How to Make an Event Accessible for All Attendees

Who doesn’t enjoy attending a worthwhile annual conference in Vegas? A fascinating business fair in Chicago, perhaps? Or perhaps a virtual gathering you take part in from your couch at home? Regardless of the event format you pick, it quickly becomes apparent that people are social creatures that enjoy networking, 1:1 interactions, and attending keynote speeches together. But if you have a disability and discover that the event planner was completely ignorant of how to make an event accessible, everything can rapidly turn sour.

Imagine that you’re in a wheelchair and that there are no ramps leading up to the buffet at the day’s luncheon location, making it impossible for you to access the food. Or perhaps you have an impairment that isn’t immediately apparent that is made worse by loud music at a presentation when the speaker forcefully blasts a rock and roll song to introduce themselves.

These situations are painful and embarrassing, but they are occasionally also immoral and criminal.

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