Acoustic Audio by Goldwood CS-IC83 8” 3-Way In Ceiling Home Theater Speaker System (White, 5 Speakers)

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Brand Acoustic Audio by Goldwood
Model Name FBA_CS-IC83-5S
Speaker Type Outdoor, Woofer
Connectivity Technology RCA, Coaxial

  • FLUSH MOUNT IN CEILING SPEAKERS – Wide sound dispersion designed speakers easily integrate with new and existing audio systems, traditional Passive speaker design, simply drive power from your home audio receiver or amp
  • FULL RANGE 3-WAY SOUND – 8″ High Rigidity Poly cone woofers with progressive spiders and butyl rubber surrounds, Poly Mica midranges and 13mm soft dome tweeters, 3-way passive crossovers for greater fidelity, frequency response is 40Hz-20 kHz with 95dB at 8ohm
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Pressure lock mounting system clamps tight to drywall, fits round speaker hole size of 9.45″ with a mounting depth of 3.78″, overall size of 10.83″ with spring loaded raw wire connections, durable ABS housings and grills can be painted to match your decor
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS – Any home audio receiver or amp with raw speaker wire outputs, power from your amp should be no less than 10 and no more than 350 watts per channel, CL3 rated in wall certified raw speaker wire to connect your receiver to the speakers
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX – 5 Acoustic Audio by Goldwood CS-IC83 speakers, removeable grills, cut-out templates, instruction manual. Use for home theater surround sound, whole house audio systems, business or retail installations


Our recessed sound system can be easily mounted into your ceiling or wall, and comes with all of the accessories you need for an unforgettable surround sound experience. From your living room, family room, bedroom, or home office, our built-in speaker set delivers a rich and full listening experience. Use for home theater surround sound, whole house audio systems, business conference rooms, or retail installations.

– Pressure lock mounting system (no additional hardware needed for installation)
– Full range sound coverage with 3-way woofer
– Midrange and tweeter configuration
– 8-inch high rigidity poly cone woofers with progressive spiders and butyl rubber surrounds
– Poly mica midranges
– 13 millimeter soft dome tweeters
– 3-way passive crossovers for greater fidelity
– Frequency response is 40Hz-20 kHz with 95dB at 8ohm
– Fits round speaker hole sizes of 9.45 inches with a mounting depth of 3.78 inches
– Overall speaker size of 10.83 inches
– Spring loaded raw wire connections
– Durable ABS housings and removable grills that can be painted to match your décor

Quick and easy installation
Each speaker features a unique pressure lock mounting system that clamps tightly to drywall, and fits round speaker holes the size of 9.49 inches with a mounting depth of 3.7 inches. The spring loaded connections, ABS housings, and grills can be painted to match your decor.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 4 cm
Product Dimensions

11 x 11 x 4 inches

Item Weight

20 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

February 12, 2016


‎Goldwood Sound, Inc.

10 reviews for Acoustic Audio by Goldwood CS-IC83 8” 3-Way In Ceiling Home Theater Speaker System (White, 5 Speakers)

  1. JK Sherrill

    Gambled and won…I’m a long-time home theater junkie and bought these based mostly upon Internet hearsay with very little research. This is incredibly out of character for me, but I was willing to take the risk since this wasn’t intended to be a commonly used viewing or listening area in our new home.I was pleasantly surprised to find out first-hand that not only do these not require a lot of power to drive, but they also sound amazing for the money, as well. This is a great thing for me, too, since we now commonly use this space and the sound isn’t found to be lacking far behind my other, much costlier system. Don’t hesitate to give these a go!

  2. Miss Figg

    Must Buy!!!I am blown away by the quality of these speakers. The price is incredible! You will not be disappointed!!

  3. A.B.Amazon

    Installed in unfinished basement ceilingThe media could not be loaded.

     Overall they have decent sound for the cost. I recommend supplementing them with a subwoofer. I got a F12 that really filled out the bass. It was night and day. Great product tho! They were much larger than I expected but it was a pleasant surprise.We’re making our basement look better on a budget without finishing it: Eg. black painted exposed ceiling, recessed rgb led lighting, and of course these speakers. I wanted to paint them black to match our ceiling, it was really easy. Here’s what I did:1. I measured between the floor joists in my basement then I cut five 18.5″x15″ drywall rectangles to rest on top of the i-joist flange. These will hold the speakers.2. Then I routed a 9.5″ hole in the center with a circle jig.3. Flip the drywall over, put the speaker in it, remove the grill by prying it off gently with an awl.4. Put a plastic cover over the cone (I used a cheap 8″ vigoro planter saucer drip tray thing) then spray paint it.5. Remove the speaker, then flip and paint the face of the drywall. Repeat this for all the speakers.6. Paint all the grills.7. Mount the speaker in the drywall rectangle, tighten until you feel resistance then back it out a turn (if you look at the clamps on the back, see that they’re not tightened so much that they’re angled, they should be at a 90° as much as possible if they’re even a little tight it’ll flex the plastic frame and you won’t be able to get the grill on.8. Put the grills on.10. Rest it up in your joists and run your wire.This was a Sunday project for me, it took me about 5 hours from start to thumping beats in my basement but I wasn’t rushing.

  4. DL Brown

    Great addition for soundGood sound for the price. I recommend getting the ceiling enclosure for speakers to direct more sound in the room.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Great speakers!We got a subwoofer for bass. This is speaker is amazing for the price. If you don’t want anything fancy, just enhance the sound when watching movies or listening to music. Get a sub though. This is s winner.

  6. ChuckOMalley

    You cannot beat these for the price.I am loving these speakers. They sound absolutely amazing. I originally planned to buy Polk ceiling speakers and was ready to shell out almost a grand for them, and then I saw these on Amazon while researching. The reviews were very good, so I contacted the company because I couldn’t find a manual that I could look at to help me decide. They sent me one immediately. I asked them why they don’t advertise and they told me that they put their money into making the best speaker they can and let word of mouth do the rest. Well, they sold me. I am not a picky audiophile, but I do like my sound system to deliver and these speakers do the job. I already had a Polk subwoofer and combined with these speakers in my man cave, they sound amazing. Tested their limits with songs like YYZ, Tin Pan Alley, Jack of Speed, Get Lucky and, of course, Bohemian Rhapsody. All sounded amazing and hit the individual speakers right where they were supposed to. For movies, the surround was spot on. You may not believe that a sub $200 set of five speakers can deliver like this, but I am here to say that they absolutely do.As for installation, they are light enough (4lbs each) that you do not need a weight distribution bracket for the ceiling tile. Just use the template to set the hole, cut the tile, drop the speaker in and secure the bracket. Took no time at all.

  7. Mike 916

    Amazing speakers for the price!These speakers are amazing. The first time I used them I thought they were so-so. User error, I had my gains all messed up on my receiver. After dialing everything in Wow! These have great mids and highs. I nstalled them on my first floor where there was no insulation so I added some around the hole. This helps alot with the sound. I got 5 of these and paired with a sub. Sounds Awesome!!!

  8. Arvid O.

    Glad I took the chance on these! The reviews are true about this one!I prewired my new construction home for 14 speakers. I moved in December and since then have been doing tons of research on in-wall / in-ceiling speakers. I was ready to spend about 1.5-2k on more commonly known brand name models (Polk, Boston acoustics, Klipsch, etc..). Then I came across these on Amazon and thought i would gamble with a set of 5 to see how they would sound in my living room. I have 10ft ceilings so i went with 8′ 3-way speakers while using 16 guage speaker wire. Needless to say, this is one of the best, and a bit lucky purchases i have made in a while.My only gripe is installing the cover grill once you have secured the speaker to the wall. The first speaker took me about 1 hour to install, but the rest went by much easier once I got better with the drywall saw and knew the exact size the hole needed to be. Reinstalling the grill cover was a challenge mainly due to the fact that after you have mounted the speaker to the ceiling the plastic frame may have warped ever so slightly. If your hole is too snug it will warp the frame just enough to make the grill hard to fit. So, I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers and made a crease on the lip of the grill cover (the part that’s folded up that wedges into the housing). I just grabbed about 1/4 inch of the lip and turned about 90 degrees and repeated on 4 sides. this reduces the circumference by some millimeters to make the grill fit in a little easier. Be careful not to twist too much.After install was complete i hooked up my speakers to my onkyo receiver and played some tunes on stereo mode so i can stand below each speaker and was immediately impressed. Good bass, mids and highs. I added a 10″ sub to give the movie effects that added boom factor.Im looking forward to buying the other 9 speakers i need at the fraction of the price of the higher end brands. I will save about 1.5k with these speakers!

  9. Anonymous 574

    Shockingly Good ValueI’m not an audiophile, but I am very impressed by these speakers. Seeing the nearly universal positive reviews, despite the low price, I was skeptical, but after two weeks of use I’d say they’re valid: these speakers may be disappointing to the most discerning of listeners, but I doubt that I could tell the difference were I to have spent substantially more.I’m using five of these, all mounted in a drop ceiling, to complete a 7.1 system. I already had the other two speakers I’m using immediately to the left and right of my TV (some Boston Acoustic bookshelf speakers that cost more than all five of these combined), and a low-end Sony Subwoofer. Accordingly, these are mainly being used as center and surround speakers, and with 5.1-encoded programming, that means they’re mainly used for dialog and effects. I could not be happier with the sound — it’s a major improvement from having just the two stereo speakers, and I have yet to have even a moment wondering if the sound were somehow inferior. Instead, I’m struck by how good they sound, and how immersive the experience has been.In terms of installation, I have a drop-style ceiling in my basement, perhaps as old as the mid 1950s, with each tile being one foot square. I used the included templates to cut appropriate holes into some cheap 1/4″ thick panelling that I bought and cut to replace anywhere between one to four of the existing tiles. With a little shimming and painting, I’m very happy with how it all turned out. And, I’m definitely glad that I went with ceiling speakers for this project; we have three young kids who rage in our basement, and I love that the speakers are all up and out of the way with not visible wires or protrusions to be hit by the occasional flying football!

  10. Mark R.

    The tweeters do not gimbal(not tiltable)So bummed the tweeters do not gimbal. We’ll see how this goes… actually, I’m pretty blown away these speakers sound great I can’t believe how great they sound, and the low end is solid. I’d put these up against speakers twice the price easily very very happy.

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