Planet Audio PEQ15 5 Band Pre-Amp Car Audio Equalizer – Half Din, Subwoofer Output with Adjustable Filter, Fixed Bands, Remote

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Audio Connections
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How An Equalizer Is Used

The Planet Audio PEQ15 parametric equalizer is a high-fidelity signal processor/preamplifier that allows you to control the relative levels within the audible frequency spectrum of a stereophonic system. It is intended for use in a car audio system which includes amplifiers in a signal path after the equalizer, and provides front, rear, and subwoofer low level outputs via RCA connectors.


  • Front/Rear EQ center frequency ranges: Low (20-70 Hz); Low/Mid (150-400 Hz); Mid (1.5-4 kHz); High (4-20 kHz)
  • Sub channel EQ crossover range: 50 – 250Hz
  • Equalization range: +/- 18 dB (boost/cut)
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz – 50 kHz (+/- 1dB)
  • Signal to noise ratio: 110 dB (ref. 1V input)
  • THD: 0.005%
  • Channel separation: 82 dB (at 1kHz)
  • Output impedance: 50k Ohms
  • Power supply: 11-15V negative ground
  • Output voltage: 7V
  • Dimensions: (7.2” W x 3.8” D x 1.3” H)

Front Panel Controls and Key Features
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Front Panel Controls And Key Features

  1. Fader: Use this control to balance the sound level between front and rear speakers as desired.
  2. Input Select (CD or AUX): This button permits you to select the equalizer input source. The unit features separate rear panel RCA inputs for in dash receiver such as a CD or another source such as a DVD player
  3. Master Volume Control: Use this to adjust the overall output volume level.
  4. Subwoofer Crossover Frequency Selector: Use this control to select the highest frequency to be sent to the subwoofer channel. Choose a frequency between 50 Hz and 250 Hz.
  5. Subwoofer Volume Control: Use the knob to set the volume level for the subwoofer channel.
  6. Front/Rear Channel Center Frequency Selectors: Use these controls to select the center frequencies for boosting/cutting in the signal provided to the front and rear output channels. Frequency ranges for each control are Low (20-70 Hz); Low/Mid (150-400 Hz); Mid (1.5-4 kHz); High (4-20 kHz)
  7. Front/Rear Channel Boost/Cut Controls: These knobs will set the desired amount of boost or cut (from -18 to +18 dB) for each of the frequency bands within the signal provided to the rear and front output channels.

Top Panel Controls and Key Features
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Top Panel Controls And Key Features

  1. Subwoofer Channel RCA Outputs
  2. Front And Rear Channel RCA Outputs
  3. CD And AUX Channel RCA Inputs
  4. Power Connections: Please note that the PEQ15 has an automatic turn-on circuit, so that in addition to the (+) and ground connections, it is necessary for you to connect the REM terminal to the REM terminal on your head unit.
  5. CD And AUX Channel Controls: Use these controls during setup to balance the gain for each of the two input sources.

Additional information

Weight 453.59 kg
Dimensions 9.65 × 3.3 cm
Product Dimensions

‎18.29 x 9.65 x 3.3 cm; 453.59 Grams

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Whats in the box

‎Half-din 5-band Preamp Parametric Equalizer

Item Weight

‎454 g



Date First Available

9 September 2009


Planet Audio

10 reviews for Planet Audio PEQ15 5 Band Pre-Amp Car Audio Equalizer – Half Din, Subwoofer Output with Adjustable Filter, Fixed Bands, Remote

  1. Swinefeaster

    Sounds amazing in my home stereo
    Paired this with my old 12″ sub, $50 Denon house amp off craigslist, Sonos port, and a 3a 12v led power adapter. Sounds amazing, the whole house shakes, and the bass is clean and adjustable.

  2. Disco

    simple is good
    I was mad at myself for not buying the more expensive model from Planet Audio that included adjustable crossover points for each level of the equalizer. This one was on sale for such a resonable price I couldn’t refuse. I’m glad I bought this model now. Being honest with myself, I feel I have a diserning ear for music but the 4 equalizer settings high, mid, low, sub-low, are just fine. I can switch between my head unit and a mp3 player with a touch of the aux button and my mp3 player sounds better without going thru the head unit. I have fader, sub crossover, sub gain, volume, along with the EQ levels. It put’s 7v to my amps. A alpine 4ch rated at 25w rms and a precision audio 2ch rated at 250w rms bridged to a single 1000w Infinity 8″ in a sealed box. The 4ch alpine runs 2 4×6 Infinity plate spkrs in the rear and 2 6 1/2″ co-ax Alpine’s in the front kick panels. The equalizer performs flawlessly with separate outputs for Sub, front, rear, So I can split the 4ch inputs and use the fader control to balance the 6 1/2’s and the less power hungry plates. The amps may seem to small but they aren’t. Power ratings are severely over estimated by most users. A 250w 2ch bridged will power a 8 or a 10 to beyond the speakers capability’s easy. The Alpines 25w rms per channel rating is where it has the least distortion not the most it can produce. Add in the EQ pumping 7v to the inputs and you have alot more than the rated power. Esp. if you run heavy power leads and a Cap in the main lead before you split the power to the 2 amps. I highly reccomend this EQ/Sub controller to anyone. I had a $280 dollar kicker EQ for a long time and this one has better features. Also the blue background lighting around the knobs that pump to the music makes a nice effect.

  3. CD05

    Excellent — Best in price range
    This is an excellent crossover for the price and is the only one I’ve found that had the frequency and slope options I needed. With a 24/db lowpass of 250hz down to 32hz and bass boost 0 to +12db down to 25hz, you will not find another xover with this kind of flexibility near this price range.I’m using this xover for my sub channel only so I can’t comment on the front/rear output. The EC20B combined with my amplifiers lowpass and subsonic filter allows me to get the exact slope needed for great sound quality in almost any application. Crossovers 2x and even 3x the price often do not have the frequency range or offer as steep of a slope.I’ve used the EC20B with four 15’s in a SPL setup and again in a SQ setup with two Alpine SWR1024d. Both times this xover allowed me to get the response I needed. I was skeptical at first about the brand/price but the EC20B is now a key component in my installation.

  4. George

    A must buy
    Hands down the most important component of sub setup. The quality of the product is outstanding.

  5. Izzy1

    Most Important Part of my System!
    I have had and am still having a great overall experience with this product. I only use the Subwoofer part of it, so I cannot say anything about the other frequencies. I use the Right Rear Factory speaker signal to feed both Hi Level Input Channels on this Crossover which poweres 2 – 15″ low end subs throughout a 2000W / 1 ohm Class AB Amp. Prior to adding in this Crossover I was always weary of turning the volume up because of the sound quality and distortion I was getting from what I suspected to be my LOC. I tried different Amps, LOCs, box designs, nothing helped. But now, for the last 6 months or so since installing this product, I finally have my system set up where I’m happy with it. No distortion, only clean bass being sent to my amp.The bass knob is great. It’s the only thing I ever have to adjust when stronger or weaker bassed songs play to either keep my subs from being over powered on hard hitting Rap, or to get the bass back to hitting for my rock and alternative likes.I recommend this for anybody with a subwoofer of any size If you want your subwoofers to last long and not die from distortion-especially if you’re using a cheap line output converter like I was, do away with that nonsense and buy a simple but quality crossover like this one with a high-level input capability and you won’t regret it.

  6. Mr.Gates

    Great product can’t bet da great price plus it sounds good.
    Volume control and sub control is what I was most impressed with plus it’s super easy to install great product.

  7. Travis Eastman

    easy to install… worked right away!!… knobs are very stiff, and sensitive…good quality
    I Own An audiopipe line driver mixer( for 2 years) and a Clarion line driver mixer(3 years)the clarion was around $150the audio pipe was around $100this ones feels same quality at half the price or less! lets hope it lasts a looong time!!If your into audio and quality (not just loud) use these to connect any 2 or 3 amps together…throw away your useless subwoffer volume control that comes with the amp…. and use this… or go home!

  8. Amazon Customer

    First I got to say I got it used
    Ok so been connected for about a week… now before I do a review I have to tell ya I got this through Amazon warehouse cuz it was ridiculous cheap…. but with tht said, it didn’t have the hardware, luckily i had some stuff to make a bracket,,,, the adjustments def improved my sound, which was my biggest concern becuz let be honest, it is a planet audio,,, but so far it’s worked without any kind of issues…. none….. nada…..

  9. Dezfast

    Just too cool.
    This crossover is just too cool! Its really easy to use. As for the sound improvement? Yes. I was running a four channel amp and the sound was good.. The crossover enhanced the sound in my ride. This cross over has given depth to my systems sound. The highs are more clear. The midrange is more distinct. I listen to hard rock.. So the example is the lead singers vocals appear to be higher than the guitar. In other words this cross over has given my system a 3D effect.. lol. The sounds are more balanced. The unit is small and will easy in most spaces. Also.. The unit can be powered by 16 gauge wire.. I used 10 gauge. The power ports are small and you need to plan on using a smaller gauge wire. like 10.. 8 gauge will probably be to big. So the power requirements are not as demanding as other components. This cross over can take 1-2-3 channels from your head unit and convert them to high, mid and bass channels! So no matter what type head you have, this units can take those signals and prep them up to send to your amp. IT ALSO COMES WITH A REMOTE FOR YOUR SUB-WOOFER. So in closing you get a small component, small power requirements, good price, very versatile and great sound enhancement. Its worth buying. I highly recommend this product. I hope your experience is as great as mine.

  10. Steven

    Absolute Garbage
    Had the item for one month and within three weeks signals started getting static, speakers started popping, unit failed and they no longer accept returns after 30 days. No warranty. Stay away.

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