Rockville Home Matrix 4 Zone 8 Channel 600w Multi Room/Source Receiver/Amplifier

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Multi Source / Multi Zone Matrix Routing The Home Matrix 4 is a 4 zone home audio amplifier that allows you to route any source to any specific zone(s). For example, you can play Bluetooth on zones 1 and 2 and route microphone 1 to zones 1 and 2 while playing something in Zone 3 using an RCA input, and playing something else in zone 4 using the optical input. Power and Flexibility This is an 8 channel amplifier with 4 zones. Each zone has 2 sets of speaker outputs to power a left and right speaker. Each channel puts out 75 watts RMS @ less than 1 % THD. (Most ceiling speakers are around 40 watts only so this has more than enough head room). Each zone also has an RCA line output which allows you to add a subwoofer, or an additional amplifier, or more speakers to expand that zone. Lots of playback options This receiver has built in Bluetooth playback, USB playback, optical input, RCA input, FM radio, and 2 mic inputs. Flexible controls The controls are really easy to use. You can easily route any source to any zone(s) and select the volume levels for that zone from the unit or form the included remote. There is bass and treble EQ controls to customize the sound. The mic inputs have mic volume, mic bass, mic treble, echo, and delay controls making this perfect for karaoke and PA announcements.

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Weight 12.38 kg
Dimensions 39.37 × 21.59 cm




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Mounting Hardware

‎Detachable Rack mount ears, Warranty, Owner's manual, Matrix Amplifier, Power Cable, Remote

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Output Wattage

600 Watts

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Connector Type

‎RCA, Bluetooth, USB

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Product Dimensions

‎54.1 x 39.37 x 21.59 cm; 12.38 Kilograms



Date First Available

28 June 2022



9 reviews for Rockville Home Matrix 4 Zone 8 Channel 600w Multi Room/Source Receiver/Amplifier

  1. Stephen A. Robinson

    Great amp with one exception
    The media could not be loaded.

     Edit: Added a video of my in-ceiling speakers being driven by this amp. No distortion, no buzzing, it is loud and clear. I really don’t know what these other reviews are talking about. They must no know how to install a sound system.First it is an amazing multi-zone amplifier for the price. Secondly the level of flexible is unmatched for most multi-zone amplifiers at any price. Believe me, I searched high and low to find something this good at a great price. This is the real dealSecondly it is not perfect. Why: The bluetooth connection has limited range like most bluetooth connections. I have yet to find a bluetooth amp at any price the offers great connectivity with good to great sound. So I knew before even purchasing this amplifier that the bluetooth would be unusable. Any one who has a little bit of understanding of wireless audio should have known that prior to purchase.So what the solution??: Wiim Pro Streaming device ($150.00) connected to the Rockville via either analog or digital input. Bam: Now you have a great system for under $500.00Amazing system with in-ceiling speakers with this Rockville amp is almost impossible to beat at almost any price.Don’t listen to people who don’t know how to put together an audio system and complain about it short-comings. It is simply to put together and offers great value.

  2. zonie

    Bluetooth range very, very short.
    This unit has a proper power supply inside so i think the wattage ratings are probably accurate. The overall design is good, allowing for any input to run to any zone, simultaneously, however, there are a few shortcomings, which make this not such a great system for a home. Behind a bar, on a high shelf, maybe, but in a home audio rack or TV stand, not so much. The Bluetooth loses connection (to an I phone 13) less than 8 feet away, so I cannot go through a glass slider outside and still have connection. The remote is very basic, and it, too, has limited range. This thing should have an RF remote so it can be used in another room, for example. You also cannot power it on or off with the remote. It has a mechanical power switch. The FM receiver is OK but the antenna is not in a great place. I will have to extend the antenna, and use an IR repeater to be able to use the remote from across the great room as a couch blocks it from the kitchen end of the room. It could also use the green phoenix contact terminal blocks like many of the others have instead of the plastic knob binding terminals/banana jacks that don’t really work well and take a lot of space. I took a chance on it with only one review, but the other units that had the features i wanted were either 4-5X the price for no-name brand or had similar reviews about the Bluetooth range.

  3. ds5150

    Affordable and powerful
    I purchased this unit to replace an increasingly unreliable multi-room music streaming service and the overly invasive devices required to use said service. I am completely satisfied with the quality of sound and features, especially having line level outputs for each zone as well as regular speaker connections. Individual controls for each zone allows me to balance the zones volume while the main volume handles all zones with equal volume control and mute. I also like the remote control with individual and main volume. Using for my outdoor sound system, line outputs to small 2.1 channel amps with klipche subs and outdoor speakers for the more remote areas. One zone having 2-250′ rg-6 coax with no problem. Small amount of ground loop hum in standby but powerful sound with no noticeable echo.I definitely recommend Rockville products as they do not disappoint.This unit is quite heavy so use caution when lifting.

  4. Blakester

    Used this product for a patio speaker system, but the Bluetooth range is very short.


    Bluetooth Very short range
    Everything worked good except for the Bluetooth. Probably 10 ft max range.

  6. BillV

    It may be OK for some, but it is noisy inside and out
    Volume set above “5” results is hum/buzz in speakers. That’s OK if you just want low volume. If you turn it up, expect a noticeable loss of sound quality. The cooling fan in the unit is loud. If you are enclosing it behind a door or wall, no problem. But, if you want to see the unit, it is distractingly noisy.

  7. william ruttenberg

    Can only play one source at a time in all zones
    Unable to play different source in each zone. Hard to navigate.

  8. Kevin

    Great product, excellent sound
    Bought this for my daughters house that had multi zone ambient sound system installed with no amp or splitter. Hooked up easily and sounds great. Easy to use.

  9. Christopher Mercer

    This system is great! I recommend this system. Packaging was great,no damage and it works fine!

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