avedio links HDMI Switch Audio Extractor, HDMI Switch Splitter 2 Inputs 1 Output with Remote 4K@60hz, 2-Port HDMI2.0b Switcher

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4K@60hz 2×1 HDMI Switch Audio Extractor + Optical TOSLINK SPDIF +Coaxial+ Analog RCA L/R Stereo Audio Video Audio Video Splitter Converter with 18.2Gbps, HDCP 2.2, HDR10, Support CEC, ARC.
This HDMI Switcher allows you to switch easily among two HD sources to one HD display.

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Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 14.9 × 3.7 cm

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Type of cable or wire

‎, Coaxial, RCA

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Package Dimensions

‎18.4 x 14.9 x 3.7 cm; 240 Grams



Date First Available

4 November 2020


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10 reviews for avedio links HDMI Switch Audio Extractor, HDMI Switch Splitter 2 Inputs 1 Output with Remote 4K@60hz, 2-Port HDMI2.0b Switcher

  1. Zenju

    My older surround system lives again, thanks to this little guy!
    This little device is awesome! I had purchased a different model that was defective and I am so glad that it was. I have a newer TV (2020) and an older receiver that doesn’t have HDMI. Originally I was running my audio from the optical port on the TV to the receiver. The little plastic door for the optical outlet on the TV broke one day and the optical cable no longer would stay in. I had just missed the warranty window on the TV and it seemed I was going to have to buy either a new TV or receiver to get the surround sound to work again. It seemed really wasteful and I didn’t want to do that. I called upon my friend for ideas and a HDMI switch with Audio Extraction was suggested, I didn’t even know they existed. As it turns out it was the perfect solution because my awesome surround system and older receiver now work with my TV, AppleTV and my X-BOX! I love that this audio extractor has 3 HDMI ports and comes with a remote to switch between the devices. I found it so easy to hook up, it was essentially plug and play! It has good picture and sound and I like that I don’t have to run multiple HDMI cables to my TV, just need one. If I had known about this product earlier I would have gotten it to bypass using the optical on the TV, less cables, more tidy. Overall I feel confident in this purchase because the customer service has already been great. As I mentioned the first device I ordered ended up being defective but they made it right quickly. In all honesty, I’m glad the first one was a lemon because this model is way better for me. The remote works great, less cables and it even cost less. The only thing I can say that I wish was different is the indicator lights, I wish they were brighter but with the price point and features this thing is crazy good value! I’m very happy with it overall.

  2. R

    Great Product!
    This box simply works as detailed with very clear picture and audio. I’m very picky on both and have returned products due to the slightest noise that gets introduced but this box simply provides great picture and sound quality without any noise that I’ve noticed.There is one thing that I was trying to do with someone saying it should work but it doesn’t. That is I was hoping I could get dolby digital 5.1 out through the coax I’m using from the box (or toslink would work also) while at the same time getting a simply audio signal (2.0 would be fine) out through the HDMI at the same time so my wife can simply watch prime or Netflix with sound from the HDTV speakers without worrying about turning on the processor to get the DD 5.1 sound to come on since she doesn’t care about that, just wants sound out through the HDTV. When I got the DD 5.1 signal out through the coax output on the box using the 5.1 switch setting also on the box, my older process works great by providing DD 5.1 while no sound comes out from the HDMI output of the box to my HDTV. In truth, this is best since the HDTV doesn’t need to be muted when listening to DD 5.1 since easy to forget and have sound coming out of both the HDTV and 5.1 speakers. Now I can select the Audio Copy on the remote or move the switch on the box to Pass Through to get sound from the HDMI output on the box but for some reason, DD 5.1 is not provided from the coax output of the box. My processor recognizes a lower level of sound such as prologic or some simulated DD 5.1. No worries, I can use the remote to use the Audio Copy to get audio from the HDMI output for my wife to use then use the remote to select 5.1 to get DD 5.1 from the coax output. I found the remote has to have direct line of sight to work since the box is hidden behind my stand but still not a problem. Really best to just have my wife learn to use the processor for sound, she can do it just fine. I wanted to share this in case someone finds the same thing. Someone replied to one of the questions indicating DD 5.1 should come out of the coax or toslink while audio also comes out of the HDMI output but this is not the case as I’ve detailed.Still this box is a steal for performance at the price and it provides 2 HDMI inputs to 1 which I also needed. I’m using a new Amazon Fire Stick 4K plugged into one of the HDMI inputs while using a Blu Ray player in the other. The box works as detailed to automatically switch to the latest device selected. So if already on the Blu Ray player it will switch if I select Home on the box remote or switch the other way by turning the Blu Ray player on.Glad items like this can be found that work great to support older equipment to prevent folks spending a lot more money to buy a new processor or HDTV with more inputs. I’m using this on a small HDTV sound system set up and not my main HDTV sound system so older DD 5.1 or DTS is just fine, sounds great actually.Hope this review helped someone.RHUPDATE: Box already doesn’t work after only 1 week, neither HDMI input recognized. I plugged both HDMI cables directly into my HDTV with both recognized but when plugging back into the box, neither HDMI input LED lights up like before. I unplugged and plugged back in several times with no luck. With both HDMI inputs unplugged to the box, both LED’s for the HDMI inputs light up along with the ARC detect button. So box is very confused and doesn’t work. Already got it ready to ship back. This is very disappointing for being so satisfied in the beginning. I am looking at other similar devices with thousands of reviews with high marks instead of this one only having 25 so likely will pay more for another device that should hopefully be more reliable. The low price attracted me to this box which is fine if it continued working. Guess I’m glad it died so quickly to make returning it very easy. Reason I’m changing my score from 5 to 1, this kind of reliability issue is very problematic. I would be afraid the same issue would occur if I did tried another one.New update: Supplier for this item contacted me directly upon finding out about the issues I was having. The support has been about the best I’ve received from anything I’ve purchase from Amazon so credit they follow through with their support. Makes me believe the 1 year warranty is valid with them honoring it during this time if any problem occurs.I hooked up the new box and so far so good, box works as intended. The box is providing 5.1 DD and DTS along with switching automatically from one HDMI input to the next if I power ON the next device, takes a few seconds as the directions indicate is normal. Then when I turn the Blu Ray player OFF, box switches back to the other input with my Amazon Fire Stick 4K. I’m using the coax digital output due to all my toslinks inputs on my surround processor used. For whatever reason, it seems hard to find an item similar to this with coax also included. In any event, this box should hopefully work out much better since any electronic device can have issues when new. I’ll try and update again after some time goes by to indicate if all is still working as it should. I think I’ll leave the box powered ON all the time. I do this for my computer and select electronics that have lasted for decades without problem.Adjusting the overall score to 5 due to the great customer support.

  3. ko太郎


  4. mh


  5. 濱川


  6. Christopher Braun

    Compatible with newer devices
    I got this wanting to connect my fire stick and Blu-ray player to a projector and split the audio off to a sound bar. The fire stick and sound bar worked great, but the switch wouldn’t pick up a signal from the Blu-ray player. I’ve had the player for quite a while, but it’s never had a problem connecting to any tv or the projector. To make due, I connected my Xbox and computer instead. Both work properly and handle what I was needing from the fire stick and Blu-ray player.

  7. S. Cindrich

    good solution for folks with 2 hdmi output devices and soundbar / optical audio
    So as of July-ish 2020, AppleTV first gen dropped HBOGo / Now apps, Tivo did the same (also previously dropped Xfinity on-demand), and even though I pay for HBO through my provider (Xfinity) I had no way to watch on-demand HBO on my nice big TV. Yes, screen mirroring from the new HBOMax app to the old AppleTV works, but who wants to open an app, select content, and control their tv from an ipad or iphone? We just didn’t enjoy that experience. After checking out other streaming box options, each of which had one drawback or another, I bit the bullet and bought an AppleTV 4K 32gb – but had to find a solution for its lack of an spdif output. Without that, I’d have no soundbar / sub, and although the TV has great add-on speakers – it’s an old Pioneer plasma – I still wanted to see if I could find something that would work.Found this avedio box and my problem was solved. Connected its HDMI output to the Pioneer, fed the Tivo and new AppleTV (with no spdif) HDMI to the inputs, and lastly connected the avedio’s spdif output to the soundbar spdif input. Everything worked as expected, and as a side bonus, we don’t have to scroll through input selection on the tv since we’re only using 1 HDMI on the Pioneer, and don’t have to fiddle with the soundbar’s audio delay settings any longer. So far – about a week – the avedio unit has been working well. It switches between sources and delivers proper video output resolution to the plasma, and audio to the soundbar. Nice to have the center channel / simulated 5.1 + subwoofer with the AppleTV. The Tivo has spdif out, but we’re not using that since installing the avedio unit as it’s not needed – Tivo and AppleTV audio both ride HDMI to the avedio splitter.2 gripes. 1 – the remote is not the best, though it is functional – we have to get within about 6-8 feet of the unit to switch sources. 2 – the red power and source leds are realllly bright. Some electrical tape solved the light issue, but I guess we’ll have to live with – ugh – getting up off the couch to switch sources. Anyways, this avedio unit does what it’s supposed to, and also has other output options if you need 3.5mm (headphone, PC speakers) audio out, plus it also supports RCA / coax, which should work with older style AV receivers. Overall a nice device that should help folks with 2 HDMI output devices feed their TV and audio systems conveniently.EDIT and UPDATE: 04/21 – finally realized changing the battery in the remote might help, and voila, it works from across the room ~15 feet. It had a CR2025, I replaced it with a CR2032 which fit just fine. As can be expected from a technical person like myself, the last thing I changed or checked was the simplest, and fixed the remote “problem”. I’ve switched over to a new sub / center channel setup courtesy of a friend (free! Sony DVD player w/multichannel 5+1 and spdif input but we’re only using the center and sub + the TV speakers). It works great. Every now and then I have to go into the dvd player audio sync setup and adjust the delay, but that only seems to be required after a power outage or brownout. Things seem to get wonky after those. Still recommend this setup for people whose gear meets this use case.

  8. Sasha

    Exceptional Audio Extractor
    I was confused by many of the reviews for this extractor, but I bought it anyway. It’s a rare combination of manufacturer claims and features. Those that I have tested are true:-simultaneously outputs digital audio (coax and optical) and passes through hdmi WITH AUDIO-works with hdmi 2.0I am not using the hdmi switch or the analog outputs.I can only speak for my unit, but contrary to other reviews:- it has not gotten hot after 5 hours of use- the digital audio signal is totally clean…I’m a/b ing it with another output from the same source through the same dac and I can’t hear a differenceThese facts aside, I feel like this is the magical solution to a problem that I had already given up on. As a practical audiophile, I listen to only records and music streamed from my devices over airplay to an Apple TV. Everything runs through an integrated amp with a solid built in dac.But the pandemic drove me to hook a tv up to my stereo system and wreck my input game. The tv took my optical input and because I want to listen to streaming without having to turn the tv on (meaning I would have to use coax digital in) I had decided that the only real solution was a separate streamer… and the only one with the right features and quality was the amazing bluesound node 2i. Without getting too deep into it, airplay streams at a relatively low sample rate and a component like that is overkill but, again, the only apparent solution…until now!After a couple nights of visualizing, I just ordered this and set it up. Hdmi from the Apple TV to the box. Hdmi from the box to the tv. Coax digital from the box to the digital in on the integrated amp.Everything worked right away and it’s easy to test because the tv is hooked up to the same amp via optical.A couple notes:-I’m only using a stereo dac so I can’t speak to multichannel-there were audio dropouts coming from the tv at first, but I went back through the tv menus and reset the optical output and then it was fine. I wish I could be more specific but this new Samsung has been not so great with the audio settings.-for testing the sound quality I hooked up a Gen 2 Apple TV that has hdmi and optical outputs. Running hdmi through this thing to coax sounds to my ears on my system the same as optical straight out of the Apple TV.-let’s be real…it’s amazing how well it works but it is cheap: probably best not to plug cables in and and out too much and it has blinding red led lights on the front.-I don’t intend to use the weird little remote but it’s there. Right now I can stream music to the Apple TV from my phone with the tv off, or watch tv in 4K using the same Apple TV and the same speakers. And without buying a $500 streaming box or a dumpy receiver!It seems like it should have been simple, but I think this is one of the few, one of the best, and certainly one of the most cost effective solutions.I’ll be back to let you know if it breaks, but this is one of my all time biggest wins so far.Thanks for building it Avedio!

  9. Go

    KindleFire TV Stick 第3世代とBlu-Rayを接続するために購入。しかし、KindleFire TV Stickの端子が大きく(または、当製品の入力端子の間隔が狭いため)、もう一つの端子にはなにも挿すことが出来ません。つまり単なる入力一つの分離器となってしまうためコスト高となりした。接続端子の大きさを確認して下さい。音声分離器としては、想定通りに機能していただけに残念でした。

  10. ハンミッヒ

    最近のテレビは安価な物にはデジタル音声出力がなくて、HDMI (ARC)だけなので、アンプに繋ぐために買いました。

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