Rechargeable Par Lights Wireless RGBW 4-in-1 LED Uplights Battery Powered Stage Lights, HOLDLAMP DJ Lights Sound Activated with

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Packing List: Par light *1 Carrying handle *2 Knob screw *2 Remote control *1 Power cord *1 Instruction manual *1

Additional information

Weight 1.09 kg
Dimensions 13.46 × 21.08 cm

1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions

‎ 21.08 x 13.46 x 21.08 cm; 1.09 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 19 October 2022



Item model number

‎ Rechargeable



10 reviews for Rechargeable Par Lights Wireless RGBW 4-in-1 LED Uplights Battery Powered Stage Lights, HOLDLAMP DJ Lights Sound Activated with

  1. Dimitry Mercier

    lightweight solution
    these are definitely not the sturdiest lights of used, but that seems to be a positive. They’re lightweight and compact so you end up being able to set them up fairly easily.They are less powerful than others on the market but if you aren’t looking for the most powerful set, they’ll make up for it in their portability

  2. DJ Ba-3

    Producto sin ser de marca reconocida hace su trabajo con sus limitaciones pero hace su trabajo

  3. Amazon Customer

    Worth the investment!
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     The lights are super bright! I love the rechargeable feature! I love the rechargeable feature. This light is really bright and the colors look great. I put them under a DMX controller with other brands of lights and it is significantly better. The best part is that it is rechargeable, no more harnesses to deal with, and it works for over 8 hours! Remote is easy to control. I am somewhat surprised at how effective they are to be honest. Good Buy!

  4. KAIBO

    Perfect Rechargeable light!
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     This light has an internal battery and does not need to be plugged into work, which is the main reason I bought it, as the description says, it was fully charged in about three hours or so, I turned it on at night before I went to bed and kept it lit blue, and it was still lit after I woke up the next day, and to test it, I didn’t notice it was dead until the afternoon, a full 15 hours, it surprised me a lot! Although the mixed colors will be a little shorter range, it is enough to use. I bought two more and plan to take them with me camping, it will create a great atmosphere! I recommended it to my sister and she loves it too.

  5. A. Freiwald

    False features
    I needed a fixture with four channel dmx control. This advertised as selectable 4-7 channels. It only has 7 channel control. Also the mounting brackets are super thin and flimsy.

  6. JWG Design

    Battery power provides more options for lighting the stage
    Most of the color LED par lights I have are plug-in variety. They all have short cords and require some thought about best placement (none of them are installed permanently). This par light is battery powered which gives more flexibility.So far I’ve used this light twice. Once for a 3-hour band rehearsal, then later for a 1-hour performance at a bar. The battery held up nicely, and indicated that there was plenty of charge remaining.The light was bright and colorful. Typically I set up par lights to cycle slowly between colors, and this handled that well. As with other units, it remembers your last saved setting and resumes to that same color mode on next use. There is an actual power switch on the unit, which is a nice change of pace from other units. There is an external power supply included for charging up the unit in between uses.Construction is about average for this style and price point. It feels hefty, but much of the weight is probably the battery.As with all LED par lights I’ve used, the individual lenses do not do a great job at diffusing the light. It can be rather harsh on the performers. In the past I have used sand paper to scuff the lenses to create a softer effect. I may do that with these too.

  7. J. Martin

    Anyone who needs a versatile battery powered PAR lighting solution
    These lights are an useful anyone who needs to light up a stage, event, or party.One of the things that I love about this light is its portability. Being battery-powered its easy to set up anywhere.The light is easy to control with the included remote, or via DMX. The sound-activated mode is also a great touch, allowing the lights to sync up with the music and create an automated visual experience.Another great feature of these lights is their compatibility with both remote and DMX control. This makes it easy to customize the lighting to my exact specifications and ensures that I have full control over the lighting during an event.Overall, I would recommend the light to anyone who needs a versatile battery powered PAR lighting solution.

  8. Darlene A

    Convenient, but not as bright as expected
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     I got this light because of the internal battery feature. I tested the fixture for 3 hours, with no change in the battery level. The light can run in sound active mode or with a remote control, making it completely wireless. I completed my evaluation using a cable attached to an external DMX console. The fixture is very lightweight, and comes with a light duty bracket, making it easy to hang. The colors created were satisfactory; but I was disappointed with the brightness, I expected it to be brighter. For that reason, I would be OK with using this on a small stage, but nothing larger. In that situation, DMX control would be necessary; thus the fixture would require a data cable (not completely wireless). If the user had a battery powered wireless DMX receiver, the fixture would truly be wireless, making it ideal for placement in a hard to reach area.

  9. QponMomma

    lightweight, easy to set up
    This is a great light. The only minor drawback (and not worth docking a star for) is that the light is not quite as bright as some other lights in their size-range. That means if you’re using them in a room with lots of natural light, they may not seem as bright as other lights. But in a darker setting, it doesnt matter, because they are still plenty bright.

  10. Thor’s Dad

    Fun Light
    My son is a drummer and keyboardist so we got this light for his music room. We set it up behind the drums or keyboard when he is playing for really cool lighting effects. It works really well for the price. I was impressed. It strobes and flashes and has a wide variety of colors. The remote is cool as my other son works it “from behind the scenes” when he is playing. The remote is really small and there is a lot going on. He figuring out but may be confusing for some. Overall this is a well built light which I would recommend.

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