Furman Power Conditioner, Black (M-8S)

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  • Six sequenced rear panel outlets (in 3 groups), two unswitched rear panel outlets, and one front panel unswitched outlet.
  • Momentary and Maintained sequencing via rear panel terminal block or front panel switch (momentary only).
  • Standard level AC protection and filtering. 15 amp rating
  • All settings and configurations available on rear panel.
  • From the #1 brand in professional power conditioning. Perfect for instrument rigs, home recording, DJ equipment, pro audio rigs and home/commercial audio systems.


Merit M-8S Power Sequencer is the perfect low-cost AC power solution for any rack mount system. Install an M-8S in your rack, and the eight outlets in the rear panel will power up in sequence and protect all your equipment up to a 15-amp load.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 21.75 × 9.25 × 3.5 cm
Item Weight

5 pounds

Product Dimensions

21.75 x 9.25 x 3.5 inches



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Date First Available

May 20, 2014

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10 reviews for Furman Power Conditioner, Black (M-8S)

  1. Plough

    Psst! Furman isn’t just for pros! It works with home theater amps! Keep it a secret!If you have speaker pop, this is the go to solution! My situation involved a pre-amp and 3 amplifiers for a home theater. The pre-amp has a 12VDC trigger. But the amplifiers turn on so quickly that before the pre-amp is ready there is this loud speaker pop! I used the remote input on the back of the Furman with an old stereo headphone cable with a 3.5mm jack. Cut the wire leads near the headphone. Burn off lacquer off all three wires with a lighter. Twist the red and green wires together and leave the copper wire alone. Insert twisted cable as REM in the Furman and copper into GND. Turn on Dip Switch 1 on the Furman. Plug stereo jack into pre-amp 12VDC trigger. Voila! The Furman now sequentially turns on my subwoofer amplifer, then 2-channel amp, and 7-channel amp. I like the simple Pi filter for basic EMI/RFI filtering. No need to over complicate the filters when connecting amps. Simpler the better. Great sound too!

  2. TimK

    Easy to install and useUnit is well built. Delay between units on/off is adjustable. Remote switches are available. Been using Furman products for years in our production company with very few failures. Highly recommend.

  3. N. Caruso

    A great addition to most electronic systems.This is the second one of these I own. The first is for my home stereo to turn on items in sequence. The second, just purchased from Amazon, powers on my live music rig. Being able to turn on electronics in sequence is really a great idea to eliminate “thumps” and other external noise that can damage speakers. The Amazon one was significantly cheaper. Furman makes really solid, well made equipment – this is no exception!

  4. D. C. Smith

    It does the job – at a priceFurman equipment is quite good, but it is expensive.

  5. David Borg

    works perfectly. outlets are however inlets at the back …works perfectly. outlets are however inlets at the back are too close to each other. if you have an adaptor that must be inserted sideways you lose 1 or 2 inlets immediately. outlets should be made so that adaptors can be inserted vertically or horizontally.

  6. P. Daniel

    Great for sound systemsThis works great for sound systems of all types. If you have popping when you turn your system on or off this will stop it. Just place the amp in the last delay that way it comes on last and goes off first. I install sound systems for churches, schools, and business and always use one of these just for that reason. All Furman products are great, no matter which one you buy.

  7. Will

    Great for churchesThis works great if you need a no frills sequencer to keep people from turning on your sound system improperly. I work for a church and you never know who is going to be trying to turn on one of our small sound systems. I’ve yet to have a problem with any of our furman products.

  8. ironorr84

    Absolutely a must for costly PA systems!Absolutely great. Perfect for simplifying the power on/off of our church’s PA system. I’m greatly considering the add-on device that will control multiple Furman Power Sequencers, so that from a turn of a metal key, both soundbooth and stage-side audio equipment will be turned on in the correct order.

  9. harryphotography

    a must have for audio systemi brought two for my church as part of the audio system upgrade.since the upgrade, no need to worry about powering up the wrong equipment in the wrong sequence.

  10. Jean R.

    This is not the replacement model for the old PS-8R II !Be careful, this is NOT the new version of the PS-8R II, but part of their Merit line. This is what they call a sacrificial unit (replace or service the unit in case of a power protection kicks in). This does not have their great non-sacrifitial SMP, EVS and LiFT features present in the now unavailable PS-8R II power sequencer.

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