Highlights of 2022 for empowering event professionals

The events sector had a dramatic transition in 2022, with in-person events experiencing a return in popularity while virtual events continued to have a huge impact on the industry’s future. The importance of event content management has increased, and Gevme has taken the lead by releasing a set of tools to help event professionals. The website is now at the core of all event content, acting as a hub for pre-event promotions, registration, and on-demand post-event content thanks to the ability to not only build compelling events with Gevme’s Experiences but also manage event content with simplicity. In the “Create once and use everywhere” strategy for events, Gevme is setting the standard.

Here are a few of Gevme’s major product advancements from the previous calendar year.

Site for the event: Reinvented
The relevance of multichannel events has increased the number of digital touchpoints dramatically, making an effective and well-designed event website more important than ever. Enter Gevme’s Website app, a cutting-edge option for event planners seeking to improve their event website.

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