Titan 1200 Fog Machine | 20,000 CFM – Low Fluid Sensor – High Output

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Froggys Fog Titan 1200 Fog Machine Timer Control Included (Wireless Optional) Instant Stop Technology, Elimates machine spitting Oversized Heater Core for increased run times Quick Ready Fog Technology (QRFT) Advanced Low Fluid Sensing

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Weight 11.79 kg
Dimensions 30.48 × 29.21 cm
Item Weight

‎11.8 kg

Product Dimensions

‎54.1 x 30.48 x 29.21 cm; 11.79 Kilograms

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Date First Available

30 November 2018


Froggys Fog

7 reviews for Titan 1200 Fog Machine | 20,000 CFM – Low Fluid Sensor – High Output

  1. Mark McKowen

    Nice Powerful Little Unit
    I purchased this unit as a (much-needed) upgrade to my existing ‘brand-x’ (popular brand), which is rated at an ‘ok’, but disappointing 4k cu ft/ min fog unit.For roughly double the cost of my old fog unit, the Titan 1200 rapidly dwarfed my previous unit in a glorious shroud of epic fog, reminiscent of a Bay Area covering. With nearly identical wattage (differing by only 200W from my previous model), the Titan 1200 exceeded my expectations. Rated in the 20k cu ft/ min output (range), this little beastie achieves a rapid fog threshold to cover a nice pocket area. As a note, this unit does not use DMX triggering, but for my application, the corresponding remote was exactly what I needed, as this is predominantly being used for steady-output application.

  2. Pam Head

    Lots of fog!
    We used this for Halloween and it worked great! We did use the recommended fog juice and it sent fog down our entire neighborhood street!

  3. Chris

    Fantastic product awesome customer service

  4. D.A. Drake

    It Works Great! Love it!
    UPDATE Halloween 2021: Still working great! This puts out TONS of fog, and does it fast! It may be my favorite thing about Halloween night, kids get freaked out as fog covers them!I’ve bought many fog machines before from those pop-up Halloween stores, and while they are worked just okay they never work very well at all the next year no matter how well I took care of them. The Froggy’s Fog Titan 1200 machine costs more than those but it is WORTH EVERY PENNY! Not only does it work GREAT, almost overkill! It seems very well built and it’s easy to use. It was FANTASTIC last Halloween! I tried it again in Feb and it worked fine. Can’t wait to use it this Oct!

  5. Ivan Kush

    Beast of a machine!
    Used with Froggy’s Fog Bog Juice – this thing smoked out the neighborhood! It was epic. It takes a few minutes to warm ~5 and once ready it will blast a fantastic amount of fog. The machine is heavy (and heavy duty). I ran it continuously for about 5 hours and it never disappointed. I built an ice chiller to go with this and it really made a great effect. Be warned you will want to dial down the velocity to ensure enough residence time in your chiller.The only reason I’m rating a 4 is because the time delay doesn’t appear to work on the remote. I’m going to experiment a bit more with it when I run the Froggy’s cleaner through it later this week. So far great machine, worth the money in my mind.

  6. Shadoworks

    TITAN 1200 – Using the Froggy’s BOG FOG, this thing blew out my entire street on Halloween to the point of being unsafe. Had to monitor the amount of fog I was putting out so kids wouldn’t get hit by cars. It will be put to heavy use while making our next feature film FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS. — You will get pro quality fog if you use the Froggy’s brand juices. (The photo I attached is a very short burst, maybe a quarter blast)

  7. Theynine

    Serious fogger.
    Mass quantities of fog and minimal recycle time. Fog up your neighborhood. Cant imagine using this indoors, that would be overkill. Wont use your attachments from your party city foggers, has its own connector setup.

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