YeeSite Stage Snow Machine for Christmas – 800W High Output Snowflake Maker Stage Snow Effect with Wireless Remote Control for

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  • HIGH OUTPUT SNOW MACHINE – The 800W snow machine can produce 2,400 cubic feet of snow per minute with a spray distance of 13 feet (4meters), creating a weird, mysterious atmosphere for holidays and parties!
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC – The snowflake produced by the snow machine is non-toxic, odorless and non-polluting to the environment. It is compatible with snow fluid for snow machine on the market. (Snow machine liquid is not included)
  • INTIMATE DESIGN – Snow liquid capacity is visible and holds approximately 500ml capacity. The low liquid volume auto cut-off feature protects the life of the machine and the safety of the user. You can connect the tube directly to the snow liquid container, which can extend the use time, and the portable design can be easily used for photography, events, Halloween, and Christmas.
  • TWO CONTROL WAYS – Two new control methods are added for the snow machine, the 5.1ft signal control line is manually controlled, of course, You can also control it with a wireless remote control within a range of 50ft.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – Just plug and play. Instant snow making, no preheating time. The snow machine is made of metal, so it is not that easy to be damaged.


Product Description




YeeSite Snow Machine

Item Specs:

Power Input: AC 110-120 (US)

Power Consumption: 800W

Outline Size: 15.7*11.8*8.5 in

N.W.: 6lb

Tank Capacity: 500ML

Snowflake Output: 2000CFM

Output Distance: 20FT

What’s in the Package:

  • Snow Machine with Power Cable x 1
  • Wired Controller x 1
  • Wireless Remote Control x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Note: Pls read through the manual before use.





Additional information

Weight 6.59 kg
Dimensions 12.1 × 8.3 × 7.8 cm
Item Weight

6.59 pounds

Package Dimensions

12.1 x 8.3 x 7.8 inches



Date First Available

August 8, 2022

Color Name


Output Wattage

800 Watts





10 reviews for YeeSite Stage Snow Machine for Christmas – 800W High Output Snowflake Maker Stage Snow Effect with Wireless Remote Control for

  1. Amazon Customer

    Amazing finishing touch for our holiday light competition!The coverage was amazing and created a whimsical feel for our outdoor light show. Make sure you pay attention to the machine at all times because it goes through the snow fluid quickly! Running the macho home while empty will burn out the motor.

  2. Ned

    Big hit at the Christmas paradeWorked very well with the extended range snow liquid. I only wish it could throw the snow out further. Also became aware that the liquid will freeze up in the nozzle if temperatures drop below 30 degrees. That was not a real problem as we don’t normally get that cold here. Overall very happy with the results and the kids went nuts during the parade. Snow is something most of them have never seen.

  3. 3rd Ratio

    Not quite snow but it will do the trick.The media could not be loaded.

     First, I read one review that said this has DMX, it doesn’t.Overall, this thing is solid. Everything works as they should. A real plug and play right out of the box. You will need to mount it high enough to get the snow effect. It will make foams rather than snowflakes so don’t expect to get this and think you can have snowball fight. It is pretty loud like some of the reviewers pointed out.This will be good for parties and holidays decorations. I was setting this up indoor, on the stage to see if I could maybe use it to make a quick snow effect for plays but I quickly found out that it’s not a good idea since the foam will pretty much leave the floor wet after (see the video).I love YeeSite for making budget lighting equipments and have been using them for years. Looks like this “snow” machine also will last me for a long time.

  4. Sandra C.

    Fake snowIt dissolved so quickly which made me have to get dry spray snow

  5. Amazon Customer

    thank youthanks!

  6. Kimberly A Lankford

    Does not work. Dangerous for children to be around.Received this product and it only had on piece of paper the instructions, missing pages. It leaks and on the paper says not for it to come in contact product it produces. Call doctor immediately if you do. So, definitely not safe for Humans or animals.

  7. RadRafael

    It’s like a mini version of a foam party!So I hope no one buys this thinking it’s the same type of machine that mountain resorts use to create snow and ski on! This machine creates more of a very light foam that gives a certain snow-type experience. It’s almost like a movie prop.The “snow” is not cold and it won’t last very long. You cannot clump it and create snowball fights. It will leave where it melts wet and somewhat soapy.Now it may sound like I’m being really negative on this but I’m actually not. Just trying to give useful information. I actually still enjoyed the product and our children had a blast playing in it.As long as you understand what this machine does and is, I think it’s worth its price for the fun and memories it creates! As others have mentioned, this thing is very loud like a lawn blower.

  8. James

    Really really cool with 1 minor flaw.The media could not be loaded.

     I am really excited about this snow machine. It is super cool. Good solid construction, puts out a lot of “snow” and shoots it a good distance away from the unit. The “snow” is more like bubbles than anything frozen but it looks good especially in the air. It begins shooting the flakes nearly instantly and I love that they included a wireless remote to engage the machine.The reason I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5. This thing is pretty loud. I am planning to use it for a Christmas production and will only be able to use it during a loud song and it may be audible even then. You wouldn’t be able to use it in a play or soft music situation because of how loud it is. If you’re just using at home or outside may not matter but for me it does.Also, it does say in the description, but this does not come with any snow formula to pour in. It was kind of a bummer to not be able to test it out when it came in. A little sample would be nice.All in all I am pumped about this and still plan to use it but be aware of the volume of operating noise.

  9. J. J. Questore

    Great “snow” machine – WAY too loud for indoor useThe media could not be loaded.

     I’m one of the weird people who absolutely LOVE snow! Unfortunately, living in the Southern USA, we very rarely get any of the white stuff.Until now!The unit is extremely easy to use. You screw in two bolts for the handle (not necessary, however) and fill the reservoir with liquid snow. Plug it in and turn it on. There’s actually no wait, the “snow” starts immediately – which I was surprised.As you can see by the video, it really does look like falling snow, and – depending on which liquid you buy – lasts a while. I can’t wait to place this in my second story window to create a nice effect on the front lawn.The only drawback, as you can hear in the video, it that it’s way too loud for indoor use (even though the product description suggests it). Even outside it sounded like a gas-powered leaf blower, so I couldn’t imagine what it would sound like indoors.But, if you are looking for that special addition to your outdoor holiday display this year, this would be it.

  10. Tree Gallagher

    If snow won’t come to Florida? I can now MAKE it!The media could not be loaded.

     Was going to wait until I was able to actually use the liquid needed for snow? Couldn’t wait, unboxed it early as MY gift to myself for my birthday upcoming. I reside in Florida for this minute but for the past years? I have cried sometimes as snow & cold weather are absent here, trust me. Cold is never present here in the hottest land of the hot.I noticed this snowmaker and screamed “YES!” So loudly the tiny one came flying inside to make sure there was not a spider needing removal! Yes, indeed she will as she has no fear over what I am terrified of. Lol, That was how joyous I truly felt! FINALLY SNOW! And on-demand snow is even better! Watch the attached video to see it all!Update when liquid arrives and the snow is ready to blow!!! I can not wait!

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