USB 3.0 Switch 2 Computers Share 4-Port USB3.1 USB3.0 – Select 2 PC by One Panel Button or IR Remote, 4 USB Peripheral Hub for

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SW24U3L USB Switch allows one button toggle between 2 computers to share 4 USB 3.1/ USB 3.0 peripheral devices without constantly cables or set up complicated network sharing software.
Ideal for all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux),wired/wireless keyboard/mouse,printer, scanner, card reader,flash drive etc.
Package Contents
1x USB 3.0 KVM Switch
1x IR remote control
2x USB3.0 type-A to type-A cable
1x IR Extension cable
1x User Manual
NO Power Cable, NO Power Adapter,USB Switch can power on by PC via USB 3.0 cable
Technical Information
USB 3.0 Switcher Selector control 2 Computers sharing 4 USB3.0/ USB3.1 ports;Support USB3.0 up to 5Gbps; Plug & Play,no driver.
USB Switch is powered by Micro USB 5V power cable.
4.Built-in ESD Protection: +/- 8kV(Air-gap discharge) +/- 4kV(contact discharge).
5.Support USB devices PS4,PC,desktop,keyboard,MIDI keyboard,mouse,ipad,web cam,security cam,digital video camera,smartphone, scanner,network card adapter,hard disc,cooling fan,usb mic,monitor,card reader,HDD,SSD etc.
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Additional information

Weight 454 kg
Dimensions 3.05 × 2.03 cm
Part Number






Plug Profile

‎Plug-In Mount

Switch Style

‎Toggle Switch


‎Usb 3.0 Kvm Switch With Ir Remote Ir Extension Cable

Special Features

‎Play, Plug, Powered

Included Components

‎IR remote, USB 3.0/USB3.1 Type A to Type A cable

Batteries Included


Batteries Required



‎2.8 inches


‎1.2 inches


‎0.8 inches

Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎7.11 x 3.05 x 2.03 cm; 454 Grams



Date First Available

20 July 2021



10 reviews for USB 3.0 Switch 2 Computers Share 4-Port USB3.1 USB3.0 – Select 2 PC by One Panel Button or IR Remote, 4 USB Peripheral Hub for

  1. MBash

    The description mentioned can connect monitor, but will not work. Don’t know why written so.

  2. qwerty

    Mostly perfect
    Might be the only USB switch with some ports on the back of the unit. My only wish is that it would auto switch to the first detected active computer, but it’s not a huge deal. I can see the IR remote being very useful though I do not use it.

  3. Patrick E.

    USB 3.0 Switch that works well, looks good, and has a remote!
    I have a setup where I would like to share peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and monitors between two computers: my work-provided laptop and my own computer.I have a setup for sharing monitors, so I needed a USB switch to let me quickly select which of the two computers would be connected to my peripherals. I tried a couple of other ones, but they were flimsy and would often not be recognized by the work laptop. Also, they were poorly designed, with the computer ports on one side, and the peripheral ports on the other side, making it difficult to put the switch in arm’s length without also having a mess of cables right there.I bought this one because it has the two computer ports AND the keyboard and mouse port on one side – brilliant (well, you’d think this would be obvious)! There are two more peripheral ports on the opposite side – OK, so I still have a little cable mess, but much less than before.This switch is brushed metal and looks great, very high-end and much nicer than typical cheap dull plastic ones. It’s also heavy enough that having several USB cables attached to it, draping off the side of my desk, doesn’t constantly shift it around.And – it has a remote control! There is an infrared port right on the front of the switch, plus if you want to mount the switch under your desk or out of sight line, there is also a cabled infrared extender – you plug this into the switch, then put the little infrared receiver alone on your desk. The remote itself works perfectly. This has let me put the switch farther away so my desk surface in arm’s length is that much cleaner now.So far switching between computers has been flawless, no failures to recognize peripherals and none of those annoying Windows “USB device could not be recognized” errors. Highly recommend this unit if you want to share peripherals between computers.If I could change anything about it, I would move the two remaining front USB ports to the sides, so that what I’m looking at (the front face) is uncluttered. But at least my mouse and keyboard are plugged into the back now.I would also love having hotkey support, but having the remote is good enough.Overall, strongly recommended.

  4. Acme

    not for me
    It was a great idea but lacked in execution. I needed to use a keyboard & mouse between my home and work computer at the same time. This works but is irritating. The remote is crappy and sometimes you have to press it a couple times for it to work. Pushing the button on the unit doesn’t have that issue but I bought this one because the remote seemed more convenient so I didn’t have to keep reaching.Also, the switching is a little slow. It’s not completely horrible but you do have to wait at least 2 (if not more) seconds and when you are doing this all day, it’s frustrating.I decided to try a logitech keyboard and mouse with “flow” and it is a much better solution for me. If the 2 computers are on the same network, the software automatically detects when you move off the edge of one computer and goes (almost) seemlessly to the next computer. And, the keyboard automatically follows the mouse to the next computer. If you switch back and forth fast, the keyboard may get out of sync so you just push the button on the keyboard to tell it which computer you are on. You can connect up to 3 computers to flow accross. I’m using 1 computer with 3 monitors and 1 laptop with one monitor and it is almost seemless with all day back and forth. You can even copy/paste between the computers.

  5. peter harris

    Issues after a while
    Lots of disconnecting issues with this after a month of use. I can’t recommend it based on that but when it worked well in the beginning it worked great

  6. wwinch

    Finally someone put all the cables on the back!
    Why does anyone think a box with cables coming out on all sides is a good idea? Finally one with all the necessary ports on the back. Uses A to A cables like many others, but they are provided. Also a remote and remote extender are provided (not currently using, but nice). Would like to have at least one shared port on the back besides the mouse and keyboard connectors.This is my third one of these USB switches. The previous two, the mouse and keyboard would quit working after switching sometimes and I’d have to push the button multiple times to get them to work. And one only supported a 3-button mouse. All 5-buttons work with this one. No problems with this one after about a month so far.

  7. Quba Michalski

    So far so good
    I work from home and had to find the setup that would allow me reuse my peripherals with two PCs: my personal gaming rig and the work machine. My main goals were to de clutter the desk and avoid doubling of any devices.My monitors have multiple inputs, so I just hooked both computers without a need for a KVM switch. For everything else I am using this switch.I had it for about a month and so far it’s working great. I have quite a few devices hooked up though it: A mechanical RGB keyboard, a mouse, a Stream Deck, and a Yeti Blue Microphone. I had to use a powered usb splitter, but haven’t encountered any problems.I only wish that instead of a dinky IR extension and a remote, there was an option for a physical button – on an extension cord. It feels very 90’s to be using anything IR on my PC again.

  8. Amazon Customer

    2 months of use, now constantly disconnecting
    I wouldn’t recommend it. For about the first two months, the switch was great. Loved having the remote to switch the inputs. But since last week, it is constantly disconnecting my headphones, at seemingly random intervals, anywhere between 30s to 5mins. No change to my computer. There hasn’t been any new installations, no new computer updates. I use this for my work PC’s headset, so it is frustrating to have it lose audio and microphone mid conversations.

  9. Lucas

    Great, but remote doesn’t really work
    After battling non working KVM switchers, switched over (hey-oh) to this to manage work from home days with a Mac Mini and MbP.

  10. Antonin Jubault

    Not stable at all
    Have been using for a few months to give it a good try and the keyboard drop most of the time. I have to reswitch between Host 1 and Host 2 to (sometimes) make it work again. Mouse stop working and then rework after a few second when nothing have been requested from the switcher.I do not recommand at all.

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