Pyle – PDA7BU (Black) – 5 Channel Rack Mount Bluetooth Receiver, Home Theater Amp, Speaker Amplifier, Bluetooth Wireless

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Features – Rack mount amplifier receiver – 2.1 channel audio amp design – Bluetooth wireless audio streaming ability – USB flash & SD memory card readers – FM radio with digital LCD display – ID3 tag readout displays song title – aux (3.5mm) input jack – connect & stream audio from external devices – multi-source RCA (L/R) audio input connectors – (2) 1/4” microphone inputs – spring-loaded speaker terminals – combo screw-type banana plug speaker jacks – RCA subwoofer output – front panel button control center – independent input source selectable – bass treble balance source volume adjustable – includes removable rack mount brackets Bluetooth connectivity – built-in wireless music streaming receiver – compatible with all of your favorite. Bluetooth devices – (iPhone Androids smartphones iPad tablets Etc ) – Bluetooth version 2.1 – wireless range 30’+ ft. What’s in the box – amplifier receiver – remote control – detachable hardware rack mounts – FM antenna technical specs – max power output 200 watt at 4 Ohm – RMS power output 100 watt x 2 at 8 Ohm – rated input currency 75mA 8-ohm speaker loaded (30mA no load) – construction material metal aluminum alloy panel – frequency response 20-20khz +/-2dB – S/N ratio > 85dB – T H D <10% – input Sensitivity 200mv (max output 6000mv) – maximum USB flash & SD memory card support size 32Gb – digital media file support MP3 WAV – battery operated remote control requires 3V Lithium coin cell – power cable length 4 5′ ft – power 110/240V switchable – dimensions (L x w x H) 19.0” x 9.8” x 2.2”-inches.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This receiver works with all of your favorite devices iPhone Android Smartphones iPad Tablets etc.

  • Bluetooth Version: 2.1
  • Wireless Range: 30’+ ft.

Pyle Premium Bluetooth Receiver

Amplifier Receiver. What’s in the Box. Connectivity.

The Pyle Home Theater Amplifier is the perfect solution for all of your audio needs! This versatile system is designed to perform and deliver clear, accurate sound. It’s loaded with plenty of audio playback options along with a wide range of device compatibility, so you can connect and play it all!

  • FM Antenna
  • Remote Control
  • Amplifier Receiver
  • Detachable Hardware Rack Mounts

Additional information

Weight 3.35 kg
Dimensions 48.31 × 5.51 cm




Model Name

‎Pyle – 5 Channel Rack Mount Bluetooth Receiver, Home Theater Amp, Speaker Amplifier, Bluetooth Wireless Streaming, MP3/USB/SD/AUX/FM Radio, 200 Watt, w/ Digital ID3 LCD Display from – PDA7BU

Model year


Part Number


Tuner Technology


Compatible Devices

‎Speaker, Smartphone, Tablet

Mounting Hardware

‎Amplifier Receiver, Remote Control, FM Antenna, Rack Mounts

Number Of Items


Audio Encoding


Audio output mode


Audio Output Type


Output Wattage

‎200 Watts


‎200 watts

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Type of cable or wire

‎Power Cable

Connector Type

‎Bluetooth, USB flash and SD memory card readers, 3.5mm aux input jack, RCA audio input connectors

Material Type

‎Metal, Aluminum Alloy Panel

Media Format


Does it contain liquid?


Item model number


Product Dimensions

‎25.02 x 48.31 x 5.51 cm; 3.35 Kilograms




1 Product Specific batteries required.

Date First Available

3 November 2017


Pyle, Sound Around

10 reviews for Pyle – PDA7BU (Black) – 5 Channel Rack Mount Bluetooth Receiver, Home Theater Amp, Speaker Amplifier, Bluetooth Wireless

  1. Edmund Lee

    well packed, good sound quality, easy to operate, match well with my Jamo Sub200 active sub-woofer.

  2. Ravi

    was searching online for soundbar with FM coaxial connector ..but mostly hard wired type .then found this pyle AV receiver with fm coaxial connector .really good !! Channel scanning super fast ,BT pairing is fast also ..really solid ..THD% really low ..I can’t hear hissing sound well with my DX-2 whalfdale speakers !!

  3. Shan

    The on / off button is manually done😓

  4. Thibault de Saint Victor

    Item is not working. Waiting for feedback from customer service.

  5. Lodmot

    Has it’s quirks, but if you take the time to identify them it’s a pretty good unit
    Ordered this back in November and got it Christmas Eve 2022. This is actually a pretty nice receiver. I like the sturdy build quality, the compact size of the unit and how vivid/bright the LCD screen is. Having bluetooth is an awesome touch, because it saves you from having to go out and buy a Rocketfish/Logitech bluetooth audio adapter, etc.As indicated in my heading, there’s a few weird quirks about this unit that I discovered which I feel people should know about:1) There are actually *two* ways to power the unit on and off. One is by using the power button on the unit itself, which is a hard power cutoff switch. If this button is in the OFF position, the entire receiver is completely turned off as you would expect– no lights, no sound, no display on the LCD. But then there’s a 2nd power button on the remote control, which acts completely different. If you turn the receiver off with the remote, the LCD screen stays lit but blanks out, and all the lights remain on. I’ve never seen a receiver do this, and I’m gonna guesstimate that it has to do with it just being a $50 receiver.2) There are two ways to increase/decrease the volume. One is via the knob, which works as you’d expect. But on the remote there’s a volume up/down button. Since the knob doesn’t have an infinite axis (in other words, there’s a max and min range it will turn before it stops), you would think it should be motorized or something to sync with the remote. But again– since this is a $50 receiver, you aren’t getting a motorized knob. That would cost a lot more money to manufacture, LOL. I’m gonna play around with this a bit more and see how the volume is affected, etc.3) When you press the mode button, you’ll notice the LCD rotating between different modes like Bluetooth, Radio, SD Card, and so on. However, the mode button only works on ONE of the 4 physical inputs, but the modes will actually display on the LCD regardless of what physical input you have selected. If you want to use any of those features, you have to have the small input knob physically turned to the one labeled “MP3/SD/BT”, otherwise you’ll get no sound.This quirk sent me in for a mental roller coaster, and it made me think the unit was dead for a while, because I was trying to listen to the radio (which was displaying on-screen), but the radio had NO SOUND whatsoever… So just be mindful of that, and if it looks like the radio is on but not producing any sound– it’s likely because you just have the receiver on the wrong physical input.Update 1/16/23:After playing around with this receiver a bit more, I discovered a few things:A) All the controls on the receiver will control everything as expected, no matter which input you’re using. Probably to avoid most confusion, I’ll be using mine this way and not even bother with the remote control.B) It looks like this receiver has some kind of internal digital computer, for handling the “MP3/SD/BT” input. This digital portion seems to have no idea that the AUX, DVD and CD inputs even exist, and it’s always on, until you press either the power button on the receiver itself (which will shut the entire receiver down), or the one on the remote. That would explain why there are two ways to power the receiver on and off, why the LCD is always showing “No Disk”, and why there are two volume controls. It also explains why the bass/treble/balance controls are NOT on the remote, and why the remote’s volume control doesn’t affect any of the other inputs. It also seems to be tethered to the silver buttons on the receiver and the LCD screen.C) The remote is ONLY for the internal digital unit mentioned above. So none of the inputs would work with it. Like other comments mentioned, it makes the remote a bit useless unless you’re primarily going to be using that MP3/BT input on the receiver.Anyway, that’s it. Overall, it’s a pretty interesting unit and I had fun playing around with it and figuring it out. It’s a very strange machine, but it’s definitely going to do what I need it to do, despite the odd functionality. For $50, it’s honestly not a bad deal. Hope this is helpful to others who want to buy it. 🙂

  6. jcm3rockstar

    A Great Receiver for A Great Price
    (second review) For the price, this amazing product is well worth the purchase. I like Pyle. I used a 5-disk changer for years; when it went out, I got this receiver to play songs in a continuous fashion. With the remote, a person can keep mp3 files in folders and change from folder to folder, leaving a single folder or all songs on repeat, and the remote has a pause button that works well. ‘If’ you are into singing with songs, especially with someone else, it may be a lot of fun for you. I never used the mic inputs, and the mp3 playback abilities took me a few days to figure, yet it worked great. I am into audio and song recording and usually will leave a folder of new tracks on repeat to consider what may be best to do with them or future experimental tracks. The bluetooth does connect well and there are other inputs, as seen in the product description. I did not take the time to register the item the first time I bought it six months ago and ‘mistakingly’ wired a four-speaker circuit that burned out a resistor and a capacitor within the receiver. My mistake and I do not recommend someone opening the enclosure without at least an intermediate knowledge of electronics – capacitors that store over 24 volts are potentially lethal and a life risk should not be taken lightly. That being said, the receiver worked so well during its first time around that I ordered the same product and am joyous that it was still available. If it had a record to mp3 function I would consider the PDA7BU even more impossible to surpass with what I could find on the market, especially with the dual mic inputs that have an echo knob. I also recommend the Dual speakers that are usually showed at the bottom of the Amazon product page along with the banana plugs and thick-gauge speaker wire. It is fun to assemble – the larger of the two options of the dual speakers present a deep boom totally worth the money, even when turned down low. I did not opt for the subwoofer and was not tempted too; if you get the Dual speakers, notice the ‘label’ on the front can be adjusted to vertical or horizontal, they can be laid on a shelf or mounted well in otherwise fashion. I totally appreciate a product with that much ability for its cost and simplicity. Do not let it frustrate that the flashdrive will only play mp3s from a drive and is not a ‘decoder,’ if the term is close. As in, if you have a pedometer that plays mp3s and can communicate with a usb cable the receiver will not play mp3s by selection of the songs from a player. The inputs can receive audio as described in the product description – it worked fine with a 5-disk changer input into female rca ports. If you plan to hook up more than two speakers with it, which I really see no point in, be sure to contact Pyle and confirm the manner of installation before hand for safety and durability reasons. It is a sleek receiver, thin and able to be mounted in a sturdy fashion with the metal brackets that come with the device. There are many receivers; I chose this one twice. 🙂 Thank you to Pyle, and get one if you can to else. The one drawback, short not being able to record or having a headphone/aux out is the bright display not being able to be dimmed. Do not look at it for long amounts of time within under six feet or so – there is nothing wrong with using ‘matte’ tape (the ‘dull, not see-through-shiny-Christmas-wrapping-tape-yet-still-see-through-and-common-tape’) on the front of the led screen (as one can do with a common led bulb) to have a less detrimental display. There is also nothing wrong with painting a spot on the top of the remote with white-out and putting a piece of tape on top of it in order to see the orientation of the remote quickly within dim lighting (worked well for me). If you purchase this product, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did; I had to make do without it for a few weeks. With one flash drive, I can select from at least 500 songs; there is not much of a reason to get a flash drive with more than 8 or 16 gigs. I recommend ScanDisk flash drives Only; Do not format the flash drive if you opt for that route. Over all, the PDA7BU is my favorite home audio receiver.(first review)Shopping to replace a 5-disk changer took me months. I found a 3-disk changer and it went out in 40 days, so I got a 5-disk that was the changer only (no speakers). Of course, I would also need an amp and speakers, so I shopped on Amazon extensively for a good deal on a good one and found what I was looking for. It is great for hooking up a CD player, Bluetooth, and rca in/TV; I use it mostly for playing mp3s. It does well to play from a flash drive with mp3s in folders and can be left on repeat. For the price, I simply cannot complain and wonder if anything else could have compared. The speakers I got with it hit hard enough,(Dual Electronics: though I keep it turned down. The remote has pause, volume, and other controls for radio and mp3. This is an awesome product and I have appreciated its abilities. Thank you Pyle and Amazon.

  7. Steward

    Does what its intended to
    Great amp!Good bluetooth connectivitySounds quality great as well

  8. Christian Rodriguez

    Buen sonido
    Hoy me llego y lo probé, suena luy bien le conecte las bocinas de un sony GN800 y suenan bien, los unicos de talles es que se calienta mucho, vere si le adapto un ventilador y el subwoofer aun no se conectarlo.

  9. Jose R.

    Suena muy bien!
    Pedí el receptor y llegó justo como se anuncia, a tiempo y muy bien empacado. Encontré que una de las terminales no venía correctamente identificada, negro en vez de rojo pero no afecta el funcionamiento. El sonido si que es bueno. Le conecté un par de altavoces ADS algo añejos de 4 ohms y suena súper bien y así ha funcionado sin problemas no he necesitado el subwoofer, parece que no lo necesito. Le he conectado CD player, tocadiscos con preamplificador y mayormente la fuente de música es Spotify con lo que no tuve problemas para emparejar por Bluetooth. Todo ha funcionado de forma excelente. Gracias

  10. GEvans

    Nice little unit
    This unit appears to be everything I needed. However, I do have one complaint. Every time you turn the amp on it comes on at a loud volume, regardless of where you had it set previously. Obviously, this is a major problem, and I can find no way of adjusting this. Customer service had no information for me.The only thing I’ve been able to do is to turn the unit on and adjust the volume BEFORE turning on any input device, like a TV, etc. This is a real pain.

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