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Brand Logitech for Creators
Model Name Blue Yeti
Connectivity Technology USB
Connector Type USB, 3.5 mm Jack
Special Feature Stand
Color Whiteout
Included Components Desktop Stand, Yeti USB mic, USB Cable
Polar Pattern Multipattern
Audio Sensitivity 100 dB

  • Tri-capsule array – 3 condesner capsules can record almost any situation
  • Multiple pattern selection – cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo
  • Gain control, mute button, zero-latency headphone output. Signal to noise: 100 dB
  • Perfect for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, voiceovers, interviews, field recordings, conference calls


Yeti is the world’s #1 premium USB mic, producing clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound for music, podcasts, Twitch streaming, YouTube videos, and Zoom calls. With advanced Blue VO!CE software, Yeti makes it easier than ever to achieve professional on-stream sound quality with enhanced broadcast vocal effects, advanced voice modulation and HD audio samples. Four pickup patterns offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to record and stream in ways that would normally require multiple microphones. Yeti also features studio controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and microphone gain that put you in charge of the recording process. Set up in seconds with the included desktop stand or connect directly to a mic stand or boom arm.

From the manufacturer

Blue Yeti Mic

Additional information

Weight 15.8 kg
Dimensions 4.92 × 4.72 × 11.61 cm
Item Weight

15.8 ounces

Product Dimensions

4.92 x 4.72 x 11.61 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

October 1, 2015

Color Name


Connector Type

USB, 3.5 mm Jack

Hardware Interface



Mic Only

Hardware Platform


Power Source

Corded Electric


5 Volts


Logitech for Creators

10 reviews for Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti USB Microphone for PC, Podcast, Gaming, Streaming, Studio, Computer Mic – Whiteout

  1. Matt LaFrancis

    Good sound, but a bit overpriced and a bit overhypedPurchased the white out edition of the mic and paired it with a white mic arm and white pop filter. Looks really badass all together. Matches my PC build.Though I have quite a few negative things to say about the Yeti, I am just trying to bring the hype about this mic down a bit. It isnt the BEST option for a USB mic, but it is a pretty decent option. If you’re on a budget, get the Snowball. Otherwise, this mic is still a good choice. Especially for a USB mic.Context: I purchased this mic for gaming. Not for making videos on YouTube, making podcasts, or recording music. I keep the mic pretty close to my face (probably 3-5 inches away). I initially expected keeping the mic that close to my face to keep noise isolation to a minimum as I want to sound good to my friends in Discord and people in my games.Blue Yeti is a big mic, so keep that in mind. You’ll need a lot of space in front of you if you plan on playing games with the mic sitting between you and your keyboard on the stand that comes with it. You should definitely consider an arm to keep desk space free. This will also reduce keyboard noise.My bedroom (where I use this mic) has wooden floors and is fairly spacious. So that means there’s a bit of echo normally. The mic is very sensitive to background noise. Even with the mic close to me (and the gain turned very low), it picks up echo. It isn’t an annoying amount of echo, but there certainly isnt great noise isolation. I can only imagine how this thing sounds with it far away from you. It also seems to pick up keyboard noise. I own a membrane keyboard (Razer Deathstalker Chroma), so its surprising that it picks up keyboard noise. I’m sure a mechanical keyboard would be quite audible. I’m sure if your room has lots of things to soak up any echo, noise isolation wont be an issue. But I’m not about to put foam padding all over my walls just to get better noise isolation. This also means that background noise (such as loud roommates) is easily picked up by this mic.This mic picks up more bass than I’m used to, so it’ll make your voice sound a little deeper than it actually is. It still does sound quite clear, its just bassier than I’m used to.My friend also described that, compared to the headset I previously owned, that this mic has a lot of reverb (not really echo). I dont know if it’s the arm that the Yeti is sitting on vibrating because of my voice, or if its because of the Yeti itself. I’m willing to bet it has something to do with the Yeti.If you’re looking for a good USB mic, you should consider either the Blue Snowball or the Blue Yeti. My roommate owns a Snowball, and the cable broke not too long after he bought it (which is a drawback to that mic). This mic, however, doesnt seem to have that headache of a cable problem (no extreme bends necessary in the cable). Other than that, Snowball (first impressions) has better noise isolation than this mic, but Yeti sounds a bit clearer overall in my opinion. He keeps his mic much farther from his face than I do and I hear less echo than the Yeti picks up. Snowball is also at a better price point than the Yeti.Idk if the Snowball has a headphone jack, but you can plug some headphones into the Yeti and test the mic noise levels in them. Windows recognizes the Yeti as both speakers and a microphone, which means you can play system sound through the Yeti and plug your headphones in through there as well. That way, you have an instant feedback loop on whether you are being too loud or not.Something I miss about my headset (I switched to this mic and some HiFi headphones for better audio quality all around) is that I could mute myself without making any mic noise. That allowed me to eat and talk at the same time without having to stay muted the entire time or go into Discord and click the software button. I could mute myself quietly, eat, and unmute myself quietly. Doesnt disturb anyone I’m in discord with at all. This is particularly useful when playing audio queue dependent games that also require communication (such as CS:GO). The Yeti makes a loud plastic-clicky noise when you mute it that WILL be picked up. So, no discreetly muting yourself. That’s a nitpicky detail for me to complain about, but that’s really the only thing that bothers me a great deal. So push to talk or just dealing with it are your only options there.The wire that comes with this mic is a bit short. It doesn’t reach when I try to feed the wire through the arm clamped on the left side of my desk, behind my monitors, and then to my PC on the right side of my desk. Be prepared to purchase a USB cable extender if you plan on playing games with this mic (especially FPS games where the arm needs to be on the left side of your desk as to not hinder mouse movements).So overall, I think this mic is a bit overhyped and a bit overpriced. But I dont really regret my purchase. I’m a bit disappointed by it, but not disappointed enough to return it or anything. Sure, with the money I paid for this, I could’ve gotten an XLR setup and upgraded the mic down the road to something that sounds really good. However, an XLR setup introduces more wires that I’d rather not deal with. The Yeti sounds good and only has one wire to deal with. All the different modes on the mic (front, back and front, sides, etc) are cool, but a casual dude like me doesnt have a use for that. I’d say an XLR setup might get you better quality but with more wires and (down the road) more money, and the Snowball seems to be priced a bit better than this, but you wont regret your purchase if youre looking for a USB mic and you get the Yeti.

  2. Ghingir

    Great micI’m kind of new to the podcasthing thing and at first I was disappointed with the sound quality. It was only as good as the $5 desktop mic I replaced. Then I figured out that I had to speak directly into the mic rather than just having it to the side of me on my desk. If I speak directly into the mic the sound quality is amazing. I was really hoping not to have to move the mic directly in front of me each time I recorded, so I started looking for some type of arm that I could connect above me so I could just bring it in when I needed it but I can’t seem to find any clamp that fits the mic since it’s so wide. Even the ones that say they work with “blue yet” are too small. I’ve tried two already; neither fits. Other than that, I love the mic.

  3. Andy.

    A Must-Have for Professional PodcastsHaving purchased the Blue Yeti USB Microphone, I was amazed at the sound quality and very pleased with the results. With its excellent sound quality, I have been using it on a daily basis for my Podcast. The microphone shipped fast and I am glad I got it.The Blue Yeti USB Microphone has many pros. It is extremely easy to use and the sound quality is fantastic. There are no cons to speak of.I highly recommend the Blue Yeti USB Microphone to anyone who is looking to start a professional podcast. I would give it a 5/5 rating and say that it is a must-have item for all podcasters.

  4. Chelsea Holden

    Podcasters Dream MicThis is my second blue yeti microphone. I’ve been podcasting for 3 years and my old mic was ready to retire. I didn’t even bother looking around for other mics as I love the quality and versatility of the blue yeti!Fan for life because y’all make me sound great! 🎙️Big Love,Chelsea HoldenCups Chels Podcast

  5. Heavy Gatz

    Pro Audio. Budget Friendly. Workhorse.Been in the music scene for a good long minute and the first pro audio company I heard of was Blue Microphones and it was for good reason.That same reason is why this microphone is the one you see YouTubers use the most (next to the shure sm7b) and why it’s been the #1 best selling usb mic for years now.Is it the best audio? No.Is it the worse audio? No.Is it budget friendly? Yes (to an extent)Is it professional sounding? Yes. Yes. Yes.Is it easy to learn and use? Yes.Is it good quality? Yes.Will it last? Yes.Is it worth the investment? Yes and No.Should I buy one? Yes and No.It’s a workhorse microphone that will be there for years to come and perform the same every single time. It just depends on the work load it’s given.This is an amateur friendly and pro grade microphone however it’s still $100 and that’s a serious investment if you’re not serious about putting it to work.If you’re a podcaster, singer-songwriter, YouTuber, musician, rapper, voice-over actor, streamer, product reviewer and/or social media influencer then YES most definitely get one.If you’re a hobbyist, or someone who’s unsure if they need one then No. Don’t get one. It’s better to start off with a much cheaper option that still has a great sound like the Blue Snowball or others of the same price tag.

  6. Anonymous Display

    Bad software experience, dips in the mid frequenciesOverall good frequency response, but unlike the AT2020, this has a dip in the middle frequencies. Signal processing is needed to make this sound more true to life.One definitive plus for this microphone, though, is the physical gain control. It’s much easier to remove noise and start with a clean signal on this microphone than it is on the AT2020.The biggest issue is the software. Enabling Blue Voice allowed for cool effects but would often cause my output signal to vary wildly in volume. Whatever signal processing was going on there, either my computer or the software did not like it. This made the microphone a glorified paper weight. Disabling the software usually fixed the problem, but not always. At one point I did have to uninstall the Logitech software to remedy the issue.

  7. Charles JEnnings

    Excellent qualityI already had one of these and love it! Bought this one because I thought i had lost my other. I have used this as a professional Santa Claus and love it!

  8. Some random guy

    Massive UpgradeI purchased this for some voice acting and compared to my previous one the difference is night and day. More than happy with this purchase.

  9. Mr C

    Great Heavy Duty MicrophoneFirst of this thing is huge, heavy and impressively well made, especially for the price. Great sound quality of recordings. I talk just a few inches from the MIC with the gain up fairly high and it sounds great. I stand it on a box on a table to get it to the right height others may want to mount it on an adjustable arm mount or something if they are going to use it all the time. Overall a great product that has improved my videos.

  10. E-Men

    Great Mic for starters Over 5 years of usageThis is a great mic. I have used it for over five years and have never had any problems with it. It’s easy to use, has excellent sound quality, and gets the job done. The only negative is that it is bulky, but for sure, a great purchase.

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