Audiopipe 9 Band Equalizer

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Weight 771.11 kg
Dimensions 19.3 × 4.83 cm




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‎Audiopipe 9 Band Equalizer

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‎22.86 x 19.3 x 4.83 cm; 771.11 Grams



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22 June 2017



10 reviews for Audiopipe 9 Band Equalizer

  1. Ersel linton

    Hands Down ✋️ 👐
    OMG. I must say this equalizer right here. SMH. This is great eq, I switched from the massive eq9x and it’s a major difference. Now I barely have to turn my volume up wow, the sound is crystal clear, no static, definitely worth the money👍🏽

  2. Gary B.

    Only two settings for the crossover 60 or 90Hz
    I bought this Equalizer just because it was a nine band not for it’s crossover capability so the 60 or 90hz selection isn’t a factor for me because I run the my subs through the sub output on my head unit. I strictly run my mids and highs through the EQ and they sound great. If you need a equalizer with better crossover capability then I’d suggest you get the Rockville R7EQ model, it’s has crossover function from 40hz-250Hz with infinity adjustment anywhere in between. I believe the Rockville was a bit cheaper, and looks just as good only downside is that it’s a 7 band not 9 like the AP. The AP looks really good also, it has push button knobs, push them and they pop out , make your adjustment and you can push it again and it recesses so they don’t get bumped. I believe all these EQ’s are made in the same factory because they all look about the same and the power/ground/remote on both my rockville and audiopipe are interchangeable, unplug it out of one and plugs right up in the other. There really isn’t a noticeable difference really with the xtra two freq adjustments on the audiopipe to my ears, it I had it to do over I wouldn’t have spent the extra cash on the AP and just used the rockville but the Rockville didn’t go to waste I ended up building a small system in my Jeep and thew it in there.

  3. Jim Selig

    Eq is fantastic
    Eq works awesome as my head unit has only 1 line out crossover is right where it should be

  4. Rebecca

    Noobs game changer
    Seriously worth every penny! Absolutely impressive what it did for my system! I have a 12″ W6 in a ported box, 3k amp turned wayyy down, and added a single din deck. I was super worried about my sub playing voice even with the high/low filter I have. I am humble enough to say that my system does not match ohm’s by any means – but WOW.Just wow.. this equalizer filtered every high note from dog whistle to that sound your dad’s southern region makes after chili night. (Even the mid/low’s if you want!) Combine this awesomeness with the equalizer that every phone has in their settings menu… *Chef’s Kiss*Magnificent!

  5. AR Ortiz

    Good price
    So far so good no issues

  6. Omayra


  7. Edgar

    Muy bueno
    Exelente compra

  8. Edwin

    Its ok know when you turn some of the knobs it make a static noise SMH

  9. Hyppolite Jean Ronald

    INSTALATION: less than 7inches & Batt + position
    This EQ is less than 7inches wide compare to Massive Audio 9 band. If you are replacing an other EQ to that 9 band AP; check the batt and ground position first. Don’t just use the same adaptor You may have to switch the pole. The knobs poped out feel cheap, I keep them pushed in so I don’t break them . Compare to my odl db Drive speed series I did not have to worry about that/ of course $100 up. the db knob were sturdy pushed in or poped out. I only use that AP 9 band between 125hz-2khz and it’s ok for me. Good luck!

  10. jonathan jakab

    Audiopipe equalizer
    Great product for the price I was very surprised honestly. Let’s see how long it will last my abuse

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