VR Headset for iPhone & Android – for Kids | Includes Built-in Button + BT Remote Controller for Android | Virtual Reality

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vr headset for smartphones for kids with remote

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

7″ / 17 cm

Additional information

Weight 440 kg
Dimensions 19.05 × 10.16 cm




Compatible Devices


Special Features

‎Instructions for VR beginners, Patented built-in button, Free virtual reality content, Great gift for kids, BT remote controller for iOS and Android

Mounting Hardware


Number Of Items


Batteries Required


Wireless Type


Connector Type


Does it contain liquid?


Product Dimensions

‎13.97 x 19.05 x 10.16 cm; 440 Grams



Date First Available

2 August 2022



10 reviews for VR Headset for iPhone & Android – for Kids | Includes Built-in Button + BT Remote Controller for Android | Virtual Reality

  1. A

    Good VR Substitute
    This is quite a good VR substitute given the price. For approximately 50-60$ you are getting a decent fraction of the experience you would get from a low end VR device such as the oculus which starts at 10x this price of 500$. I think your experience will be even better if you have a 4K display phone or 120Hz refresh rate and compatible VR software.With little setup, the VR headset can be used to watch VR content through Youtube VR or Youtube 360 among other apps.With extended setup and use in conjunction with other devices and programs such as VRidge, you can utilize steam VR and a powerful computer to play games in VR with a mouse and keyboard. You may also utilize an Xbox controller or other phones to use as controllers giving you an experience much closer to expensive VR options at a much cheaper price. (Aprox 100$ vs 599$)Two negatives are that the remote seems to have little utility inside apps like YouTube when used for VR, and seemly can’t be used for SteamVR use. Additionally, the Field of View (FOV) is not as large as devices such as the Oculus.The VR headset is of good plastic build, with the option to take off the front plate so you phone camera can be utilized to see a “passthrough” like feature. Even large phones (6.5″) fit inside the device.If you are just looking for watching VR video this can do the job for a good price, and if you are capable of tinkering, setup, and troubleshooting this headset can also be used to play high quality VR games.

  2. SarahB

    Awesome for the price!
    Set up was a bit tricky, but my son loves this VR set, you can’t go wrong for the price.

  3. Nitin Chauhan

    Good VR for the price
    This is good for the price and works great with the apps.

  4. James Dean

    Comfortable and adjustable headset
    This is my second headset, coming from a GearVR and this one is really quite good. I have Galaxy S23 Ultra and it fits (barely), though it would be nice if there was a little more room as I feel it maybe just a little off center when the front is closed.It is not face heavy, it fits quite well, but the nose pads can get a little worn in after a longer session.I would definitely recommend this headset, it does what I want it to, is light and the magnetic button along with individual eye adjustments are a great touch.Only loses a star for the fit of my oversized phone….

  5. Amazing Customer

    Entry Level VR
    I wanted to have a look at VR and not pay hundreds of dollars to find out I didn’t care for it. This was a good test run. This particular headset married up with my iPhone 13 Pro was a pretty good match.The controller doesn’t work with all the games but meh ya get what you pay for. Easily adjustable and quite comfortable.Unfortunately not a lot of games and app’s available but enough to certainly pass the time.I pair it with my Bluetooth and watch movies without disturbing my wife. The resolution is good and easily adjustable for focus.Make sure you have a large clear area and a spotter so you don’t end up walking into a wall or tripping over a table. Experience talking here. Again good value for entry level VR.


    Good Value
    These VR goggles are good value. They are priced at fair market value for goggles that use smart phones.

  7. Marioismissing

    Lightweight with Pretty good lenses for a decent price
    This actually impressed me with the ease of use. It has an external switch for your phones sleep/wake button so you don’t need to constantly take it out of the cradle. The internal lenses are also pretty great for how inexpensive the unit is!

  8. Lancia Delta

    Great for beginners
    Very comfortable and easy to use. Easy to put your phone in and out, even with the headaet on your head. Got an action button which is very useful as well as conveniently placed holes so you can plug your headphones and charge your phone even while it’s inside the headset. Built solid.However, don’t expect Oculus image quality. The adjustments for the lenses are very limited.

  9. Anonymous

    Good value
    The product is comfortable, easy to adjust, and holds securely. I like the action button that allows the user to send a “press” command to the screen (with a physical lever touching the screen). I have not tried using the remote.The packaging is nice, I would like a larger carry bag. Even if the product comes with a microfiber cloth, the lenses can be hard to reach because they pretty much stand at the core of the product’s frame and that gets in the way. Perhaps using compressed air to blow away the particles can give you a better result, but I do not have that available to make the comparison.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great for kids
    Great fit for my 9 year old. Easy to set up and use. Works well with Samsung S10.

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