Behringer PRO MIXER DJX900USB Professional 5 Channel DJ Mixer with INFINIUM ‘Contact-Free’ VCA Crossfader, Advanced Digital

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Professional 5-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with stylish, black design



Professional 5 Channel DJ Mixer with INFINIUM ‘Contact-Free’ VCA Crossfader, Advanced Digital Effects and USB/Audio Interface

  • Professional 5-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with stylish, black design
  • 45-mm infinium ?contact-free” optical crossfader with adjustable tension and fader curve for years of use
  • State-of-the-art 24-bit digital effects with advanced parameter control
  • Built-in USB interface for recording and playback of any digital music file. Works with your PC or Mac* computer?no setup or drivers required
  • Intelligent dual auto-BPM counter with time and beat sync display

  • 3-band kill EQ and precise level meters with peak hold function per channel
  • Additional 3-way kill switches with extremely steep frequency separation
  • Awesome adjustable XPQ stereo surround effect
  • VCA-controlled faders for utmost reliability and noise-free performance



Contact-Free Infinium Crossfader

Live Large with More Mediums!


The PRO MIXER DJX900USB DJ Mixer merges intuitive operation with built-in digital effects processing for clean, transparent sound that will set your dance floor on fi re! This 5-channel ultra-low noise mixer features our 45 mm infinium “Contact-Free” optical Crossfader for a superior lifespan; state-of-the-art 24-Bit digital effects with advanced parameter control; built-in USB connectivity for communicating directly with your PC or Mac* computer – plus a host of other truly-professional appointments.

Contact-Free Infinium Crossfader

The DJX900USB features our super-smooth VCA-controlled channel faders and the infinium “Contact-Free” VCA-controlled optical crossfader for the ultimate in reliability and state-of-the-art audio performance. A dedicated CF Curve control allows you to custom-tailor the crossfader’s control characteristic, and you can even set the crossfader tension just the way you like it.

Live Large with More Mediums!

If it can be clicked, spun or spoken, the DJX900USB can mix it! You get 2 dual-stereo Phono/Line channels, 1 Phono/CD channel and 1 Line/CD/USB channel – plus a dedicated Mic channel with Mic On button and Talk level control. All channels feature independent Gain controls and 3-band EQs – full Kill on channels 1 – 4, which also provide 10-LED metering. The DJX900USB also has enough built-in phono preamps to handle up to 3 turntables, and the built-in USB/audio interface gives you instant access to your computer’s digital music library.


Features Galore

Special FX

Sound Value

Features Galore

Because your voice is your instrument, the DJX900USB features a dedicated mic channel with a built-in Talkover function that automatically detects your voice and brings down the volume of the music track (referred to as “ducking”), so your voice is always out front. Vocal fine-tuning is handled by the onboard 3-band EQ, which provides up to 15 dB of boost or cut at Low (80 Hz), Mid (2.5 k), and High (12 kHz) frequency centers – for an extremely broad tonal palette. Also included in the remarkable DJX900USB is our proprietary XPQ 3D stereo surround effect, which lets you create a much broader and enhanced stereo image.

Special FX

When we began design on the DJX900USB, we knew we had to do something very special. We took our best analog DJ mixer and revved up the FX processor, putting advanced parameter control right at your fingertips. No longer confined to rigid presets that limit creativity, you can change FX parameters on-the-fly, pushing your performance to the next level. In no time you can create powerful sets with your own custom-tailored effects sounds, all of which can be controlled in real-time.

Sound Value

When you add the DJX900USB to your rig, you connect to unrivaled versatility and performance. The phenomenal PRO MIXER DJX900USB’s superior build quality and rugged components mean you’ll be packing the dance floor for years to come. Drop by your nearest Behringer dealer, or place your order online today – and find out why so many DJs are making magic with the DJX900USB!

Additional information

Weight 5.08 kg
Dimensions 39.37 × 15.75 cm
Item Weight

‎5.08 kg

Product Dimensions

‎42.67 x 39.37 x 15.75 cm; 5.08 Kilograms

Item model number




Hardware Interface


Power source type

‎Corded Electric



Date First Available

1 March 2012



10 reviews for Behringer PRO MIXER DJX900USB Professional 5 Channel DJ Mixer with INFINIUM ‘Contact-Free’ VCA Crossfader, Advanced Digital

  1. Böller

    Schönes Mischpult
    Also ich habe fast nichts daran auszusetzen, außer das beim Betrieb über 2 Stunden das Gerät sehr warm wird und ein Netzeilbrummen zu hören ist. Das wiederum ist aber nicht auf den Audiokanälen zu hören. Der digitale Ausgang über USB ist glasklar und rauschfrei. Die analogen Kanäle ziehen leichtes Rauschen mit, aber nur hörbar, wenn der Kanal ohne Musik offen ist. Ansonsten ist das Gerät sehr zuverlässig, nutze es wöchentlich mehrere Stunden im Radiobereich und bin zufrieden.

  2. Jason Haraschuk

    For the money, great buy!
    I have this at four stars primarily for “bang for your buck” value. If you are comparing this to the Pioneer DJMXS900 mixer the Beringer falls flat! It’s actually really not fair to compare the Beringer to the Pioneer because you get what you pay for. This 900 is not even par with the DJM700 but for $290-350 CDN you can easily overlook it’s shortcomings. Especially if you don’t have the money for the higher end pioneer models.I’d recommend if you are using vinyl with this mixer that your turntables are self grounded because the grounding screws don’t turn so I’m not sure how you’d ground your turntables.The effects are decent but you really don’t know what the type of effects are unless you listen to what’s coming through the monitors. Then you’ll have to make note that “echo” is number 7(or something like that)I’ve noticed that even when you kill all the Eqs with the designated kill switches you still get minute volume (maybe -95, instead of full 100% kill) from the channels.All in all, a very good economy four channel board with the elliptical cross fader which is smooooothe! The board hooks up to your computer to record your mixes too; but it’s basically an analog mixer with effects that plug into your computer for recording.Sound is also very decent.

  3. Grinzy

    Semi-professional Mixer. Good, not great.
    Love this mixer. It’s a great knock-off of the Pioneer mixer of the same style and it has a lot of features, but the reason I can’t give it 5 stars is that the effects and the BPM counter don’t work for sh!t. Not that I need the BPM counter at all, but to me, it’s like why even include it if it’s not going to work. I do appreciate the fact that I can hook up my Kaos KP3 through a separate in/out because the included effects barely work for anything.I had been looking for a decent multi-channel mixer and this does the job in that regard. Great mixer for the semi-professional DJ such as myself. I don’t do alot of gigs, but this looks really nice when I do DJ outside of my living room and it works great for what I use it for.

  4. Gee

    Closest you will get to a DJM-800 on a budget
    My mixer came boxed very well. So far, it has been quite robust and as long as you know what you are doing with mixers it is relatively straight forward to use.I cannot give this 5 stars as there are a lot of FX which of which there are probably too many to use and it would take a long time to work out what does what to the sound. The channel sliders could be more linear on the amplitude increase and I have heard reports that the crossfaders are made of glass. That said, as long as you are not scratching and just wanting to put a good mix together then this is the closest you are going to get to a Pioneer DJM-800 for a quarter of the price.

  5. Rick Duncan

    Old School
    The media could not be loaded.

     So after a long time searching for a element nice for my Gemini Pro series, I found this beringer and I’m glad i does, so as an old school dj who has been playing since 93 it was difficult to find something that was no frills and gave me the ability to mix on my 1210’s without all the rubbish of today’s djs, whilst that stuff has its place its not what I call talented in the same ways that I grew up with,This mixer took me literally 10 minutes to install, the hardest bit was undoing the ground knut which I had to use pliers for.The sound quality is second to none and the filters particularly the kill switches do the job they were designed to do.There’s lots of features that I will need to try out but overall first impressions are very good, as I say for a proper old school dj this kit is perfect, I’m not convinced it will do all you want in the new, sample, loop, fx world but hey, that means it’s time to learn how to dj properly and this kit is perfect to do that with.

  6. Mark

    Not bad for the cash, but has a major issue with the channel faders
    The first one had to be replaced due to a faulty cross fader, the replacement also has a fault on the cross fader that I can live with but annoying none the less. Amazon wouldn’t repalce it for a 2nd time so it was live with it or get a refund.The main dislike I have is that the channel faders are not linear, everything seems to happen in the last 20% of the sliders movement which isn’t ideal.The sound FX don’t really work very well, it’s not why I bought the mixer though so it doesn’t bother me, just don’t think you’re getting something like pioneer have on Thier mixers as these are nowhere near as good.Overall it’s an average mixer from a performance point of view, but given the price it’s not a bad buy. I can see me replaceing it soon though just because I mix with the channel faders and the ones on this mixer make it difficult due to the lack of useful range on the slider

  7. Daniel Appleyard

    Great for Bedroom DJ’s, But don’t expect the best effects in the world from the built-in effects unit!
    This product is perfect for the bedroom DJ, not only it is the club standard layout, for the price you can’t beat it. We all no that pioneer is just too expensive, so this is perfect combined with a pioneer RMX-500 and two CDJ’s you’ve got yourself club standard gear and some of the effects that the pioneer gear has, this mixer is like i said perfect for the bedroom DJ, or even if you’ve got a tight budget. I’d seriously recommend it. However just to balance my judgement out if you are planning on using the effect’s without a external effect unit, it’s really fiddly and they just straight up sound rubbish in comparison to the pioneer gear. Even then the combination i just mentioned (if you are going to be using effects) is quite close to what a pioneer set-up is like, but for less price then a mixer from pioneer! so think about that. So, if your not going to be using effects this will simply be all you need, seriously if you don’t want to use effects, this is just as good as pioneer gear. Scratching will work perfectly fine with this, and generally i’d say if your not using effect, there is no reason at all to get pioneer gear. Overall i’d say that this is simply the best emulation for getting club standard gear, as well as full upgrade ability in all sorts of areas on the mixer or even if you’re are on a tight budget.

  8. Nath’ Stealey

    On paper fantastic, but below standard
    The thing that let this mixer down was that its volume faders just wasn’t that great, you’d get next to no volume increase 3/4 up the fader and then it just hits right through on the final 1/4. Effects were ok, and everything worked as it should. It was a little disappointing as I’m a big fan of Behringer gear and how they’ve come on over the years but for me this mixer just fell short of expectations.

  9. Andip

    Well built and packed full of features
    Bought this to replace an old Kam mixer from the 90’s and it hasn’t disappointed.Chock full of features and inputs, with separate kill switches and gain for channels and cueing.The FX feature is also easy to use and can add an extra level of depth to a mix. You can also change the curve of the cross fade from a smooth to sharp transition to suit your current style.Easy to hook up too and fits nicely between the decks.A bargain considering the level of features.Highly recommended.


    Excellent, I arrive well packaged … I recommend it ..!

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