Ooma Telo VoIP Free Internet Home Phone Service and HD3 Handset. Affordable landline replacement. Unlimited nationwide calling.

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Brand Ooma
Color Includes an Ooma HD3 Handset
Power Source Corded Electric
Dialer Type Single Keypad
Answering System Type Digital
Item Weight 1.6 Pounds
Caller Identification Yes

  • Crystal-clear nationwide calling for free and low international rates. Pay only monthly applicable taxes and fees. Works only in the US.
  • #1 rated home phone service for overall satisfaction and value by a leading consumer research publication.
  • Included Ooma HD3 Handset features a 2” color display and full-duplex speakerphone.
  • Pure Voice technology delivers superior voice quality for a consistently great calling experience.
  • Includes unlimited calling in the U.S., voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting, 911 calling and text alerts.
  • Download the Ooma Telo mobile app and take your Ooma service on-the-go.
  • Keep your current number for a one-time fee, or choose a new one in almost any area code.
  • Easy install in minutes; works with your high-speed Internet and any home phone.
  • Ooma Telo works with Ooma Smart Security sensors to monitor your home and contact you when activity is detected.


The smartest home phone is the one that gives you exactly what you want with the greatest savings. That’s Ooma Telo. Connect Ooma Telo to your high-speed Internet and regular home phone and get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free. You pay only monthly applicable taxes and fees. Includes superior voice quality and reliability with Ooma Pure Voice HD technology, voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting and 911. Keep your current number for a one-time fee or choose a new number in any available area code for free. Optional advanced features are available with Ooma Premier service including unparalleled blacklisting features to block telemarketers and other unwanted callers, free calling to Canada and Mexico, an Instant Second Line, voicemail-to-email forwarding and more. Ooma Telo also integrates with Echo, Nest devices, and numerous other smart products to give you convenience and peace of mind never before possible in a home phone.


1x RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet LAN port

1x RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet WAN port

1x RJ-11 Phone Out port

1x USB 2.0 Port


Browser and Device Based


Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller-ID


Line 1/2, Send-to-Voicemail, Play, Stop, Reverse, Forward, Volume Adjustment, Brightness Adjustment, Trash


From the manufacturer

Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo

Smart Home Phone Service

The smartest home phone is the one that gives you exactly what you want with the greatest savings. That’s Ooma Telo. Connect Ooma Telo to your high-speed internet and regular home phone and get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free. You pay only monthly applicable taxes and fees.

Features included with the basic calling service:

  • Free unlimited nationwide calling. Pay only applicable taxes and fees after the one-time purchase of Ooma Telo.
  • Low-cost international rates and unlimited international calling plans.
  • Voicemail, caller-ID, call-waiting, 911 and 911 text alerts. Receive a text or email when 911 is called from your Ooma phone number.
  • PureVoice HD technology for clarity and reliability.
  • Integration with smart devices including Amazon Echo and Nest.
  • Option to choose a new number in most US area codes, or transfer your current number for a one-time fee.
  • Ooma Telo mobile app for free outbound calling from your Ooma number.

Ooma HD3 Handset

Ooma HD3 Handset

Get the latest cordless phone technology and features of a smartphone never before found in a home phone. The Ooma HD3 Handset offers improved HD Voice call clarity and features made possible by the Ooma cloud-enabled platform. If you’re an Ooma Premier subscriber, the handset also allows you to take full advantage of advanced features like the Instant Second Line.

  • Two-inch color screen and picture caller-ID. Sync profile pictures and contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, and more
  • Cutting-edge HD voice clarity
  • Superior security and range with the latest DECT technology
  • Built-in speakerphone for hands-free calling
  • Advanced voicemail features
  • Detailed call log to view all incoming calls, outgoing calls, and call duration

Upgrade to Ooma Premier, and get all the features included in Ooma Basic Service plus these advanced features:

Calling Features

Privacy Features

Mobility Features

Google Voice Extensions

  • Unlimited calling to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
  • Three-way conferencing.
  • See the name of callers even if they’re not in your address book.
  • Custom ring patterns and enhanced call waiting.

  • Block robo-calls and other unwanted callers.
  • One-touch Do Not Disturb and Send to Voicemail.
  • Listen as callers leave their message before you answer.

  • Forward your calls to any number.
  • Unlimited mobile app inbound and outbound calling
  • Forward voicemail to your computer or smartphone email.

  • Access Google Voice voicemail from your Ooma Telo base station.
  • Present your Google Voice number as your outbound caller-ID.
  • Enable Call Screening and Listen In features on your Ooma Telo.

Connect your phone. Connect your home.

ooma telo + Amazon Echo

Ooma smart security

Ooma Telo Mobile app

ooma world plan

With Amazon Echo and its voice-enabled smart assistant, Alexa, you can initiate phone calls by number or by contact name and check voicemail, all through Ooma’s cloud platform. The Ooma Skill can be enabled from the Amazon Alexa app and activated for a free trial for Amazon Echo users.

Upgradeable to a complete do-it-yourself smart home security solution. Easy installation of wireless sensors (sold separately) throughout your home. Receive app notifications and phone call, text or email alerts when activity is detected. Call local 911 remotely from your home phone number from anywhere. No hidden fees or contracts.

Download the Ooma Telo Mobile App and take your Ooma service on-the-go.

Make free U.S. calls on your smartphone using your Ooma phone number from anywhere in the world using WiFi. Features include the ability to upload contacts to the address book, listen to voicemail, and change Ooma preferences directly from the app. Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Unlimited international calling to over 60 countries.

Keep in touch with friends and family virtually anywhere in the world for next to nothing.

Save money with the unlimited Ooma World Plan. Or, pay as you go with low everyday rates. Use the Ooma Telo Mobile HD app for iOS or Android to call from anywhere. Requires Ooma device and active account.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 10.55 × 8.35 × 3.35 cm
Package Dimensions

10.55 x 8.35 x 3.35 inches

Item Weight

1.6 pounds



Item model number


Other display features



Includes an Ooma HD3 Handset

Included Components

Ooma Telo Device, Power Adapter for Telo, Ethernet Cable, Black HD3 Handset, Charging Cradle for HD3, Power Adapter for HD3, AAA Batteries (2), Telo Quick Start Guide, HD3 Quick Start Guide

Country of Origin


Date First Available

March 19, 2019



10 reviews for Ooma Telo VoIP Free Internet Home Phone Service and HD3 Handset. Affordable landline replacement. Unlimited nationwide calling.

  1. Thomas Clay

    This is a great dealI moved to Thailand without getting an internet phone service and regretted it. I just got all set up and this phone is absolutely stellar. The sound quality could not be better. It has an app that works on my cell phone. I cannot recommend it enough if you are moving to another country or if you just need phone service at home. It’s great.

  2. Kevin

    Must pay extra for a Hawaii phone area code numberSo what is the Ooma? It is a VOIP telephone service that purports to save money from traditional phone services. It does, our recent bill in Hawaii is only $5.75. Literally, that is our phone bill with Ooma. However, the caveat is that I opted to get a California phone area code instead of a local area code. Why? Because, if you live in Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii. Ooma does charge a yearly fee of $29.99 just for such a phone area code number. So be warned, if you live in any of those states and are planning on getting the Ooma.What else does the Ooma require? Well, it does require an internet connection so like if you have Comcast, Spectrum, etc. Simply register your Ooma online on their website. Connect it to your router and voila, it works. As for how I like it, well I bought it as backup phone just in-case when my cellphone is low on battery and I need a landline for making emergency calls. So, yeah my Ooma isn’t going to get much use but it’s good to have.

  3. Yahsgirl

    Great home phone optionI eas looking for an affordable home phone option, this is it. I’ve had it a couple of months and have not been disappointed at all

  4. Albatross

    Handset Display won’t shut off – eats battery (support answer was terrible)The handset just stays on “bright” 24/7 and despite the option to turn off etc and does not work. I read other reviews and they said an update is being worked on (known issue) and saw the earliest date and it was 5 months ago. Why so long? My answer from support is I would get an update — no when etc. Sad answer and worse — your battery will be worthless by the time a fix is sent — if at all.

  5. Pete

    This Thing is GreatSo, I had to change my ISP because the service was awful. I was pretty happy with my POTS which also came from the same provider as my ISP. In the process they decided that POTS without internet would actually cost me MORE than POTS plus internet. So, I said goodby to a perfectly good POTS.My choices were then Ooma or my new ISP.Cost -My new ISP wanted to charge me pretty much the same for phone plus internet as my old one. I think the service would have been fine. However, to purchase a cable modem with phone capability would have been major $$$. Renting a cable modem with phone wasn’t too bad but the payback for buying a modem and this Ooma is less than a year. Ooma charges only taxes for their basic service. In my case that is under ten dollars a month. If everything keeps working for 2-3 years I’m good. By then all the hardware will be obsolete anyway.Function -It works a little bit different than a traditional phone. You have to wait a second before it works using a handset. If you use the handset that comes from Ooma it doesn’t seem to work for touch tone menus when you call places with automated systems. (I just use a standard handset when that is what I am doing. ) I have even used it to send FAXs.Now, here is the great part … you can set up your cell phone so that it rings the same time as your Ooma. So, when I am on the road I still get calls just like I am home. I haven’t tried it but I can place them too.Installation -Basically plug it into your modem and that’s it. The handset requires you to push a button to link it to the base unit. You do have to create an account blah blah blah. Super easy. The absolute hardest part is unhooking your POTS from the line outside your house. If you do this and plug your Ooma into any outlet everything works just like it did before.You WILL need a UPS to keep things running in power outages. Ooma sell a battery but you will need to keep your modem going too. I just bought a big UPS and plugged both into it. I think it will last a few hours but I had a real hard time finding information about how long.What’s Missing -SMS messaging. I know it isn’t necessary but that would really make my day.Any place to get information on power requirements to use in selecting the right UPS.

  6. Robert Morgan

    Works well!Super easy to set up! Have had no issues with dropped calls. Sound quality is no bad have had some issues with people not hearing me on other end. But for voip works well.

  7. John K

    It is not the latest wireless versionIf you know and love ooma, this will not disappoint. If you were expecting BUILT IN WIRELESS, this is not that model. This needs to be wired to work. Otherwise, it works as expected. Good price. Tech support is as expected. They get to the solution eventually. Level 1 support is just about “is it plugged in”, Level 2 is the analysis and testing / checking known solutions. Level 3 finally figures out the problem and solution. This can take hours and multiple calls with a complex setup even if you know how to check things. They want to repeat your tests. If you need a home phone (fewer do these days), this is a great solution, great sound quality and very reliable with backup settings to assure you get your calls.

  8. Bobby Jones

    Easy to Set Up and Use, Sketchy Billing and Customer ServiceUpdate Jan 2023:Again I have been charged for Premier service that I don’t want, never asked for, and have canceled at least once. This is beginning to be more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe that’s the business strategy? Buy the hardware and then annoy people until they drop the service.Original:I was able to set up the phone and get it working fairly easily. I work in tech, so it could be slightly more confusing for someone who isn’t technically inclined. The phone seems to do what a phone is supposed to do. I bought this as an emergency home phone for my kids who do not have cell phones. In 3 months we have yet to make or take a real phone call other than teaching the kids how to make an old-school handset call.I pay for the “free” service tier, which actually cost $6 in local fees. Three months in, my bill jumped to $17. When I checked into it, I had been signed up for the “Premier” Service tier at $9.99 per month plus fees. I did not actively sign up for this. I contacted customer service via chat and was told the issue was corrected. I was told I had a free trial of Premier that I did not opt out of, however nothing in the previous months billing indicates I was in Premier, free trial or not. My chat also just abruptly ended when the customer service person decided I was done. I wonder how much money they make on people who are moved into Premier service and charged for months without noticing it. Seems like a sketchy, but intentional business strategy.Fingers crossed I’m back to the “free” service tier going forward.

  9. Carbuck

    Updating my Ooma EquipmentProduct is easy to setup and use, even when updating ten year old equipment. I used direct connect to router/modem. Old unit had a usb Wi-Fi that quit working and was never reliable. This purchase included a handset. Simple to connect to the base unit. The old handset was easy to setup after disconnecting from the old base. I cut the phone company cord years and ago. Ooma service ensures a phone for sitters and a children phone. I tried their premier service briefly. All I miss is more services using the app.The only negative was the call to their tech support. What they’ll need is the MAC address to activate the account or in my situation, they needed the MAC from the new base unit. The problem is this person can’t do anything. Instead, they pass your MAC to another person and tell you it will take 48 hours to activate. I never got an email, 72 hours I call back because they tell you NOT to connect the base until you get this email. Their response was they tried to send me an email but it failed and didn’t know why but my account is . They email address on the account is accurate.If you need to activate a new router with any ISP, the new MAC address is working before the call ends.

  10. Mike Mount

    AMAZING first impressionsOn the recommendation of a friend, thanks Lucien! I got the Ooma Telo, read through the Quick Start Guide, was really “looking for” more in depth material, hooked it up intuitively, “let it do it’s thing” when I got the blue light I was ready to go. Frankly, I could not repeat exactly what I did to hook it up… it just worked… Background, I am an electronics minded person, worked my entire career in, with and around the entire consumer electronics field, am capable of navigating many aspects of electronics. Sadly, I was ‘expecting’ complexity and issues… working in, setting up networks has never been a place I thrive.The Ooma Telo, could not have been more straight forward. I just had to give it a little time, to configure, to update itself? the hand-set and setting up the account on the Ooma end. This is (appears to be) some great engineering upon initial use. KUDOS!!!

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