7 Hybrid Event Benefits You Need to Include in Your 2023 Event Plan

Event planners like us have been living this saying — “If everything went according to plan at our events, then it would be an easy business” — long before Mike Tyson popularized it. The COVID-19 pandemic was one such curveball that could have put an end to everything; it is a curveball for which we can never be prepared. Instead, the event industry’s ability to bounce back from setbacks changed how we organize events.

Face-to-face events needed to change in order to appeal to the younger, more technologically adept generation, and virtual events provided just that. Event professionals were hesitant to go digital out of concern that virtual events would replace live events. Today, however, we can see that as virtual events improve, our actual events will also get better. The Hybrid Events era has arrived, and it will enable you to scale your event brand to heights you never thought possible.

A hybrid event is what? Surprisingly, everyone of us has attended one personally. viewed a live performance? viewed an awards ceremony? Alive sporting event you’ve attended? If the answer is yes, you have experienced a hybrid event. Hybrid events combine a small, focused in-person crowd with a sizable remote audience that attends online. But during the past 12 months, it has expanded beyond live streaming to include webinars, on-demand content, two-way conversations, online markets, and virtual environments.

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