Perlegear Speaker Stands for Sonos One, One SL, Play:1, Play:5, Height Adjustable Floor Speaker Stands for Sonos, Heavy-Duty

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Custom-Designed speaker stands for your Sonos speaker:

The Perlegear floor wireless speaker stands are designed to perfectly colour-matched and material-matched to the Sonos One, One SL, Play:1and Play:5 speakers. The PGSS10 comes with two different mounting plates based on the type of Sonos speaker.

More functions about this speaker stands:

Upgrade your speakers with the PGSS10 height adjustable speakers stands from Perlegear. Enjoy the freedom of speaker placement flexibility for the best sound possible from your speakers.”

Perlegear speaker stands are specifically designed for Sonos One, One SL, Play:1, and Play:5 speakers. Unleash the potential of your Sonos speakers with a better speaker stand design.”

With stability in mind, the PGSS10 speaker stands incorporate a triangular support structure under the speaker plate to securely hold your speakers. The speaker stands feature 10 inches of tool-free height adjustment to offer more flexibility.”

Adjustable feet and carpet spikes are included to maximize speaker stand stability on floors and carpets. No need to worry about speaker wobble or scratching your flooring.”

Additional information

Weight 8.77 kg
Dimensions 34.29 × 11.2 cm


Model Name


Number Of Items


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Material Type

Alloy Steel

Package Dimensions

‎44.09 x 34.29 x 11.2 cm; 8.77 Kilograms



Date First Available

19 August 2022



10 reviews for Perlegear Speaker Stands for Sonos One, One SL, Play:1, Play:5, Height Adjustable Floor Speaker Stands for Sonos, Heavy-Duty

  1. T. Vann

    Adjustable stand
    I really like these stands. I used 1 configuration to raise my modem off of the floor. The other I used with a different configuration to raise my surround sound off of the floor. Works well in both instances. Sturdy, height adjustable, and reasonably priced.

  2. Greg

    Perfect fit for Sonos
    Look good and perfect fit for my Sonos speakers.

  3. mvportly

    Above and beyond customer service. Very easy to assemble.
    One of the stands on the first unit I received had an mis-drilled hole on a bracket which rendered it unusable. I contacted the seller asking for a replacement of just that part. They responded within 24 hours and replaced the complete set within 4 days. I really only needed that part but I have to applaud the speed and service. I am using the stands for a pair of Sonos Ones. The stands come with brackets to accommodate both Sonos One and Sonos 5 speakers. The packaging was good and the assembly instructions were excellent. The one star ding is for the quality control issue but again, responsive service.

  4. Win2000

    No cable management and stands vibrate from subwoofer
    The stands are fine and look nice. I set them up with a pair of Sonos One speakers and the assembly was easy enough. I have two issues with these stands.1) There is no cable management at all. Power cables hang out and look ugly. Every other Sonos speaker stand I have seen (even adjustable ones) has some form of cable management. This would have been very easy to implement and is a major oversight in my opinion. You’re better off with almost any other Sonos stand if you care about these looking nice.2) The stand shakes when the sub kicks in. The sub is a bit close to it, but I had another speaker stand set in the same place previously (even had a smaller base to keep it sturdy) and had no such issues. I can’t tell if it’s something in the feet or adjustable mechanism, but it is annoying when watching movies.The product is fine and works, but there are certainly better options out there to hold your Sonos speakers.

  5. Meschak Lewis

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     Love these stands they are sturdy and easy to assemble also they look great!!

  6. Omnicess

    Very Solid Stands
    These are pretty solid.I like the quality here.The value is pretty good and the sturdiness is awesome.Love the look and value. Really great option if a stand is what you want.

  7. A.J.

    Nice sturdy and well made speaker stands
    These speaker stands were easy to assemble and are very well made and sturdy. They look nice and don’t take up too much space. They hold the speakers very well.

  8. malina

    Surround Sound!
    Great way to make a surround sound home theater with your Sonos speakers. The stands are quite easy to put together. They come with directions that are easy to follow. I have old Sonos speakers that have an electric cord. So the aren’t perfectly on center. They work great and I am really happy I have the stands!

  9. Geneva Banks

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     Update: added video & pictureOriginal: Upon receiving I was happily surprised! Baby, these things are HEAVY!!!!! Yes heavy! Super sturdy, & well made; REAL METAL! Comes with TWO, easy to set up and great for subwoofers! I needed something more stable than my floating speaker stand, & this blew me out the water!

  10. Devlin

    Heavy enough to keep in place, looks great
    These stands look great, they are sturdy, not too bad to put together, stay put, and won’t break the proverbial “bank”. These are nice and they should last as long as the speakers do (surely a lot longer).Pros:Easy to put togetherSturdyWell-madeFairly good valueCons:None so far

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