Create a unique event experience with the help of brand-new Webex Events capabilities

We are excited to provide the most recent changes to Webex Events, which have been developed to improve your event personalization possibilities and give your attendees a special experience. Our new tools give you the ability to customize your event communications like never before, regardless matter whether you’re holding physical, digital, or hybrid events, providing early bird discounts, or controlling VIP passes and sponsor registrations. Let’s examine in more detail the wonderful features we have created for event specialists like you.

It can be difficult to provide customised messaging for various ticket categories in the world of varied event forms. Because of this, we are thrilled to offer the option to add customized checkout messages, confirmation emails, cancellation emails, and refund emails to your registration form.

You now have access to three tabs on our improved Registration Checkout Settings page: Emails, PDF tickets, and Confirmation messages. Here is how you can alter each component:

Choose what details, such as the event date, location, ticket QR code, ticket description, event description, or checkout confirmation message, will appear on the PDF version of the ticket that guests will get.

Confirmation messages: You can personalize the message that appears on the confirmation page after attendees buy tickets.

Emails: You can personalize the confirmation, cancellation, and refund emails that customers get after making a purchase.

The ability to design up to 50 different emails, PDF tickets, and messages of each type makes it simpler than ever to provide your attendees individualized experiences. Leave one-size-fits-all messaging behind!

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