FOSCAM Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera – Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera with Night Vision up to 196ft,

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FOSCAM Full HD 1080P Wifi IP Camera, Home Security Camera with 4xOptical Zoom, Pan&Tilt Surveillance Syetem with with Enhanced Night Vision up to 196FT, IP66 Waterproof, Two-way Audio, WDR, White

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 59.44 × 35.05 cm
Part Number



‎1 Count (Pack of 1)




‎4x Optical Zoom





Power source type



12 Volts


10 watts

Item Package Quantity


Number of Pieces


Light Source Type


Plug Profile

‎Wall Mount

Special Features

‎Night Vision, Motion Sensor

Included Components


Batteries Included


Batteries Required



‎1.8 Kilograms


‎20.9 inches


‎23.4 inches


‎13.8 inches

Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎53.09 x 59.44 x 35.05 cm; 1.8 Kilograms



Date First Available

8 February 2017



10 reviews for FOSCAM Outdoor PTZ (4x Optical Zoom) HD 1080P WiFi Security Camera – Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera with Night Vision up to 196ft,

  1. R. Plant

    Great, solid camera if your WiFi is good.
    This is a solid camera that appears to be very well made. The displayed image is clear and bright. The night time illumination is distributed very nicely like a flood light instead of a spot light that would overpower the photo receptor when viewing areas close up. The PTZ is smooth and responsive. The camera does take a second or two the focus after zooming and a bit more after dark. The WiFi sensitivity seems quite good and stable, thanks to the Foscam Customer Support. I am on my 3rd camera of this brand and model (more below).Using security cameras has been a challenging journey for me. I am very tech savvy, but not a network engineer by any means.I have some experience with high end (Pelco) security cameras, but those were not wireless.I started with a camera in my back yard because we were having critter problems. I was able to identify both raccoons and opossums digging up our yard with the camera and got rid of them my killing the grubs in the lawn.The first camera would not reliably attach via WiFi. The second was and is rock solid and drop-outs are rare. Neither of these cameras are Foscam.I placed a camera where it could monitor our front yard and porch. This camera experienced frequent WiFi drop outs. A replacement was sent to me and it was off line more than it was on line, so I returned it.I then spent the extra cash and purchased a Foscam. I was impressed with its heft and solid feel. Setup on the Android app and on a wired LAN connection was easy. Disconnecting from the LAN was problematic. It took a day’s fiddling before it became stable enough for me to mount it into position. After about a week, it became even more stable on WiFi with only an occasional dropout (screen goes black for a couple of seconds to several minutes). I was pretty happy with this (my low expectations) but was sent a replacement because this camera’s display would flicker from bright to dim whenever the camera was in direct, bright sunlight. Both of these issues were also present when viewing on my smart phone. Tech support was not able to resolve the flickering so a replacement was provided.The first replacement camera also set up easily and attached to WiFi right away. Initially, there were frequent dropouts but I was getting used to the cameras stabilizing after a few days and it did . The dropouts became occasional, so I was content. After a couple more weeks, the dropouts became more frequent and annoying. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting and resetting the camera, etc. I also started monitoring my WiFi signal strength with an app on my phone. I ensured my router was not sharing a channel with any others in range and found that the router signal strength was dropping out. I retired that router and switched to the router provided by AT&T for my service. The camera’s performance again improved for a week or so, then the dropouts increased. WiFi was strong and stable, so I contacted Foscam Tech Support. During the troubleshooting process and over a couple of days the camera would no longer attach to WiFi at all. Since this was beyond the Amazon return window, Foscam sent a replacement themselves.When the second replacement arrived, setup was effortless. I tested the camera for a couple of days before thinking of mounting it. The camera worked well and was stable but would not reconnect to WiFi following power cycling, meaning I could mount the camera and plug it in, but it would not connect. I spent a couple days troubleshooting everything on my system, digging deep into the router and WiFi emailing Foscam Tech Support. Over the next couple of days the tech (Rem) went through his script then followed some leads and tried many things after I gave him access. He clearly knew what he was dong but wasn’t having much success. I requested a higher level of support. I was contacted the next business day by Lori Li who had some suggestions for me to try. I responded that those items had already been done many times and forwarded the long string of emails from the previous support sessions. I had switched to a cellular hotspot and the camera worked fine on it and reattached following power cycling, so I knew it had something to do with my ATT router. I also tried using my old wireless router as a wireless access point and the camera worked fine on it. This is interesting because my other camera was very stable throughout this whole process.Lori works in Beijing so we had to work out time slots when we could work together.Over a weekend my ATT router failed. I worked with their tech support and they could not fix it, so an appointment was made and it was replaced. The camera still would not work on the new ATT router. The next day, Lori remoted into my system and in just a few minutes had the camera working perfectly.It has been nearly a week now and there has not been a single dropout. The camera’s response time and speed is a good as when it was wired.It took a lot of patience and persistence, but I am very happy with the camera and Foscam support.

  2. johnthomasc3

    F19928P review without repeating all the other good information you can read from other reviewers.
    I just received this Foscam camera yesterday. While I haven’t mounted this yet, I have been preparing for it for quite sometime. I have purchased many Foscam cameras over the years. I have over 15 total in two homes. Like other reviewers, this is a step up from everything that Foscam has done. In this price range, this is a good buy. There are plenty of other cameras that you can buy that have more features or have a better known name than Foscam, but for this price point I am very happy so far. I have mine set up with a POE splitter. I have seen questions and answer about POE and I want to answer the biggest question regarding that here. While it is not POE ready, it and any of your older Foscam cameras that have an ethernet port and a power port or dongle, can be set up to have power over ethernet. It required in my case a POE splitter that is 12V. This camera has a 12 volt power supply. So with a splitter you connect the ethernet cable coming from a POE switch to the splitter and the ethernet cable on the splitter to the ethernet dongle of the camera that is supplied. You could also use a POE injector that has the correct 12V capacity if you did not have a POE switch. Older cameras take a 5v splitter and you can buy several types on Amazon and another reviewer has discussed this. For those of you that want to mount this using your own junction box that is waterproof, I had found one on YouTube and found the parts after a long search. You will need a 6″x6″x4″ plastic junction box, a Heyco LTCG 1 NPT BLK 8.5 Split N/N (this is the waterproof theaded part that protects the wire cable and the cluster of other cables), a package of O-Ring Dash 124 Silicone 0.1in Pk25 from Grainger, I also bought hex nuts that go on the inside of the box. For the ethernet cable waterproofing I bought a six foot long Ultratite Empty conduit, 1/2 inch, with fittings from Lowes. I have included a picture. It is possible to run everything through the larger hole in the F19928P mount, but I chose to use a junction box for easy access to my splitter and cables.The other reviews about the software and the browsers and the needing to download the Foscam brower apps in Internet Explorer are all true. However, they aren’t that big of a deal. I simply make IE my default browser so it won’t open in Edge. If you scan the QR code in the Foscam App, you can have your camera online immediately. I like using the IPcam.exe file supplied by Foscam to see my cameras and connect to them locally. I then open them, configure them, and view them on Blue Iris and the older Surveillance Pro app on my Iphone. To do this you will need to learn about static IP addresses, DYN DNS aspects, and Port forwarding. This has been covered by other reviewers and is well documented in the User manual. From what I see of the picture it looks great. Mine is still inside on a desk to be mounted at another home that I have almost 3 hours away. I am sure the other reviews have been accurate about what to expect on the night vision distance and the operating characteristics. I have moved the camera up and down and side to side and it works exactly as people have said. 90 degrees up and down and equally close to the back of the mount on both sides. I hope this will help some of you. The hole to drill in your junction box with the NPT 1inch part will be an inch and 1/4 using a spade bit. The hole for the Ultratite fitting is a 3/4″ hole that I also used a spade bit.I have added an additional picture of the parts of the junction box set up. I also ordered a NPT 1 1/4″ part, with a nut and a larger O-ring. The 1 inch allows all the cabling to fit thru, but it was a tight fit. The 1 1/4″ fitting makes it really easy. Both 1″ and 1 1/4″ NPTs are pictured. The NPT 1 1/4″ part requires an 1 1/2 inch hole drilled in the plastic box. You can see the big nuts that go on the inside and the O-rings (red). The 1/2 fitting that the Ethernet cable goes through is also pictured. The Ethernet cable can have the terminal end already attached and pass through the opening.

  3. DrekiTech

    No compromises
    I’ve had several Foscam cams (my entire house was done up with them) and from my testing so far this is by far the best camera Foscam has released to date. It is so loaded with features that it is almost overkill for my home setup, but now that I’ve got one I want to replace every one of my outdoor cams with it. I’ll be uploading some video samples shortly for you to see and decide though I recommend watching on YT instead of Amazon because AMZ compresses them a lot so the quality is lower.What I Like:-A huge range of Pan/tilt-Real OPTICAL zoom!-Autofocus-Starlight Sony sensor for excellent night time video-Long wireless range-Can record to micro SD (Foscam cloud isn’t required)-Video quality is overall greatWhat I Don’t Like:-It is BIG.Build quality: Upon opening the box it is immediately apparent that this camera means business. The entire thing is made of a tough metal and it is far heavier than I expected. The giant lens element screams quality. Everything is coated in a textured finish. The wireless antenna screws onto the top (or can be removed if you don’t need it). There is a waterproof housing for the Micro SD card located behind an alan key screw. The finish of the camera looks professional and is what I would expect from a camera that operates in a business or a the home of someone so paranoid about security they want the neighbors to know they have a cam. It’s not a subtle device AT ALL. This camera is way bigger than I expected it to be. It’s about the size of a mini watermelon.Set-up: Setting up the camera was as straightforward as previous Foscams I have used. The camera is tied to a QR code. With the camera connected by network cable, use the app to scan the QR code, then set up the details of the Wi-Fi network. Be sure to change the cameras admin password after setup too, otherwise you are potentially leaving your camera open for others to see it. A strong admin password prevents others from intercepting the stream. I’m not hugely fond of the web interface because it’s a bit clunky, but it does the job and has settings such as motion detection zones or scheduled recording. Me, I’m the kind of person who just throws a big (MLC) micro SD in the cam and if it captures anything important then I’ll go back through it. I haven’t tested the max size Micro SD this can support but I hope it is up to 256GB because I want to be able to capture a whole day on the card if need be.Note: Make sure to buy a micro SD that is meant specifically for security cam use. Sandisk Ultra cards will often break very quickly in these cams. Avoid them! Use something that is based on MLC storage technology, such as Transcend High Endurance, Lexar High Endurance, Adata Premier Pro, etc. If you need more space, go for a premium card. If you’re spending this kind of money on this cam, don’t compromise on a cheap SD card.Video quality (day): During the day, the colour and detail the camera captures is quite high. The camera autofocuses or can be manually focused. The manual focus can be fine tuned as needed but I just left it to auto for the most part because the auto focus is that good. The image quality is comparable to the best IP cams I’ve tested – true 1080p. During the day I was easily able to recognize faces with the zoom set close to my car and even farther back identifying features were visible. The camera pans and tilts to get the angle right. So far I’ve been incident free and nothing interesting has happened. :)Video quality (night): With the IR turned on, the world is illuminated like it is day. It’s pretty cool. Even under street lighting with the IR turned off it still does a decent job illuminating most things. I’m surprised how far it goes, but to be honest there’s some bushes across the street that it hits and lights up so I can’t tell exactly how far it goes. But it’s pretty great, and some of the best footage I’ve ever seen from an IP cam.Interface: I need to play around with the app and web interface more before I rate it. All the options are there but it’s a little bit confusing sometimes. I’ll get back to you more on this in a few days.Conclusion: Yep, this camera is pricey but if it is what you need it does not compromise. I have it pointed down at my car, which is parked on the street, and even at night it would be able to capture some details of faces. My landlords thought it was ugly at first but I think they’ve gotten used to the idea of having it pointed at their vehicles too. Overall I’m extremely happy with this one. Foscam has made a great piece of kit.

  4. Ethan C.

    Best Camera in my home security suite
    I currently 3 different camera brands in my security suite, Ring, Amcrest and now Foscam. Of the three brands, the best image comes from the Foscam hands down. I currently use the Amcrest IP3M-943, IP2M-841 and IP3M-HX2, The Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Spotlight Cam and last but not least, Foscam FI9928P. So in comparison the way it breaks down is like this:Foscam FI9928P: Large, heavy, solid build, easy network install, did not work with aftermarket POE injector, Great Image, stable software, OK app, 8 hour video replay for free. (currently have it on wifi and the performance is outstanding in comparison to the other brands on my Asus A2900 wifi router which is part of my AIMesh. Pan and tilt is smooth, zoom can be a bit touchy.Amcrest IP3M-943: Bullet cam, smallish profile, solid build, network installation took a few tries, Above average image, buggy software, good app, 4 hour video replay for free but only for one camera, will not stay on user designated settings when on wifi (wifi setup sucks I have it connected via ethernet) and even on ethernet the software is buggy. connected to my AIMesh router.Amcrest IP2M-841: Pan and tilt is not very smooth, zoom image is ok but not very clear, as with all amcrest cameras network installation took a few tries. Above average image if you can keep the image setting from randomly changing on its own and connected via ethernet cable. Software is the same for all models.Amcrest IP3M-HX2: Zoom, image quality and installation is the same across all models with the same bugs, but this one does perform better on wifi than the others.Ring door bell pro: Easy installation for both putting it in and adding it to the network. Not sure how much replay without paying as I have always had a pay subscription. Image is not the greatest outside of a 7 or so foot range. within that range it is ok, you can recognize and see the people with no issues but it is not the cleanest image.Ring Spotlight cam: Everything about ring is outstanding but the image quality is once again, not the greatest. The closer you get to the camera the clearer the image, while you could see a person at a distance you could not make out anything more than someone being there, the closer they get the better the image.Motion sensing: of the three, from what I can tell ring has the best software followed by foscam, amcrest’s just flat out sucks.I installed the Foscam yesterday and will say that if I knew then what I know now, all of my cameras except the door bell would be Foscam. The FI9982P as of now is the best of the bunch, the amcrest cams are cheaper but with that price comes a lot of software issues that will require your attention several times a day. For the price, compared to the ring spotlight cam is outperformed by this model and currently it is the same price.Lastly, amcrest and foscam are synology NVR compatible which means that you do not have to pay for cloud based storage if you have a synology server that supports the surveillance station app. The only downside is that only the synology NVR’s come with more than one or two camera licenses so if you will have to purchase add on camera licenses for each additional camera you want to add to it.

  5. AlanS

    UPDATED Review! F19928P: Struggling for 3 weeks to get this camera working consistently…
    This is an update: I returned the camera for exchange, the new unit seems to work flawlessly. It has been solidly connected via WiFi without interruption for two days now (the 1st one would not maintain a connection for a full day), and responds very quickly to PTZ commands remotely from the phone app. It does exactly what I wanted; would have given 5 stars if not for the 1st unit being defective. Here is my earlier review on the 1st unit: … I have an older Foscam mounted that is working well on my Wifi for over 3 years, so this seemed like the logical choice when wanting to add a 2nd camera with PTZ capabilities (same app, etc.). I have ONE WEEK left in my return window, so am posting this in hopes of help (via comments to this review) as Foscam’s “support” is currently email-only and painfully slow to non-responsive. I have installed the cam to less than 10′ from my router, where the wifi tests at 100mbps (the older Foscam is over 50′ away working perfectly after 3 yrs). When this camera works it works GREAT, unfortunately the video feed drops off frequently and I have to reboot (power-cycle) to get the stream back. It lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to 22 hours and drops off again. Foscam support recommended changing the wifi channel: I changed from AUTO to 7 … video lasted 1 hour; changed again to channel 11, it lasted 10 minutes, so back to AUTO (again, the OTHER older Foscam connected to the same wifi network works flawlessly through all these changes). Support recommend changing the resolution to less than 1080: This, on its face, seems unacceptable but I have tried — in the web based application I change to Equalibrium 720 mode, save it, and it switches back to 1080 within a minute (will not hold the setting). Am near the end of my patience (I even purchased a new, more powerful router specifically to help with this effort, it is a Netgear AC3200 and the wifi tests at 100mbps in the vicinity of the camera). I am very open to trying other suggestions but “support” takes hours or days to respond and is thusfar unsuccessful. Can anyone provide a comment here with suggestions? I have 7 days left in the return window… I really LIKE this camera when it works (it is extremely responsive via phone app, does PTZ, presets, etc., very well — when it works!) but if I cannot get it to work consistently it will go back. If I get it going I will update this review. Please HELP if you have any suggestions.

  6. Stacy B.

    Great IP Cam when using Ethernet, problematic when using Wifi
    I purchased this camera with the idea that, with it having WiFi, I could mount it on my garage and monitor the Alley. I have an existing security system with a dedicated DVR that utilizes both Wired (BNC) and IP Cameras. All cameras run at 1080p. I did not want to mount one of my hardwired cameras on my garage because it wasnt feasible running camera wires from my house to my garage. Before I mounted this Foscam Camera on my garage, I went through the initial setup and testing of this camera, inside my house to verify that it works with my Networked DVR. The DVR recognized this Foscam Camera thus fulfilling my needs for this product…. well ALMOST. The WiFi on this particular camera is very weak from a distance of about 50ft away from my router. I had a Ring Floodlight Cam mounted on my garage using the same 2.4Ghz Wifi connection that had an RSSI of 45. This Foscam Camera, mounted where the Ring Cam was, would not connect to my network using the same 2.4Ghz as my Ring once did. I did quite a bit of trouble shooting within my network, and within the camera settings. I used my PC to access the cameras settings because there are more options this way compared to the Foscam App. I could not find a solution to my connection issues through any type of setting. I started to physically look at this Foscam Camera and noticed that the Wifi antenna terminal was loose. I also noticed that there is an extremely thin wire that connects from the bottom of this terminal, and runs into the body of the camera. This wire was not seating well to the antenna terminal at all. Nothing could be done to improve this connection. So after walking away from this failed situation for a week or so, I decided that running a direct burial CAT-7 line out to my garage would be the best bet. So I did just that. This camera is now fully operational. I never doubted the overall quality of this Foscam Camera, and I am happy with this purchase. But I am dissatisfied with the fact that the main reason why I chose this camera was to connect to it using WiFi, and avoid having to bury wiring from my house to my garage. But the WiFi signal on this camera was so horrible once mounted, that I ended up burying a line in my yard anyway just to get this to work. It was worth the trouble doing so.

  7. M&M

    Excellent Home Security from an Outstanding Company
    This camera is absolutely a must have for home security. The FI9928P is an outdoor camera that is impressive the minute the box arrives at your home. The box is big and heavy, letting you know that this isn’t you small in home camera. When you open the box you find a neatly packed item with documentation, mounting items, and the camera itself. The item is approximately 8″x 9″ and with a durable weight. You just know that this item should hold up when you see and hold it. It has wires for power, network connection, and RCA cables for wired audio if you choose to go that route. I personally did not choose to go that way with this camera as I mounted it on a storage building behind our house that sits beside our driveway and near the road. The building is approximately 50 feet from my router to the mounting location and it has no issue connecting to my wifi 2.4 connection. The camera came with a mounting template that peels and sticks to the surface with holes showing you exactly where to drill. I prepared the surface, ran the wires through the wall, mounted the camera, and sealed it with caulk before plugging it in. Prior to this step, I had connected the camera to a network cable, opened my Foscam app, scanned the QR code and added the camera. Once the camera was placed on the building and plugged in, it immediately found my wifi and showed up on the phone. I pulled up the IP Camera tool (downloaded from, found the IP address, and set it up on my laptop as well. If you have issues with this, don’t hesitate reaching out to the Foscam customer support as they are professional and can easily get your camera set up. You have the freedom of setting up your user name, password, choosing fluctuating or constant IP address as well as designate you own port to assist in security.Now that I’ve described the setup, let me tell you that this camera is awesome. It’s 2mp with amazing clarity during the daytime and night. When it gets dark at my house, it is pitch black. When I view my driveway and cars at night, it’s as though the lights are on because I can see with no difficulty what is going on around my house. The camera can pan and tilt at a phenomenal range reaching from directly in front of it to immediately behind it. The micro SD and reset button are secured and dry behind a metal cap that is removed with a hex tool that is provided in the box but can easily be found in a tool store if you lose it. Even on wifi, you have the capability of listening in on surroundings as well as speak through the camera if needed. As with other Foscam cameras you have the ability to set the camera to record per schedule, on alert by motion or sound, on the micro sd card or on the Foscam cloud (at a charge).If you are looking for security outside your home . . . this is an excellent choice for you.

  8. David Becker

    Sturdy little Camera, Fit my needs very well.
    I have had this for a few days but I have been testing it quite extensively. Here is what I have discovered.Out of the box. I thought it was pretty strait forward to setup with the QR code on the camera, and the android App. I will say it is nice that the android app takes care of remote viewing. No need to port forward, it just works, BUT it is SOOO slow. You will want to use a 3rd party app to control and view your camera. Thankfully tinyCam Monito worked easily giving full control, and with a forwarded port it works everywhere.As far as the configuration, it does require you to install some software to view the video stream in a browser. Very annoying considering that some will want to configure their camera remotely and have to install that plugin on any computer they want to do this from. I found myself just remoting into my home computer and configuring it from there remotely.With foscam software you can record continuously to the SD card, or you can use foscams software to setup remote storage on a local PC or FTP. I like that I can also setup motion detection to email me pictures of the motion. Instant viewing with out live streaming constantly. I did have trouble setting this up with gmail though. I am not sure if it is possible but I had to use another email service to send the emails. Do a bit of research if this is important to you. I think the problem I had is that I authenticate my google account before logins, and foscam had no security in place to facilitate this.Overall this camera does exactly what I wanted. It is wireless it can monitor the front of my home, it can swivel around and check for packages at my door step, it can swing around and check the side yard. It is wireless, it is 1080. THe price is a big high in comparison to other cams, but it fit my needs almost exactly. No monthly cloud subscription if you don’t really need it, and if you do the price is quite affordable for almost anyone.Foscam.. improve your android app. It works decent, but it is SOOO sluggish when controlling the PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) remotely.COLD WEATHER UPDATE: I have now used this camera through -26 F weather. It functions in these temps however its ability to completely rotate gets limited. Facing forward I can rotate it just fine about 180 degrees. When it gets to the point where it is facing towards its mouts it gets very slow and sluggish / can’t rotate there. If you hold it will slowly move there but it goofs up preset positions. Overall I am happy with it. it still does what I need it to and -26F is crazy cold for any electronic to work outside without dedicated heating.

  9. Dave

    3 big flaws and a warning! Updated: ZERO Stars
    Update: After 3 months of use, i would not recommend these cameras at all. Changed to 1 star rating…1 of them has a problem with color and i can’t adjust/fix it. Another one went offline and hasn’t come back online for over 2 weeks… even though i can see it from another camera and i can see it’s IR light shining at night so i know it’s one. My other FOSCAM cameras are doing well, but these PTZ outdoor cameras are duds….Additional Update: After 6 months of usage, I now give this ZERO stars. The motion detection on these cameras are useless. They constantly record rain, yet i had a 2 hour period yesterday of contractors at my farm and it recorded ZERO… NOTHING….. luckily my other Foscam cameras did their job and recorded their movements, but these PTZ cameras are useless and nothing works right on them.Original post:I am a big fan of Foscam and have used them for years. I just installed 3 of these PTZ outdoor cameras and the picture quality is amazing as is the zoom (with1 caveat below). Unlike others, i have had very little problem with the app or connections.IMHO there are 3 big flaws and one watch out!1) Tilt – As advertised, it Pans (up/down) 85 degrees – what they don’t tell you is it’s from LEVEL down. This is a HUGE flaw as it means you can’t “look up”, this is especially a problem when you zoom in…. the more you zoom in, the less of anything you can see above the level (looking straight out) point. So for example, I have a long driveway and my camera is mounted at about 6 feet high… when i zoom in, i can’t see the end of the driveway as it goes off the top of the screen and i can’t zoom “up”. I was really surprised by this as their indoor PTZ cameras pan up to almost straight up.2) Sound – it says it has sound detection, however, it does not transmit sound… i found this odd as there is an RCA audio out cable if you do a hard wired installation.3) The indoor PTZ and other cameras have AI alerts – meaning it detects humans and only alerts on that. These cameras don’t have that, even with the cloud service. have the alert level set to the lowest level (sensitivity) and i’m getting false alerts constantly. Additionally, if you set to “do not disturb” the hours you can set are from 0000 to 2300 hours. So yep, you guessed it… from 11pm to midnight i get a ton of alerts… very annoying. Matter of fact it’s raining at my farm right now and i’ve gotten 17 alerts while typing this!Watch Out: As I said, I’ve had Foscam cameras for years and have updated the firmware at least 50 times across all my cameras and never had a problem. The installation i just did was 8 cameras at my farm 300 miles away. I got home and saw there was a firmware update avail…. did the first one and no problem… did the second one and the camera never came back online. Lesson learned – don’t do a remote firmware upgrade… i’m sure a power cycle will fix this, but i’ve got to drive 300 miles to do that!Having said all that, i’m still very happy with these cameras and feel like my property is much more protected. The cloud recording is great and the quality is extremely good. Also, being able to easily share the cameras via the app with family members has been a real bonus.

  10. Bill G.

    Bought two of these…
    I bought two of these, not both from amazon, but I have not had any issues except on one of them half the IRLEDs stopped working, thus the 3 stars. Got them both running without the phone app, just treated them like any other Foscam camera when I connected them, so do not believe those who say you can’t connect them without the phone app. I have 5 Foscam cameras counting these two, I used the window computer app to hook them all up, the only issues is that I had to use IE 11 on windows 10 and turn off http(s) to make it work, as Foscam software app is not setup to run on secure http, but that’s okay as I only use IE11 for the cameras and nothing else on my internal(password secure network. For external stuff I use Sighthound video which can recognize when people are in the video area and allow you to get to your cameras from your phone on their app. Although it is not quite as slick as google Nest in some ways, others it is better, I believe it is more secure, cheaper and they will get there someday. The video on these camera is a lot better than the older cameras I have, especially the contrast. I would recommend these as I have some indoor cameras outside in the heat/humidity here in Florida for years only protected by be under a soffit with no issues. Currently I am setting up one of these to run off batteries and a solar panel, not quite ready yet.

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