Event Planning Revolutionized by Generative AI

In recent years, the events industry has experienced tectonic shifts, from the rise of hybrid and virtual events during the pandemic to the rapid evolution of participant expectations. Now, generative AI promises to revolutionize event planning even further and elevate experiences to the next level.

As this technology acquires popularity, event professionals must be aware of its vast potential and inherent limitations. At CONNECT Fall 2023- Omnichannel: The New Normal for Events, Keerat Singh, Head of Revops, Gevme, and Florence Chua, MD, APAC, PCMA discussed the impact of Generative AI in event planning, emphasizing its support while retaining human control.

Understanding the Capabilities of Generative AI

Generative AI entails sophisticated algorithms designed to generate new content across multiple mediums, such as text, images, audio, and video. Notably, models such as GPT-3 and Project Spark demonstrate remarkable skill in writing human-like content on a wide variety of topics.

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