Providing the Engine for the Digital-First Approach for Events

The world of events has changed permanently as a result of COVID-19. During the pandemic’s height, virtual reality experiences were all the rage. But more than anything else, it was out of necessity. Even then, we believed that the future would be a hybrid one.

The pendulum swung from one extreme (virtual) to the other (totally in-person) as Covid restrictions began to be loosened, borders reopened, and people could travel.

Anomalies exist at both ends.

According to our estimates, the new normal will stabilize around 2023. And with a Digital-First strategy, that is the world of events. People prefer to participate at times and in formats that work for them. Sometimes doing so entails going to a fantastic location to meet fantastic people while enjoying fantastic food and beverages. In other instances, that means relaxing on your couch or bed while viewing a livestream or on-demand material on your phone or iPad!

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