Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids, Ankuka Bluetooth PA Speaker Sound System with USB Disco Lights, 2 Wireless Microphones and

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Weight 13.15 kg
Dimensions 32.99 × 54 cm


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‎37.01 x 32.99 x 54 cm; 13.15 Kilograms



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20 August 2019



10 reviews for Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids, Ankuka Bluetooth PA Speaker Sound System with USB Disco Lights, 2 Wireless Microphones and


    The battery doesn’t last after a couple of years
    The karaoke machine is nice and it sounds good; however the wireless microphones that came with it look and feel cheap, plus they don’t work properly and at times they sound distorted, and no matter if you have a strong voice, because you still have to sing very close into the microphone, because if not they don’t pick up your voice. Also after a couple of years the battery doesn’t last anymore. Very disappointed and that was the main reason I bought this specific machine. I hope I can get help from Ankuka somehow. I also bought the protection plan Asurion, so I definitely should get some kind of solution regarding the issues mentioned above. Please

  2. Prash

    Sound could be better but overall 2 mics works great together for karoakee
    We have tested enough now and mics works great with each other. Sound quality could have been better but not bad at all.

  3. Lory Tibbetts

    Mics are junk!
    The speaker itself is fine. Both mics have stopped working within a few months. So now I use a wired mic to plug into the speaker.Update: I purchased a set of 2 wireless UHF mics (Geardon) and used the MIC port on the Ankuka speaker for the receiver after charging all mics and receiver using the USB-C charging cables that came with the set. Followed directions on the product video on how to set up and it is working great.

  4. LT

    Loved it!
    The sound quality of this equipment was great. It filled a large room, and the volume was easy to control. The microphones that came with it were not great at all. One of them cut out constantly and the other only lasted a couple of days. I contacted the company, and they did send new ones that seemed to work a little better. I did eventually just order a better set. Overall, I love the unit. It filled every need I had and exceeded my expectations (except for the microphones). I was pleased with customer service, and would definitely order from this company again.

  5. Jamie Gaita

    Mic Effect made me return
    If you are only using this product as a Bluetooth speaker it rocks and does exactly what it says. It connects fast, it’s easy to use, it’s portable, and I loved all in one mic stand and phone/tablet holder. This was a 5/5 for me until I sang on the mic. The microphone has some type of doubling effect on it that can’t be taken off or improved much upon no matter what you do as there are no settings to change to do so. I thought maybe it was just the mic the system came with, which if that was the only problem with a system at this price point no biggie. So, I tried both my shure wired and wireless mics to see if it was any better and it wasn’t. I was disappointed as I really liked everything else about this machine but the effect the machine put on the mic is just not good. I ended up returning it and going to guitar center and buying a similar product for 159 minus the mic stand, disco light, and phone/tablet holder. It was louder, had better sound quality, and didn’t put weird effects on the mic that you didn’t physically put on through a mixing board.

  6. CH

    Best birthday gift ever!
    We bought this as a birthday gift for our son-in-law, and its first use was at his birthday party. Once he turned it on, the colored lights started dancing on the ceiling, the music started playing, and the party was on. It was great entertainment for the whole family. There were so many surprising features — it was well worth the money!

  7. Robert K

    Awesome sound
    This thing is great and the whole neighborhood can hear you.They have great customer service too – my young kids broke both microphones and almost a year later they are sending me 2 wired replacements which are less likely to break.Make sure to watch a your tube video to see how to get the words on your tv.

  8. thecowboy12

    Love this machine,best purchase I’ve made in a long while.
    This is a superior Karaoke Machine. It’s made well, sounds great ,my family loves it. I like that it’s portable and keeps a charge.We have 3 daughters that love to sing and good at it. The cordless mics are top notch. The Bluetooth connects with everything I’ve used with it. It is loud very loud. The party lights really add to it. I can’t say enough about it. Great price. You can’t go wrong with this machine.

  9. J. S. Wilson

    Fun and sounds great
    Fun karaoke machine. Play songs with Bluetooth YouTube and sing along! Loud and has cool colors lighting and can plug in a musical instrument!

  10. Alicia LaBelle

    Great fun and easy to use!
    This machine has been a huge hit in our house! Love the dual mics, the echo effect and the ease of use for Bluetooth connection. I know there’s so much more it can do that we haven’t used but it’s super easy to fire up the mics and bust out some singing. Also fun to use when trying to get my kids attention and they are ignoring me. 😃. Highly recommend!

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