Amazon Basics Computer Speakers for Desktop or Laptop PC | USB-Powered, Black

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Brand Amazon Basics
Series U213
Speaker Type Computer
Connectivity Technology USB

  • USB-powered (5V) speakers plug directly into your computer for portable convenience
  • Turn the speakers on and adjust the volume using one simple control (located on the front of the speakers); volume control includes On/Standby
  • Simple plug-and-play setup (no drivers needed); can be used with headphones via the 3.5mm jack connector
  • Frequency range of 103 Hz – 20 KHz; 2.2 watts of total RMS power (1.1 watts per speaker)
  • Measures 2.76 by 3.55 by 5.3 inches (LxWxH); weighs approximately 1.4 pounds;


Product Description

Amazon Basics Computer Speakers for Desktop or Laptop PC | USB-Powered, Black

From the Manufacturer

Amazon Basics

From the manufacturer

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics USB computer speakers

Compact Design

The USB-powered 5V computer speakers will fill the room with clear, bright sound and are compact enough to fit easily on your desk.



Plug into your computer, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, Kindle, MP3 player, or other device to listen to music or presentations.

3.5mm Jack

Plug & Play

The speakers plug directly into your computer; turn speakers on and adjust volume using one simple control that includes On/Standby modes.

Headphone Compatible

Headphone Compatible

Insert the 3.5mm jack into your audio device, and the speakers are good to go for increased privacy and focused listening.

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Additional information

Dimensions 3.55 × 5.3 cm

‎Amazon Basics



Item model number


Item Weight

‎1.46 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎2.76 x 3.55 x 5.3 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.76 x 3.55 x 5.3 inches



Power Source

Corded Electric



Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎February 6, 2019


Amazon Basics

10 reviews for Amazon Basics Computer Speakers for Desktop or Laptop PC | USB-Powered, Black

  1. Catalyst Pro

    Great Speakers for PriceThese speakers are great for the price. The bass isn’t all that heavy but im not complaining. The volume control is great. The only thing I would say I dislike is the blue that that indicates the speaker is on. I covered it up with some tape. The speaker is powered by a USB and you plug in the audio jack into the device. The sound is nice and crisp. Perfect for general use and gaming.

  2. Doggoneguide949

    Great for office work! but only that!I am replacing my office speakers and I wanted something functional small and cheap but not wanting it to bad they are worse then what I originally had. This is not gaming related, I don’t want my quote misused I am a gamer this has zero base like it literally does not exist but this is the office I just need to hear my podcasts. I don’t need banging music while doing paperwork.

  3. Phil M

    Basic speakers, but that’s what I was afterHonestly, these are about as basic as you can get, but they’re not bad quality. I hooked them up into my Nintendo Switch so that I could have sound when I play it docked, when connected to a monitor that has no native speakers. The setup is a little janky, but it works fine, and the speakers have a good range of volume and are inconspicuous. My biggest gripe about them is the blue Power indicator LED.. that thing is *SO BRIGHT*. I had to put tape over the LED because it was so bright it was actually affecting my ability to see the screen clearly. Try playing a video game with a flashlight shining into your face. Not only is it distracting, it actually makes the screen harder to see.. so just be aware of that. Put tape over the LED to dampen that thing or turn the speakers around or something, because yikes. Thankfully, the LED turns off when the speakers are powered off, so at least if the speakers aren’t on, yet still plugged in, you won’t have the LED on. Overall, I like them a lot, and they are doing the job just fine that I bought them for, just that LED is way too bright.

  4. MaryM

    Good qualitySpeakers are for a desk top computer and the quality of the sound is fine. It even sounds good for playing music. If you turn up the sound, it doesn’t get distorted. Good for the price.

  5. michael t.

    wraped up. get a razor knife.good product. but why the packaging like fort knox. double boxed shrink wrap then twist ties. wth.

  6. Barbee’s Doll

    GoodThe speakers arrived just in time. We could not enjoy ten seconds of audio.Ah, to listen without the noise of the worn-out speakers.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Have a small desk so the size of the speakers is just rightMy husband and I aren’t gamers.

  8. Dennis S.

    Easy to use desktop speakersSpeakers are easy to setup and sound great.

  9. Alan Holtz

    Better Than ExpectedThese speakers were better than expected. Sound great and cables plenty long enough for my setup.

  10. Ro7068

    Not bad, especially for the price.First let me say that you can’t expect great stereo sound from $15 speakers. I needed external speakers as the left speaker on my MacBook Pro doesn’t work (crazy static). As far as sound goes, it’s not dynamic sound but it’s really not bad. I wouldn’t use them to listen to music if that was the only reason I was buying them, but for zoom calls etc. they’re fine. I had to turn the volume all the way up on the laptop and then adjust the sound from the speaker itself. For me the biggest issue is that you have to plug in the headphone jack and the USB port at the same time in order for it to work. I don’t understand why it would not work on either one and not need to split the wire for both. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It seems the USB port powers the headphone jack. That’s crazy to me. Unless I’m doing something wrong but of course there are no directions. And of course as others have said, that blinding blue LCD light. And I do mean blinding. So I just turn the speaker to the side so I don’t see the blue light and it doesn’t really affect the sound that much. They’re not bad for inexpensive speakers.

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