Neat Bumblebee II – Professional Cardioid Directional USB Condenser Microphone with 24 bit/96 kHz Digital Audio for Recording,

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Brand NEAT Microphones
Model Name Bumblebee II Microphone
Connectivity Technology USB
Connector Type USB C output
Special Feature Stand
Color Black
Included Components USB-C to USB-A Cable, Quick start Guide, Neat Bumblebee II Professional Cardioid USB Condenser Microphone See more
Polar Pattern Unidirectional
Audio Sensitivity 10 dB

  • PROFESSIONAL DESKTOP USB MICROPHONE – The Bumblebee II delivers clear, full-range 24 bit/96 kHz audio; Internally shockmounted, 25mm condenser capsule picks up every nuance in your sound, and the latest electronic design keeps your audio pristine
  • OUTSTANDING VERSATILITY AND AUDIO QUALITY – Bumblebee II’s form factor, feature set, and high fidelity sonic signature make it the ideal mic for Streamers, Gamers, Podcasters, Musicians, and conferencing
  • CARDIOID POLAR PATTERN – Pick up the sound you want while de-emphasizing those you don’t want
  • ZERO LATENCY HIGH FIDELITY MONITORING HEADPHONE AMP – Monitor what you are recording or streaming in real time without delays caused by digital conversion
  • MUTE BUTTON WITH STATUS LED – Features a mute button for instantly silencing the Bumblebee II when you don’t want to be heard
  • MIX CONTROL FOR SIMULTANEOUS MONITORING OF SOURCE AND PLAYBACK – Balance the level of your voice with the program monitor coming back from your computer to create a pleasing headphone mix
  • REMOVABLE DESK STAND – Bumblebee II’s removable desk makes it a versatile mic that can sit on your desk or mount to an overhead boom or microphone stand
  • USB C OUTPUT CONNECTOR – Bumblebee II includes a 2 m (6’) USB Type C to Type A cable for easy connection to your computer
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY – We’re confident in the quality and longevity of our products and, to ensure peace of mind, we provide a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
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Bumblebee II is a versatile, easy to use USB condenser microphone offering professional-quality 24 bit/96 kHz digital audio output. Ideal for conferencing, streaming, podcasting, content creation, gaming, and recording, it’s an excellent personal mic for any device with an audio USB port. Bumblebee II includes a shockmounted 25mm condenser capsule for superb audio, along with a zero-latency headphone monitor with volume, mic gain, and mix controls for monitoring of source and playback. Its desk stand can be easily removed for mic stand or boom mounting. USB C to A cable included. Catch a Bumblebee II and let your recordings take flight!

From the manufacturer

NEAT Bumble Bee II microphone

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NEAT Bumblebee II microphone
Professional full-range

24 bit/96 kHz audio

Ideal for streamers, gamers, podcasters, musicians and conferencing

Bumblebee II Microphone

Bumblebee II Microphone

Let Your Audio Take Flight

Cardioid polar pattern, zero latency monitoring headphone amp, mix control and mute button

NEAT Bumblee Bee II Microphone

About Neat

Neat is creating the next generation of microphones, with products that embrace cutting-edge audio technology and innovative design. Whether it’s music, podcasts, voiceovers, gaming, or conferencing, Neat captures it all with exceptional audio clarity and looks that will capture your imagination.

Additional information

Weight 14.1 kg
Dimensions 12.24 × 7.09 × 7.09 cm
Item Weight

14.1 ounces

Package Dimensions

12.24 x 7.09 x 7.09 inches

Country of Origin




Item model number


Date First Available

November 17, 2021

Color Name


Connector Type

USB C output

Hardware Interface

USB Type C

Material Type

Plastic, Metal

Hardware Platform


Power Source

Usb Microphone,Usb Condenser,Usb C


NEAT Microphones

10 reviews for Neat Bumblebee II – Professional Cardioid Directional USB Condenser Microphone with 24 bit/96 kHz Digital Audio for Recording,

  1. Ryan Smith

    Amazing Mic, But One Small FlawAs a voice actor, having great microphones is essential. Normally you go with XLR mics because you have more control over the quality and such, but when you’re in a pinch, sometimes you just gotta grab a USB mic, and this is where the Bumblebee II works perfectly!The audio quality on this microphone is outstanding for it’s price. The entire pick-up is very balanced and neutral, making for recordings that do not sound artificial or overly boosted in any frequency range. The low self-noise also puts it above most USB mics.The only flaw I’ve seen with this mic is the inability to use it on my PS4 or PS5. Im unsure if this mic works with Xbox, as I don’t have one, but if it worked with my PS5, I would be over the moon! So unfortunately, I will probably have to cough up like $25-30 for one of the cheap FiFine mics to use in that case.If you’re not a console gamer or looking to use it in that scenario, this mic should meet or exceed all your needs. A great value at $100, and incredible at the $65 I payed from a “like-new” Amazon Warehouse listing. Highly recommend!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Nice and clearWorks great.

  3. ah ram

    Best usb mic 80-100$crystal clear sound. easy to adjust gain, headphone volume. click the round button so i can control all things. build quality is great.

  4. Bob

    Did not work as advertised…The product did not work as advertised. The sound quality was poor—especially for a group conference.

  5. JHrunning

    Great qualityNeat Bumblebee II is a great product. This is my first professional microphone, so I don’t really have other ones to compare to. However, it has crystal clear sound. and also easy to adjust the volume. Simply by clicking the button, you can easily control all things. The quality is great, even when I sit back in my chair away from it and just talked, it still worked perfectly. This is really an impressive microphone. The price is reasonable for the quality and it’s a well made.

  6. TherealJFS

    This mic really works!I’ve had this mic for a while now and it has been really good for recording audio and even just zoom meetings. It sounds crystal clear and the it really shuts out any background noise. It is easy to use with one button that controls volume and everything else. I can’t really compare it to any other type of mic because this is my first one but I was definitely blown away by how great it sounds! Price point is good for a top quality mic! I recommend it! It looks pretty cool too.

  7. tonymcc

    Pretty Good – Noisy When Using ButtonsI almost gave this 3 stars – 3 1/2 is more like it in my opinion. It’s pretty good – the sound is pretty good, but if you use the buttons while in a podcast or live meeting, you’ll make noise. Even the Mute button makes noise. You can’t mute your sound quietly.This has an earphones jack so you can use this as your speaker, but I like using the earphones on the laptop. In your computer Sound settings, you can do this. The one button on the unit is pressed for 3 modes. Yellow, blue, or green. Blue is the main one you want – it adjusts the microphone level. Green adjusts the earphones level. Well, yellow does too, but it also adjusts volume level going to the computer, but not output through the microphone … I guess … I’m not sure … I didn’t really see a difference in Yellow and Green how I’ve used it. When I use the laptop headphones, only Blue is used to control the microphone level. This can also be set in the computer Sound settings, which is better since it doesn’t make noise. Turning the level control on the unit itself does make noise. If the buttons were quiet, I’d give it 5 stars. But after you have all your settings in place … it’s pretty good … until you want to hit that noisy Mute button.

  8. Leigh

    Sounds amazingThis is my first “big girl” microphone, so I don’t really have a lot to compare it to. I plan to use it to record audio stories, but right now I’m using it in place of my headset microphone in a training class. I came off mute one day in class last week while there were 3 skid steers in my front yard right outside my window, but no one in my class could hear anything except me talking. That is pretty impressive, at least to me. I will be playing around with it and learning more about how to use it. I’ve been using Audacity with it, and it seems like it’ll be a fun toy to play with. The price is good and it’s a well made, great sounding microphone.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Almost absurd how well it worksLast time I used a mic (10-12) years ago they were a huge pain. Either picked up nothing or everything (words/sounds) and would right a thousand wrong words. Sitting with it about a foot away it worked perfectly. I scooted back in my chair 6 feet and talked a little quieter than normal with my hand over my mouth and it worked perfectly. I left the room and went in the laundry room with the air conditioner running and the vents blowing and talked at a less volume than usual and it worked perfectly. Pretty darn impressive

  10. Bruce

    Good for work or personal use, need to be within 2-5 feet of the mic for best audioAs a desktop mic for Zoom/Meet/Webex meetings and/or video gaming during off-hours, this mic performs well, offering above average recording quality for streaming services/conferencing software without picking up loads of static or background noise. The focus is on your voice so long as you’re within range and facing it.Features:The mute button is handy as I’ve used it when gaming and/or in meetings as a failsafe in case I manually forget to enable push to talk or mute in software. The mute button is a bit mushy though but it works. The USB-C connection means I’m not worried about a proprietary plugin and can connect it easily to my gaming pc or work laptop. I did notice a few issues though with the usb-c coming loose so I’d advise making sure you have it in a secure spot with some slack in the cable before a meeting.Audio Quality:The mic itself works best when directly in front of you within 2-5 feet. You’d be really pushing it at the 5 feet range in my opinion though as I’ve had friends comment they can’t hear me or I “sound terrible” when talking from even 5-7 feet away (not facing the mic). The actual recorded/streamed sound is pretty good though and I’ve gotten compliments on discord and xbox that my voice sounds great compared to when I was using a bluetooth headset or the webcam mic. Since I’ve got loads of white noise in my room that means it’s doing a decent job of focusing only on my voice.Overall if you’re looking for a slightly above average mic for work conferencing (1 person) then the Neat Skyline mic will work for you. Just remember it’s really only for desktop use and seems to be targeted for use in conferencing software/streaming services rather than for static recording.

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