Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home – Up to 3,000 sq ft, Cell Phoen Booster kit, Cellular Repeater Amplifier Boost 5G 4G LTE 3G

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Wherever you live, urban, suburban or rural areas, whatever phones and service provider you’re using, wherever you need coverage at your home, the tonve boostger gets you covered. It works with all kinds of smartphones, hotspots, tablets, notebooks on all US and Canadian providers.

Enhancing your cellular connectivity, it boosts your business productivity at work and lets you stay connected with those who matter. Your entertainment never stops without loading screens! It also provides greater peace of mind in any emergencies with constant and reliable service than ever. No Wi-Fi is needed and no monthly subscription fee.
How to make the indoor signal more reliable?

This 5G 4G signal booster is your answer! The reason is, This signal booster can provide you with a stable and reliable signal.
This AT&T Verizon cell Signal Booster Amplifier Network Extender is designed to work with the Networks of 5G 4G LTE 3G 2G 700/850/1900/2100 MHz Band 66/25/17/13/12/5/4/2 for all North American Users.

The Signal Booster Cell Service Provider is compatible with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Straight Talk and more.That means, Your cell phone currently operating frequency should be the SAME as this cell booster’s,so the booster can Trigger signals connected properly between the Cell Tower and Cell Phone.

This Cell Phone Booster Amplifier kit aimed at solving your Poor 4G Network Problem, it Improves your Phone 5G 4G Data and Enhances Calling voice quality.No more Missed & Dropped Calls, Enjoy a Faster Internet. Recommended for using at Home/Office/Basement/Garage/Village/Outdoor Camping.

The inside coverage will be various base on the Outside signal level, Building isolation effects and the Height of the outdoor antenna located, We suggest that putting the outdoor antenna 10-15 ft above the top of Building/ Roof. Max Inside signal Coverage up to 4000-4500sq.ft


Additional information

Weight 2.06 kg
Dimensions 22.6 × 12.9 cm
Package Dimensions

‎35.1 x 22.6 x 12.9 cm; 2.06 Kilograms



Item Weight

‎2.06 kg



Date First Available

‎ 15 September 2021



10 reviews for Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home – Up to 3,000 sq ft, Cell Phoen Booster kit, Cellular Repeater Amplifier Boost 5G 4G LTE 3G

  1. G. Weber

    Super simple and it WORKS!
    We live in a a deep canyon, in some remote mountains. We couldn’t ever get ANY cell service! NO BARS. We would have to drive up to the main highway to barely text. Could NEVER make actual calls.We bought this, put it up high on the same pole that we installed our Starlink on, and BOOM! FULL bars! And we can make and receive calls! No dropped calls ever! This has been a GAME CHANGER!!We like it so much, we’re getting one for the rental we have across the lane, so we can lure in city folks who want the rural life, but need to work from home. 😉

  2. Melisa S

    Great Support
    I didn’t give 5 stars because the instructions to install were difficult for me to understand ( and could just be me) but the support for the product was awesome! Every question was addressed and explained so I could get this working properly and when I needed a longer cable to get the booster higher, Tonve was awesome in making sure I had the correct cable and they did everything in a timely manner. I am impressed with the product so far but the most important to me, was the support when I needed it. Great job, Tonve! Thank you! I plan to purchase another one soon for my garage that does not get cell signals once you walk inside.

  3. Rich

    No bars to 3 bars!
    We live in the wet jungle of East Hawaii. Our ATT service was super spotty. And non existent while inside our house/dwelling.A few months ago, The local wireless broadband company quit servicing our area due to complications with tree growth affecting the wifi service.I decided to try a cell phone booster. My neighbor recommended me to try as it helped him. His was over 1,000$ installed.It was quite out of my budget, so i searched amazon.I found Tonve Cell Phone Signal Booster for AT&T 700MHz 4G LTE Band 12/17 Mobile Signal Repeater Amplifier Antenna Kit.This worked at one home magnificently!!!I went from no bars to 4 bars in my home.And i can now stream NFL+ and youtube videos at the speed of my LTE signal as if i was in town.I Bought this upgraded Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home for our other home 1,000 feet.I bought it as it works for all carriers.After installing, our bars went to 3 and we are able to stream videos and make clear phone calls in that home as well.It was so frustrating to even talk on the phone before the booster.Now we have a clear connection and quality speed for the environment that we live.I highly recommend for quality of product and quality of service.I really appreciate the interaction and the product.

  4. Chad V Cox

    I already owned a wilson home booster that I’ve had for a few years but really needed another booster for a metal building and didn’t wont to pay the price tag for another wilson so after searching through all the boosters i decided to give this booster a go with its price range alot more in line with what I had in mind anyway after a week of testing this one im very impressed with it and really like the results, the frequency bands light up when detected it helps alot with setting up and running. It’s made well and I like the quality of it and the option to mount is a plus.. the signal is ridiculously strong with a whip antenna, just as stong as wilson wall antenna and would have tested with a indoor wall antenna but the n type connector was female and I didn’t have the n male at the time. Overall I think this booster is good buy and will see if it last as long as my wilson has.

  5. Joan Cubberly

    Works well
    Does not seem to cover 3,000 SF with interior walls but with antenna 25 feet high boosted signal 2 barsEasy to install, setupTech support not used

  6. Alice Anderson

    Works perfect. Easy install.
    It was great, easy install, works perfectly, good price. Very satisfied.

  7. S.Hikes

    Brand new and easy to install!

  8. don kesterson

    Cell phone booster
    Have bought two of these for two different locations. Both locations are not far from towers but trees and hills gave me poor signal. Even have WiFi in the house. The one at my house I am about a mile from the tower but trees & hill was killing me. It didn’t want to pick up real good so I turned it 180 degrees toward another tower that is father away. Worked much better. You really need to know where your towers are to line up in the right direction. So far real pleased. 5 stars on making it better. Installing is simple if you have any know how at all. I am a kind of do it all person anyway.

  9. Ray

    Great Product!!
    This product was straightforward to install and use. You must know what cellphone bands are in your area and what direction the cell tower is from your home. My outdoor antenna is located on a 30′ pole and I have a clear line of sight to the cell tower. The repeater increased my signal from 2 bars to 5 bars. Before installing the repeater, I had a majority of dropped calls. Now I can call anywhere in my home.

  10. Patrick J. McCaffrey

    Had very spotty cell coverage at my villa in Sun City Hilton Head. Did basic quick install to test and was blown away. went from 1 bar of cell signal to ALL 4 !!!Ran wires neater, mounted device & secured antenna – FANTASTIC – THANKS for making this product available!!!

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