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Converts any SD or HD video format Offers SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs Option for software upgrades via updater application Controls via Windows and Mac OS systems 5W of power consumption (power supply included) Operates in temperatures of 0 to 40-degree-C Lightweight and portable

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Weight 247 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 15.24 cm

‎Blackmagic Design



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5 watts

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‎15.24 x 15.24 x 15.24 cm; 247 Grams



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17 April 2018


Blackmagic Design

10 reviews for Blackmagic Design Mini Converter UpDownCross HD

  1. Peeet

    It’s so useful.
    I need this chiefly because BMD vision mixers tend to require every input to be the same resolution and frame rate. Unhelpful vision mixers!Having said that, this will help with one camera input, or one PC input.We have all cameras set to 1080i at 50 fps (“1080 i 50”) but recently purchased two cameras at 1080 i 59.94 along with a cheap BMD mixer. Their Mini mixer outputs at 1080 p 50 and will need conversion to augment inputs to the main mixer. So the UpDownCross is useful.Our PC hasn’t got a 1080 i 50 setting available (cheaper graphics card) and as graphics cards are so expensive just now, this might provide an alternative way forwards.

  2. Larry G.

    Does exactly what is needed
    As UP/Down/Cross converters go, Blackmagic gear works excellently. Always my first choice when looking for converters of any type.

  3. Greg F

    Not HDCP Compliant
    First off I am not bad mouthing this product. It has top notch quality build and performance. It does everything it says it does. It is however not High-Speed Digital Copyright Protection compliant.What does that mean to the average consumer. It means it does not perform a digit handshake with video sources and display devices. In other words if you have a DVD player, Game Console, Monitor, Projector or other HDMI device connected and one of them requires the copyright protecting handshake, it does not pass the signal along or create a handshake with the protected device and your image will not display as intended.For me, it meant the display scrolled vertically on the screen randomly every few minutes. If you are using this device in a video production situation like converting a camera signal to another format it works great, because your are the content creator. That was left out of the description. It is not intended for consumer devices that have modern copyright protection built into them. There are other converters that do work with HDCP, but they are three or four times the price.BlackMagic’s customer service was great. They worked with me on trying to sort out my issue and were very prompt with their replies by email.

  4. fernando linares

    Does the job
    Does the job at the right price. It’s the Swiss Army knife for those dealing with multiformat in this day and age.

  5. Jon

    Perfect for broadcasting signal to an older projector
    I have 1080p60 coming out of my Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD going into my streaming deck but I also wanted to send this signal to another room in the building with an older projector that only does 1080p30i. This is EXACTLY what I needed for that. I could loop out the signal unaffected to my streaming deck and then send it down the hall to the other room in the format that projector needed.The other room is 200 feet away and I have had no issues at all. I did have to go online to get the manual to figure out the dip switches, and it is true that some are not used/needed, but once we figured that out, boom… it worked flawlessly the first time and I hope it will continue for years to come. If it does not, I will update my review as I always do. So if you’re reading this and there is no further update, it’s still going!

  6. bige40wings

    Does exactly what I need
    I was having trouble with my SDI connected screens not supporting the same resolution and refresh rates. This is able to downscale, so it was the perfect solution, and worked like a charm.

  7. John Rich

    Great product
    I bought this so I could play modern systems on my BVM monitor with an SDI but no HDMI slot. My BVM has 1080i, but not 1080p and the Xbox One only has 1080p/720p support, so this converted the 1080p to 1080i and the results are stunning.For others thinking about doing the same, this device doesn’t strip the HDCP, so in order to get a PS3, Xbox one, other modern consoles, you’ll also need an HDMI splitter to strip that protection before putting it into this. I bought a cheap OREI splitter off Amazon and it worked great.

  8. antoniofunaroph

    Great product!

  9. Joseph

    Cannot display 1080i 60hz
    I was hoping that I could convert 1080p to 1080i 60hz, but it does not work.It only converts to 1080i 30hz

  10. Debbie H.

    This device did exactly what we wanted it to.
    We needed to convert the video output of a laptop computer to match the output from two video cameras before sending it to the Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD. The process of configuring the converter using a set of dip switches is straightforward and simple. It worked on the first try! A short, simple set of instructions are provided with the device. The settings required to output a variety of formats are also printed right on the device itself, avoiding the problem of the lost manual. The only slight drawback we could find was that the print is very tiny! This is a necessity to fit all the information in the small space available, and the drawback is easily overcome by good eyesight or a magnifying glass.We were under strict time constraints with this project, and were very pleased with Safe Harbor Computers prompt response. The item shipped almost immediately, and arrived within a few days.

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