REOLINK 4K 8MP Dual Lens Outdoor Security Camera, PTZ Camera with Auto Tracking, 2.4/5GHz WiFi Smart Person/Vehicle Detection,

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Model Name Reolink TrackMix WiFi
Connectivity Technology Wired
Special Feature 2 Way Audio, HD Resolution, Night Vision, PTZ Technology, Motion Sensor

  • Auto Tracking and 6X Zoom: The telephoto lens and wide-angle PT lens enable auto tracking and 6X hybrid zoom to closely follow and focus on the target. You can have an ultra-wide overview and a clear close-up look at the same time in the dual view
  • Person/Vehicle Alerts & Pet Detection: Smartly detects people and vehicles’ motion and sends you real-time accurate alerts. The brand-new feature, Pet detection, can also allow you to keep an eye on cats and dogs. Rest your peace of mind anywhere anytime
  • Ultra-Wide Field of View: The wide-angle lens provides 104°-38° horizontal and 60°-21° vertical viewing angles. It can pan 355°, tilt 90°, and track the object at a distance of 50ft during the day and night, to realize all-around surveillance
  • 8MP Full-Color Day & Night: The 8MP wide-angle lens can bring you a 4K UHD sharp overview in color. The built-in spotlights enable bright and clear full-color images even on the dark night
  • Flexible Storage Options: The camera supports up to 256GB micro SD card (not included) , FTP, and Reolink NVR for storage. If you use it with Reolink NVR, please refer to the Troubleshooting Gudie for further help.


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Product Description

ptz camera system

Auto-Zoomed Motion Tracking

Auto Track & Auto Zoom

For this 4K security cameras wireless outdoor, the wide-angle lens can pan 355° & tilt 90° to keep detected objects within its view ; The telephoto lens zooms in to the targeted object to closely follow its movement, which is produced by the two lenses cooperatively.

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Flexible & Efficient Storage

4k security cameras wireless outdoor

Multiple Storage Options

Videos can be recorded to micro SD cards (up to 256GB, not included), Reolink NVRs*, and FTP servers. *Only compatible with NVRs with smart features and the latest firmware.

4k wifi security camera outdoor

High-Efficiency H.265 Video Coding

The PTZ camera system adopts both H.264 and H.265 video coding technologies. More efficient than H.264, H.265 technology saves half of the bandwidth and storage space without compromising image quality and frame rate.

wireless camera outdoor

Secure Data Encryption

Your privacy is highly valued. Your data are encrypted by advanced algorithms and protocol, and you can set a tricky password to double-lock the data.

4k wifi camera outdoor

2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band WiFi

The 4K WiFi camera works on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to provide a high-speed and stable connection. You can choose the best WiFi band handily.

4k security cameras outdoor

Real-Time Two-Way Talk

The built-in mic & speaker allow you to have real-time 2-way talk, record & replay videos with audio, and customize the siren with your own voice.

ptz camera system

Capture the Dynamic Process

The time lapse allows you to see the whole construction process or from sunrise to sunset captured by this 4K PTZ camera in just a few minutes.

Additional information

Weight 4.18 kg
Dimensions 10.83 × 8.23 × 7.76 cm
Package Dimensions

10.83 x 8.23 x 7.76 inches

Item Weight

4.18 pounds



Item model number

Reolink Trackmix WiFi

Date First Available

November 10, 2022


Reolink Digital

10 reviews for REOLINK 4K 8MP Dual Lens Outdoor Security Camera, PTZ Camera with Auto Tracking, 2.4/5GHz WiFi Smart Person/Vehicle Detection,

  1. JohnnyDawg

    Real testing from verified “paid” customer 🙂The media could not be loaded.

     Received the ReoLink TrackMix WiFi camera on 12/5/2023. Shipment was delayed one (1) day by USPS. However, it was packed excellently, and the auto set up was quick and easy. THE BAD: I could NOT get the two (2) screws out to remove the cover for inserting the microSD card. It was like someone used Loctite to insert the screws, and after several attempts using the right-size screwdriver, the screw-heads became stripped. I returned the camera and requested a replacement. Hopefully, my experience with the replacement will be good. Stay tuned for follow-up report.12/10/2922 UPDATE: The ReoLink TrackMix WiFi camera replacement was received one day earlier than it’s estimated delivery. It was delivered on Thursday December 8, 2022. Setup was quick and easy to connect to my WiFi. I have placed the camera inside my home to become more familiar with the mobile phone app and ensure all works as expected before installing it outside the home. One (1) requested enhancement I’ve sent to Reolink: Option to list the Playback videos from most recent to oldest. I am planning to order a second TrackMix WiFi camera after the holidays once this camera is further tested outdoors, and expecting it to pass testing :)12/13/2022 UPDATE: The TrackMix WiFi camera was placed outside on a corner of my home on December 12, 2022. It’s options and functionality are OK for the Admin Account on a newly released camera. The Admin User has lots of options to customize its features. However, the General Users functionality are missing some MUST HAVE features. As of today, General Users do NOT have Two-Way Talk, and cannot use PTZ to survey the viewing area. For me, these are MUST HAVE features, and I would NOT recommend purchasing this camera until these two (2) features are added unless you plan to give all users admin privilege. I do NOT want to give everyone Admin privileges for obvious reasons ☹12/17/2022 UPDATE: I witnessed a Major Bug in TrackMix WiFi camera. False Alarms sent as People while raining at night renders the camera Notifications useless and defeats its Security purpose. I had to stop all notifications from the camera because of continuous False Alarms while raining during the night.12/20/2022 UPDATE: Please know the Reolink TrackMix WiFi camera has great potential to become The Premier Camera in this price range. Their support staff have been quick to answer emails with customer centric skill. I believe this camera, with Firmware v3.0.0.1123_22071301, was NOT ready to be released before Black Friday. However, the marketing team won the argument over the engineering team (again). Today I received a message from Reolink Support with their latest Firmware instructions and compressed Firmware pak. The “Auto Update” function in the Android app has NOT been implemented. I will install the updated Firmware after Christmas and report the results from testing.UPDATE: 12/30/2022: All is Well after swapping emails with Reolink Support, and applying their Configuration recommendations, and latest Firmware update. So far, the TrackMix WiFi camera has been working flawlessly. Please know that many of my tests and configuration changes occurred while away from home, and out of State. I was so impressed with this camera and its potential that I’ve ordered and received my 2nd TrackMix WiFi camera and it’s going through testing now.Folks, this camera has so much possibility. It’s only been available since November 2022, and with further refinements and Firmware updates it should be on everyone’s list for PTZ cameras. Attached is a 1:36 minute video of USPS delivering my 2nd TrackMix WiFi camera. Before the driver pulls off, I requested all future deliveries be placed under the front porch out of the weather. You can see that the driver placed the package where rain flows out of the gutter downspout.The fact that I’ve purchased the 2nd camera sez it all 😊

  2. PETER V.

    Early for me to determine qualityI have used the previous version similar Reolink PTZ camera for over a year with relatively good quality and reliability which lead to me purchasing this one.So far easy to set up and use. Working good but I have notice some problems.The high resolution lens is about the same quality as the other one. The software is not always functioning as it should, both cameras zoom in instead only one zooming and one stays on wider range. Very sensitive, rain and snow constantly triggering motion detection. Some times picks up my garden statues that are motionless for moving people.Overall services my purpose of monitoring and deterrence and I’m adjusting to few imperfections and hopefully future updates willprovide fixes.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Works wellNice product, easy set up, easy to use. General picture quality is good at a short range, lose clarity at a distance. Not good in foggy conditions. Able to use across multiple devices at one time. Better than Blink versions. No cloud subscription required or set up with auto renewal like other products. Onboard SD card captures video and pictures (not included in device) there’s a lag between movement and command via Wi-Fi thus the rating of a 4 v/s 5 stars.

  4. Florida

    Starting out well except no Reolink cloud supportUPDATE: Agree with other writer about the SD card cover screws being overtightened at factory. Using the camera now 600′ away from home with a directional Wifi antenna at house, through minimal trees. Sound quality is unusually good for ip camera compared to past Amcrest, Foscam, Hikvision, etc. White LED light is set to come on upon motion now, which seems to work as expected. Using in night color mode with minimal lighting from moon or flag light. Playback is jerky despite Wifi signal that is fine for live viewing. App could be better designed to locate trigger events. License plate identification is probably not going to happen in daytime from 30′ away.ORIGINAL: Camera works very well during first day of use in rain, and at night in pitch blackness before turning on Christmas lights. If forced to remain in color mode, its image is not much grainier than B&W auto mode, and with two strings of green Christmas lights and one lit manger scene 200′ away, the area around those is lit surprisingly well. A deer triggered the motion recording silhouetted against the ambient Christmas lighting. The two lenses work well enough but there is confusion on how to utilize them. First, Reolink does not support them with their Cloud recording program for some reason although they support similar cameras, or list similar ones. Their Android app displays both lens images, and their Windows app also does in LIVE view, but once you go to Playback mode, the Windows app does NOT show the zoomed in image which i assume is recorded. I also assume we are accessing the SD card on the camera since Reolink replied that their Cloud is not available for this camera. Wifi range is working right now at 200′ through mild tree cover from house routers with only sporadic pixelating in light rain. Interesting that the two lenses don’t pixelate at the same time. So it would be helpful if Reolink explained their setup a little better to people. They did respond in 24 hours about the missing Cloud feature. Also noted the zoom lens seems to have brighter images than the wide angle and normally that would be the opposite in regular 35mm cameras. TRACKING: the camera did pick up a human walking 200′ or so away and the zoom lens tracker in on the figure, leading the whole camera to pan and tilt as necessary to keep the figure visible, but at night, car headlights did not seem to trigger this same tracking action for some reason and they were larger and clearly visible and moving. Will update as time passes once I try to access without the Reolink apps via browsers and Blue Iris or similar.

  5. face

    Good camera, “Scene” mode is hard to find in appyou can set home and away mode with “scenes ”. Which is confusing and hidden till you pull down themain screen. It should not be hidden.****Reolink: please add the spotlight, infrared light, mechanical object tracking to scene control. Better yet just allow any option to be changed with a scene.The noises as it moves around tracking while I’m home it’s driving me nuts. But I want that when I’m in my “away” scene. I’m lowering my rating to 3 stars until you fix scenes to include more options. You should just allow any setting to be changed in a scene. Fix scenes to include more critical options or all options and I’ll give it five stars.

  6. Kewlzter TC

    Great camerasBought these as an upgrade from my old system.The difference is night and day. Clear pictures where you can actually identify the person. You can read license plates, and see clearly.They’re feature rich, but instructions are scarce.You’ll need to play with everything to learn how stuff works.Only negative is the mounting bracket is plastic, and can’t be removed.A bad person can break the camera free from its plastic bracket, and all the video is inside the camera (unless you by a DVR, or Cloud).You can have the camera email you clips or pictures.

  7. Rick warren

    Works greatNice made

  8. Omayra Souchet

    Great camera so farCurrently mounted on a 4th floor balcony it provides great coverage of the front of the building. Even though it’s mounted high the quality of the street below is still great. Night vision works well but as you can tell by the photo, isn’t really needed unless it’s super dark out. The spotlight also is very bright. Camera is connected to a 5ghz access point roughly 10-15ft away and streams flawlessly, very strong connection with no issues. Microphone is surprisingly sensitive and picks ups everything. Just wish it supported cloud storage being one of their pricier cameras but I’m sure it’ll be added in the future.

  9. Brad

    Hybrid zoom = digitalI was hoping to get enough resolution to read license plates, but the hybrid zoom is purely digital and does not provide enough resolution to read a license plate from even 40-50 feet away. Even maxing the settings it doesn’t feel like it’s really 4k either.

  10. Ken S.

    Great camera!I ordered this camera because I wanted the pan tilt and zoom features and so far I have been very impressed with the overall quality of this camera. It seamlessly integrated into the PC app as well as the android app. No fuss. It just works!I like it so much, I ordered a second camera and the NVR to go with them, so I can record 24/7. I may be adding a 3rd and 4th camera very soon to complete and replace my old system.

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