How can a virtual career fair be run?

Virtual career fairs are a new reality in the age of the gig economy and the globally connected workforce. The majority of jobs have now become remote due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which has significantly increased the proportion of the employment market. Virtual career events, or virtual job fairs as they are known in most firms, take the hiring strategy into consideration.

Although many businesses have switched, they are still unable to fully reap the benefits because of widespread misconceptions about virtual career events. Let’s learn how to make the most of virtual career events and the intricacies of hiring online.

What is a career fair online?
A virtual career event is held online using event platforms that, among many other things, offer live streaming, RTMP (real-time messaging platforms), teleconferencing, email exchange, job ads, and chat rooms.

A major draw for both sides is the practicality of having the two main stakeholders on the same platform, overcoming distance and travel costs. With the use of built-in capabilities provided by online hiring platforms, employers can also streamline their hiring process. The entire hiring team has the ability to speak with candidates directly at any time, either one-on-one or in a group.

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