capture sound is more flexible. Now you can start recording or shooting videos without any noise.
  • 🎤【Stable Against Interference】AI Noise Reduction, Effectively avoid the data from outside interference during transit, and can output stably in the street, downtown, office, and other wireless signal complex environment. Lower distortion, low latency, and large frequency response range. Provides clear, high-fidelity, professional sound recording for scenes including human voices, complex environmental sounds, etc.
  • 🎤【Portable and Quick to install】This Lapel Microphone is designed with a back clip, it can be easily fixed on clothes and installed flexibly, you can wear it for anywhere. Both the transmitter and receiver weigh no more than 30g, making them easy to carry. The kit includes a pressure-resistant storage bag, which can easily hold all the accessories. 
  • 🎤【Ultra-long Battery Life】Microphone built in 60mA lithium battery, one time charge can used for 8 hours(Single). The charging case, built-in 600mA lithium battery supports microphone charging 6 times. Receiver supports Lightning interface output compatible iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max, iPhone 13/13 Mini/13 Pro/13 Pro Max, iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max, iPhone 11//11 Pro/11 Pro Max,iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus and iPad Air Series, iPad Mini Series, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Pro Series. (NOTE: Except USB-C iPad series.)


From the brand

Product Description

Professional Microphone for iPhone

wireless lavalier microphone

plug and play

wireless lavalier, long distance transmision

Support long-distance, low-latency wireless transmission, help you get rid of cable troubles. In downtown, shopping malls, offices, and other places with complex signal environments, the sound signal can also be transmitted stably.

Professional Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone

wireless microphone charging case

dual mic plug and play

high quality lavalier microphone

Portable Charging Case

Support the lapel mics to be fully charged for 4 times.

Its compact size is easy to put in a bag. Easy to cope with long outdoor recording. Whenever and wherever you need, it can be taken out to do video shooting immediately.

Quick Connection

Plug and play, no messy cables, adapters, or applications needed.

Just plug it into the lightning port of the iPhone then you can use it immediately.

Supports charging the iPhone while recording.

Professional Omni

Using real-time auto-sync technology. Product has built-in intelligent active noise reduction chip which allows you to record clearly in noisy environment. In addition to its auto AI noise cancelling feature, there is a manual noise reduction and reverberation mode for selection, a real noise-cancelling microphone.

Mini Microphones, More Discreet Size.

multi-used occassions

Perfect for iPhone and iPad

For YouTube/Facebook Live Stream, TikTok Creators, Vloggers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Interviewers, and other video recording lovers.


Product Weight 90 g
Product Size 3.3in x 2.5in x 1.2in
Product Material ABS Plastic
Connect Type Lightning
Charging Case Battery Capacity 600mAH
Transmitter Battery Capacity 60 mAH
Battery Life Mic: 6H / Charging Case: Charge about 5-8 times
Wireless Transmission Digital 2.4GHz
Transmission Distance 65ft
Noise Reduction Support
Reverb Support
Mute Function Support
Headphone Monitoring 5V/1ASupport (adapted to TYPE-C interface headphones)
Adapter 5V 1A

How to position a lavalier microphone?

The main distinction and advantage of a lav microphone is the smaller, more discreet size over other microphone types. Their compact size allows them to be attached to your clothing or body without being visible in the shot. In case any rustling sound harm the integrity of the audio recording, you can package the microphone within a pillow of body tape, preventing the head of the mic from making direct contact with cloth.

Additional information

Weight 2.82 kg
Dimensions 4.69 × 3.43 × 2.13 cm
Item Weight

2.82 ounces

Package Dimensions

4.69 x 3.43 x 2.13 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 23, 2022

Color Name


Compatible Devices
Connector Type


Material Type


Battery type


Hardware Platform

Tablet, Smartphone

Power Source

Battery Powered



10 reviews for HIEWOAS Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone, Clip-on Lapel Microphone, Noise Reduction, Mute, Reverb Wireless Mic for Vlog,

  1. XennialLife

    This was one Easy to use and sounds great for the price, two mics and one iphone receiver.The media could not be loaded.

     This was one Easy to use and sounds great for the price, two mics and one iphone receiver. The 2-in-1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone from HIEWOAS was instant on and plug in play which makes this fools proof.The HIEWOAS wireless microphone for iPhone kits come with two omnidirectional audio-supporting transmitters. This makes it ideal for recording, conducting multiple-person interviews, and running modest studio operations for interviews on my channel. The mics are very light and works well, being able to have HOST and Reviewer mic’d up quick and start recording is key– fast and efficient.As the listing said, Thanks to two cutting-edge noise reduction chips, you may enter noise reduction mode with only one touch and remove background noise from conversations even in complex situations. I felt like the sound was extra clear when using the NR mode.Overall this is a great deal on 2 in 1 microphone set, if you’re trying to start a YT channel or wanting to interview someone, this unit is fools proof. I love the hard case to hold all three units and charge it at the same time.

  2. RH from Hyde Park

    Create An iPhone Conferencing Set-Up for Two!My wife and I are empty nesters now and when phoning our bi-coastal children we were searching for a good iPhone external microphone to improve the sound quality. We had been setting our iPhone on something in the middle of our kitchen table, but that was not an optimal sound setting. So we tried the HIEWOAS WIRELESS DUAL CLIP-ON LAPEL MICROPHONE FOR IPHONE. Now the sound quality of our phone conversations is so much better. However, we wish the lightning plug on the receiver was a bit longer, so we did not have to remove the protective case from our iPhone to securely seat it. Otherwise, it is easy to set up. The dual mics are already linked to the receiver, so it is truly “plug and play”. And the noise-reduction feature appears to work well, too. The dual mics are easy to charge, and each has its own USB-C charging port as well as the portable magnetic, protective case (which has an internal battery for cordless charging, too). When we add a Bluetooth speaker, we have quite the iPhone conferencing system for the two of us. We are very happy with our new setup!

  3. William Napier

    Perfect Sound Quality and Noise cancelationMade a couple videos using this system on my iPhone 12 mini and the results were great. My voice never went to high or low and stayed the same even at 30 feet away.Type C USB cable charges the charging case as well as charging the mic’s seperatly.The Receiver use’s the iPhone charge cord to charge your phone through the receiver.The charging case holds the 2 mic’s and receiver, the bigger clam shell case holds the charging case, cables, instructions and any other small items.You can charge the mic’s seperatly or if you need to, the charging case can recharge them back up.Make sure you take off the tape on the bottom of the Microphones covering the charge ports or it will not charge in the charging case. Took me a minute to figure it out.The one thing that is annoying is that you cannot plug the Reciever into you iPhone if you have a slightly thick protective case on it. The plug for the connection needs to stick out another 1/4″.To fix this I just trimmed my phone case enough to get the Reciever to clear and be able to make a good connection. Now don’t blame me if you trim your case and break it.This is an excellant setup and the case/s Will always protect it.Now if the manufacture would read this and other reviews they will know they need to fix this one and only problem.

  4. J. Hansen

    Perfect for our needsMy 14 year old and 11 year old daughters love to do videos, and we’ve never had a lavalier mic like this. They’ve typically just used the audio from the camera, and had been satisfied with it. My 11 year daughter had a birthday, recently, so we thought this would be a great present for her.She typically uses her iPod touch or our iPad for filming the videos anyway, so this set worked perfect for their uses. There are two included mics, charging cables, and the portion that connects to the phone/iPad with a lightning connector. There is a nice, included case, as well, for the mics, which is an added touch.After charging, we found them to be pretty plug and play. She attached the receiver end into the iPad, and then clipped one mic on her shirt, and then the other went on my 8 year old son. She tested leaving the iPad sitting, and recording, and then went all around our house. Not sure of the total distance these can record at, but she was able to go everywhere within our home and still have her voice recorded without issue.Sound quality, while not super professional, isn’t bad. It’s definitely much better than what they were getting directly from the iPad or her iPod Touch. It’s added a new level of audio professionalism to their videos that she is always happy about.She was a little confused that there wasn’t an option of hooking up the receiver to the computer, so she could record that way directly into the computer. I did find a USB-A to lightning adapter that you could do this with, by Anker, but she already has another mic she has for recording on the computer.Battery life seems to be plenty sufficient for my kids needs. They seem to be doing multiple videos every week, and they’ve only had to charge them once since we got them about a month ago. This is a great option if you’re in the market for some lavalier mics to use with iOS devices.

  5. B. Honest

    Need Better Instructions/Tips, But Still a Great Sounding Lav Microphone for iPhones and iPadsTo the point: This is an excellent wireless microphone system for your iPhone or iPad. Solid build, solid electronics, excellent charging case, and a good protective clam shell cover. The reason this unit did not receive 5 stars is the omission of some very important tips in the short instruction manual… instructions that would save the new user an hour or two of frustration and headaches.Two major things. First, the unit comes with charging cables. You would think they work for all of the components but they only work for the microphones and the charging case. You spend 20 minutes trying to fit them into the receiver’s charging slot, with no success because the charger cable tip is too large for the receiver. Then the “ah ha” moment happens and you use your iPhone charging cable and, bingo, that is what you were supposed to use all along to charge the receiver. Second, the receiver and, thus, the entire system, will not work if you try to plug it into your iPhone and your phone has a protective case. The receiver’s connector tip will not go in far enough to engage, and the microphones will not sync with the receiver, and the result will be pure frustration.So, just remember to charge the receiver with your iPhone charging cable and to remove the protective case from your iPhone before connecting the receiver. Do those little hacks and you will enjoy an effortless and very capable lavalier microphone system.

  6. Sherry S. Hohl

    Easy plug and play!This may sound simple, but when I opened this microphone case, I was very impressed with the clam shell, zippered case the components came in. The components are easy to charge, easy to clip on and this is nicer than some other microphones I have used. The instructions could have been more detailed, but I didn’t have a problem with assembly. I know I have more to learn, but since this microphone works well, I’m very comfortable with its ease of use. So far, I’m very pleased!

  7. Gary Zenker

    A high quality wireless 2 microphone and receiver setThe media could not be loaded.

     HIEWOS Wireless Lavaliere MicrophoneHaving tested a half dozen of these microphones, I’ve seen…or should I say heard…the good and the bad. And it’s easy now to tell the difference between them, and what features seem to bwe most important.Each of these have slightly different inclusions. This set contains a charger case with a battery percent indicator. That means the case can be used to store and recharge the microphones. in addition, the unit comes with a hard cover case that holds the charger case and the charger cable. That is very convenient and something few of them do.The microphones can also be charged outside the case individually. Microphones can be turned on and off to preserve power when not in use.NOISE REDUCTION: Very good results. Voice sounds clear.CONS: The receiver neck with the lightning connector is too short to connect when the protective case is on my phone. This is annoying because I don’t want to have to take off the case to use the microphones. An eighth of an inch longer and it would have been fine. Argh. How do they not account for something so common?Other than the receiver issue, the microphone delivers great quality when used as a lapel mic.

  8. colebiancardi

    Easy to use, great qualityNo learning curve needed for this! This is a two and one wireless microphone that has two mics and an iPhone receiver it – it must be a lightning port for the receiver.It has two Omni directional mics and and it’s just so easy. Just plug in the case to a USB port so that it can charge up and then everything is ready to go. Just take the receiver plug it into your iPhone and then grab one of the mics and turn it on and start talking while you’re recording was one Easy to use and sounds great for the price, two mics and one iphone receiver.If you are having two people speak, just clip on the mics on the folks and it will go ahead and record both of you at the same time. It does have noise reduction. I do a lot of video audio outside on my deck and when I use these mics, I don’t hear anything but my voice. The audio comes out nice and clear and loud, it doesn’t fade in and out. This is just a great set and I love the fact that I can just put everything into the carrying case which is also the power case as well.Also I do you have a protective case on my iPhone and I have no problems plugging in the receiver. So it all just depends on your protective case and how thick it is. mine is a Magsafe case, so that’s probably why it works so well with the receiver as wellGreat product

  9. Jennifer

    Nice mic, needs extender for casesThis is a nice microphone setup. I really like that it comes with a case, which is excellent for keeping all the parts findable. There is one piece that plugs into your phone, and there are two clip-on mics that you (and someone else) can wear. I only tested using one, but it worked fine. I’m not sure the sound quality was any better than my iPhone, but with this, I can record sound without holding my phone. The one downside is that if you have a case on your phone it doesn’t connect. There are two choices, you can take the case off your phone or buy an extender. Since my phone is expensive there is no way I’m using it without a case. The extender is available on Amazon and cheap, just look for a lightning extender if you have an iPhone. It doesn’t come charged so plan to charge before first use, and note there is a seal on the bottom of each mic to remove before charging. This is definitely a nice mic set up and I do recommend it.

  10. Carmen D Cisneros

    Not Bad On My iPadTook a bit to figure out, but that’s because tech tends to confuse me when it comes to instructions. Still learning, but it does work rather well with my iPad, which I prefer to use over my phone more often than not. I like that no Bluetooth is required and no wires to get in my way or cause unwanted noise. Being able to record more than one at the same time is a nice feature. I have more to learn, but so far the sound has worked nicely and is loud enough for my liking. Giving it five stars because it does offer a lot for the price, and I have barely begun to scratch the surface.

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