PreSonus HP4 4-Channel Compact Headphone Amplifier

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  • 4 screaming-loud (130 mW per channel) stereo headphone amps
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Can serve as control room monitor control w/ level control & Monitor Mute button
  • Daisy-chain multiple units via 2 balanced ¼” monitor outputs
  • Compact 1/3U rack-mount chassis
  • Mono summing switch
  • 2 balanced ¼” line inputs
  • Super-quiet with -98dB noise floor
  • Headphone level control
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Product Description

Tired of straining to hear the headphones? The HP4’s four 130 mW headphone outputs are clear, clean, and screaming loud, all packed in a compact, 1/3U chassis. Features include balanced L/R line inputs and outputs, global mute, overall level control, and sum to mono. The line outputs can feed another HP4 or an HP60.

From the Manufacturer

Four crystal-clear, screaming-loud (130 mW per channel) stereo headphone amps in a 1/3U rack-mount chassis.

From the manufacturer

HP4 1

Crank Your Headphones to 12!

HP4: 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier

HP4 2

Now hear this!

Are you and your session players and bandmates tired of straining to hear underpowered headphones? We were too, so we created the HP4 headphone-distribution system. These headphone amps are louder than you’re ever likely to need for session and stage use, so be careful with that level control! Yet the sound is clear and clean, with a wide dynamic range. At last, everybody will be able to hear!

HP4 3

Simple and versatile.

Simplicity is the HP4’s hallmark. You get left and right line inputs, left and right line outputs with level control, and the four headphone outs. You can sum the stereo signals to mono, adjust the individual headphone levels, and mute the rear-panel Monitor outputs while leaving the headphone outputs active. So while the HP4 is simple to set up and use, it has all the features you need to create a versatile headphone system.

HP4 4

Compact and expandable.

The compact HP4 can sit on a tabletop or can be screw-mounted to a standard rack tray (not included), where it requires just 1/3 rackspace. And if your needs grow, you can use the line outputs to feed the inputs of a second HP4 or the larger HP60 headphone amplifier. So quit struggling with mediocre headphone amps. Get the HP4 and hear everything loud and clear. You owe it to your music.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 1.75 × 5.5 cm
Item Weight

3.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

5.5 x 1.75 x 5.5 inches

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4 AA batteries required.

Date First Available

October 2, 2001

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10 reviews for PreSonus HP4 4-Channel Compact Headphone Amplifier

  1. Joe

    Perfect upgrade to your setup without breaking the bankI use the HP4 for home studio use to allow myself and the performer(s) to monitor with ease, and it’s great!I originally had the Behringer MicroAmp HA400. First of all, don’t buy that. The power supply chirps VERY loudly, and the sound quality is eh. Put that $25 towards something like this instead.Presonus makes quality stuff at a great price point for those still pretty early on in their gear collecting journey (such as myself). The HP4 looks nice, has a small footprint, sounds good, and most importantly is versatile and does its job perfectly.This thing actually solved several of my problems:-I had that stupid chirping HA400 that just needed to go asap.-I have a hardware issue on my Focusrite interface involving both of the headphone jacks, so I needed something that would accept L/R input and allow me to run from the Scarlett’s monitor outs instead until I can get that fixed.-The power adapter is along the cord, rather than having a brick plug, which is SUPER helpful when it comes to tight real estate on the power strip. (Fewer bricks on the strip=more outlets you actually have access to).I highly recommend this item for anyone working on a home studio setup.

  2. Chief Propellerhead

    Good Quality – Two Caveats, HoweverBuild quality is excellent. I like the ability to mount this on a mic stand if you want. Sound quality is excellent as well, paired with the entry level Shure SE215-CL in-ear-monitors (IEMs). I would definitely recommend this as an inexpensive alternative to getting more expensive Aviom-type modules.The two caveats – I wish the included cable were longer. As such I don’t see this as being something for someone who is moving around very much, or for someone who is standing while playing. If you’re standing or move around much at all, get a wireless system. The other issue is that if you try to use this with earbuds that typically get included with a cell phone, the power this thing puts out will distort them at low volumes. You need to pair this with a proper pair of IEMs.In short, definitely recommended. Good solid build quality and good sound.

  3. D. Wendel

    Excellent for studio work or sharing a movieI love this headphone amp! In the recording studio I’ve tried other amps by Rolls, but it’s a step down from the original signal that is being given to it. The PreSonus HP4 is a totally different story. In fact, I use one to drive my headphones for regular music listening. My computer audio interface has a pretty good headphone jack, but when I run the output signal to the HP4 and plug my headphones in there instead, the difference is amazing. I have some big headphones (Sennheiser HD 280 and HD 595), and they need a lot of power to sound right. The extra headroom provided by the HP4 makes especially the low end sound a lot better at medium volumes.I also use the HP4 for watching movies or listening to music (or playing video games) with friends when someone else in the room doesn’t want to be bothered by the sound. It’s great to be able to hand out headphones and let everyone listen at a volume that is comfortable for them.A few more things:- Durability is great. This has a metal case and can take some abuse, although I’d be careful with the knobs because they stick out pretty far.- No sound (hiss, static, pops, etc.) when adjusting volume, unlike many other headphone amps.- Separate left and right inputs, not a stereo plug, making this perfect for use with a mixer or audio interface.Overall I’d highly recommend this to anyone who needs either more headphone channels or a nice-sounding amp to drive a pair of power-hungry higher-end headphones.

  4. Josue Rodriquez

    Easy to install and use, I recommend over the ear headphonesLiked the ease to o install and use very powerful in ear monitors

  5. Capt.Mark

    I’m very picky about sound and very satisfied with this item!1st Off, I’ve made a living mixing records that you may have actually heard on the radio. That said, I was VERY impressed with this little box. Coming direct out the main outputs of a ProTools rig in the B room where I’m ripping vinyl 24/96 (you’ve got to hear it to beleive it-digital was a lie till 2009!)this little box sounds crystal clear, has way more than enough oomph to drive about anything, and seems made quite well- a metal box with good feeling knobs and buttons. The on/off power switch built into the power cord is a bit cheeky, but it’s better than not having it at all in my use of it. For under $100 it’s a no brainer-it’s actually better than most other Presonus items I’ve had experiences with (digi pre’s, digital mixer, etc)-that stuff is pretty much Guitar Center semi-pro but decent enough value. I would have to triple my $$$ to get anything better if at that. If you need one, this is THE one…Just note it has separate L/R inputs and outs-you can not take a TRS headphone cable out of the front onf a semi-pro piece of gear so adapters (yuk) or custom made cords may be needed.

  6. Mitchell Shaw

    Works great – Beware of loose battery terminalEverything is great, I’m only taking off a star because the battery terminal does not snap securely to 9v batteries (at least the ones I tried it with) . It kept shutting off in the middle of a show because of it. It quickly got to where it wouldn’t work at all. It was a fairly simple fix to replace it with a new terminal… I would expect something like this from behringer, but not from presonus and for the price I paid it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s also a pain to access the battery compartment – you have to unscrew the belt clip with a screwdriver.

  7. davezilla

    Buy one!I have a Focusrite that tragically had the all too common headphone jack die. So it was either: send it or for repair, spending weeks without being able to use my studio, spend another $400+ for a replacement….or this.I went this route because I wanted expanded headphone capability anyway. Glad I did. This baby sounds great, was an under $100 problem fix, and now 4 people can use headphones at once.So, great device, easy to use, great price.

  8. gwine

    Super quiet, excellent headphone amp…If you’re looking for a quality headphone amp for the studio or portable player use, look no further. This is a quality built headphone amp that has great specs and is super quiet. I was going to purchase the Behringer PowerPlay P1 headphone amp but complaints of the battery compartment cover falling off changed my decision to go with the Presonus HP2 which is twive as much but worth it.I use it with my iPOD Classis 80GB along with a FiiO L3 Line Out Dock (LOD) Cable and a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm Audio Coupler Female to Female. To connect to the XLR cable that comes with the Presonus to your iPOD or similar device will require a Hosa CYX402M Stereo Breakout 3.5mm TRS to Dual XLR Male 2 Meter cable which Amazon didn’t carry but can be had from American Musical Supply. Expect nothing but the best from Presonus you won’t be disappointed.

  9. FH

    Great Product!A solid product that is easy to setup and use.

  10. Cole

    Perfect Purchase.I’m a musician who works from a home studio, more specifically a bedroom studio. I work with friends a lot and my audio interface only has two headphone ins and we don’t use speakers. Buying this was the best option for me, it’s cheap, reliable, has great sound quality and gives me as many headphone ins as I need. Can’t recommend it for beginner-intermediate musicians enough.

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