Hologram Projection


Holography is a technology that records the light scattered by an object and presents it in a visual form that appears to be three-dimensional. Hologram Projection technology has been used widely in banknotes, credit cards, and even entertainment (think Princess Leia’s hologram in Star Wars). It is finding more and more uses in sensors, data storage, art, and security among other fields. In retail, it can help you grab the attention of anyone passing by your product display! There are quite a few providers of hologram technology in the market. Here are a few good ones worth your penny.



This display is a great platform for grabbing a lot of attention in any busy commercial setting. With its measurements of less than two feet wide and one foot in height, the Dreamoc HD3.2 lets you tap into the curiosity of anyone passing by, making them stop and stare at your display by applying the experience of mixed reality.


  • Interactive possibilities -Add interactivity to further strengthen the experience, captivate the audience and increase dwell time.
  • Light control – A new and powerful feature, is the ability to control the light inside the chamber and to synchronize it with the holographic animation.
  • Crystalline Optics – New high-end glass optics that is very durable and enables an even sharper image quality.
  • Built-in audio – No need for external speakers – the audio is built into the display. Easily adjust the sound level with the remote control
  • Built-in Fusion Multiply the magic by connecting several displays together to increase the visual impact. Fusion enables the holographic content to jump seamlessly from one display to another.
  • Key protected front access door – Easy yet secure access to the product you are displaying, enabling you to re-position it, or even swap it out for the next product you’re showcasing

For more information, visit the Dreamoc website here.

Musion 3D

EyeLiner™ is the larger and most popular of Musion’s product offerings. There is no practical size limit as the screen can be up to 100m wide. Standard apparatus tend to be 4m – 10m wide and 4m – 7m deep. The typical image size from a single projector is approximately 5m wide by 3m high (conversion: 16.4ft by 9.8ft).


  • The Musion projection system incorporates a ‘performer’s stage’ that is equipped with state-of-the-art LED lighting and is usually boxed with hard paneling or dark draping along the sides and back of the system.
  • The polymer screen sits on a 45˚ angle between the stage and the audience and at least one high-powered, the high-definition video projector is mounted in front of the foil, projecting onto either the floor or ceiling depending on foil orientation.
  • Live or pre-recorded shows can be shown on the Eyeliner™ unit. Eyeliner™ optimized content is typically stored on blank magnetic data carriers such as hard drives, videotapes, or blueRay disks and played via data-processing equipment such as HD media players or MAC towers
  • Designed to work in public performance areas such as concert venues, theatres, exhibition centers, nightclubs, marquees, large office environments, retail stores, and TV studios

For more information, visit the Musion website here.

HyperVsn Systems: HYPERVSN Ventilator Hologram


Claiming to be the world’s first Integrated 3D Holographic Display System, HyperVsn systems allow users to create, display & manage awe-inspiring 3D holographic visuals that appear to be floating in mid-air. HyperVsn products have been used across the world by leading brands including Louis Vuitton and Nike for promotional purposes. Hypervsn’s products fall into 3 categories: Solo, Wall, and 3D Studio, and can be hired on rent as well as purchased.

The HYPERVSN Solo Classic is customized for users who require one or several single-unit HYPERVSN Devices, to captivate their audiences like never before with 3D holographic display technology. With Solo Classic you can connect to your HYPERVSN Device with the exclusive Solo Mobile App, ensuring effortless upload & management of content.


  • HYPERVSN Solo Device (56cm or 75cm)
  • Free options of HYPERVSN 3D Studio – an online tool for 3D visual creation
  • Solo Mobile App for smart Device & content management
  • Detailed user manuals on Device operation & management
  • 24/7 Technical support from our highly trained HYPERVSN team
  • 12-Month warranty for guaranteed digital excellence

HyperVsn products can be purchased on rented at their website here.

Holho is a series of portable holographic devices for smartphones (Holho Smart) and businesses (Holho Business).

Holho Smart brings the magic of hologram technology within everyone’s reach. It is available in 3 versions: smartphone, 7” and 10” tablet.
It was made to grant the global market an affordable, easy to carry, simple in design hologram generator. These devices work well both as business gadgets, portable showcases, or even as a precious piece of furniture for your design living room.


The Holho Smart product is signed with a Qr-code heading to a page where you can find some demo videos created as examples for you. Please check also the APP/software on the App section, where you can find the Holho Messenger, the Holho Gallery, and the Holho converter as available applications.

Holho Business is designed completely for the company’s world. Every product becomes unique, every subject is transformed to give life to the magical illusion of the hologram. Every pyramid, every Zed becomes a customizable product built answering the needings of the client. All the specifications can be developed, every single Client’s vision is analyzed, studied to evolve in a flawless product displayer. Round tables, faires, happening, show-room, product’s start-up. They all become locations and ideal chances to impress using a Holho Business device.


Find out more about Holho’s holographic collection on their website here.

VNTANA Hologram hardware

VNTANA is an Augmented Reality platform designed to help CMOs create engaging experiences, generate leads, and convert sales. VNTANA’s patented scalable hologram hardware and software is the only system on the market. That allows consumers to interact with holograms of their favorite athlete, celebrity, or product without wearables while capturing real-time data on the consumers.

A complete plug & play kiosk display that projects interactive hologram content for your brand. Ideal for retail, trade shows, pop-up shops, concerts, movie theater lobbies. And the like, the Z Display makes a large impact with a fairly small footprint. Whether it’s utilized as a permanent eye-catcher in a stadium or traveling with you on the road, the Z Display can be updated on the fly making it a versatile part of a truly immersive marketing solution.


  • Plug & Play
  • Interactive Hologram Content
  • Data Collection Capabilities
  • Social Media Integration
  • Syncs to VNTANA Cloud Platform: Change Content on the Fly!
  • Easy to Set Up & to Pack for Travel

You can find out more about Ventana’s products and services here.